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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Kanak coming to Dhaani. She apologizes to Dhaani, and says I have lost, I tried hard to separate you and Viplav, but I failed, I realized I was selfish fool, now I realized my mistake and accepted you as my bahu, I know you and Viplav are made for each other, Dasharath told me about your widow yog, we will find some solution, then no one can separate you and Viplav, there is one solution, just you can do this. Dhaani asks for the solution, and she will do anything for Viplav.

Kanak tells her about the deep jungle and a big temple, there is an old huge bell, people say that the bell is pure, if anyone prays to Lord sitting under that bell, then widow yog can also get cleared, I don’t know its true or not, but you can try it, can you do this. Dhaani says I m ready to do anything to clear this widow yog. Kanak asks her to do the puja in her white saree/widow clothes. Dhaani agrees to do this puja. Kanak asks her to think well. Dhaani says nothing will happen, I will do anything for Viplav, thanks for helping me. She takes Kanak’s blessings. Kanak acts sweet.

Dhaani says I will come in engagement, when my prayers complete. She leaves. Kanak smiles and says don’t worry Dhaani, you won’t need to take any trouble. Dhaani walks to the jungle and someone follows her. She reaches the temple. Kanak looks at her. Dhaani sees the bell and sits praying under it.

Viplav calls Dhaani and says whats the need to go to any temple. Shalini comes and asks Viplav to come, everyone is calling. He says Dulaari told me about Dhaani doing puja in big temple, she is not taking my call, I m going to her. Kanak talks to Dasharath and says now no one can save Dhaani now, she is sitting under that huge bell, I will cut the rope, then bell will be down and Dhaani will go up, she will die. Dasharath says I m proud of you for the first time, why did I not think of this before. She asks him not to worry, now I will come home with good news. He says great, and ends call. She takes a knife and looks at the rope. Dasharath is happy and asks Sushma to get ready. He compliments her. She says everything is done, Dhaani and others have to come, I will get ring. He shows he is very happy and sings.

Kanak starts cutting the rope and says today Dhaani will die. Viplav reaches the temple and looks for Dhaani. Kanak tries to cut the rope a lot, as rope is very thick. She gets a big knife and hits on the rope. Viplav sees widow sitting under the bell, and the bell sliding down on her. He gets shocked and runs to her.

He pushes the widow and the huge bell falls over him. He gets wounded and crushed under the bell. Kanak calls Dasharath and says congrats, Dhaani is dead. Dasharath smiles. Kanak starts leaving and sees Viplav’s car there. The widow screams seeing him. Kanak hears the scream.

Dasharath turns and gets shocked seeing Dhaani and the widows. Sushma asks Shalini to call Viplav. Shalini says he has gone to get Dhaani from temple, but Dhaani is here, then why did he go. Dasharath gets shocked. He asks Shalini to call Viplav and call him here. Shalini says he is not taking call. Dasharath says I have to go there, that place is very inauspicious. Dhaani says I will come along. Dasharath and Dhaani leave. Kanak runs to see and gets shocked seeing Viplav under the bell. She screams and shouts for help.

The ladies gossip that mahurat passed and guy did not come, its abshagun. Dulaari and Badi Amma get displeased. People come to help Kanak in saving Viplav. Dasharath and Dhaani come there and run to see Viplav. Everyone try to lift the bell and cry. Dhaani cries seeing Viplav’s state. Kanak pushes Dhaani and says if you are seen around my son, I will burn you, why did you say you are going to do puja here. Dhaani says I did not tell him, Badi Amma called me and said mum fell down, so I rushed. She leaves and another widow comes there to do puja.

Kanak slaps and beats Dhaani. She asks her not to come close to Viplav. She calls Dhaani unlucky for Viplav and asks her to realize this. Koi na dekhe mere aansu………….plays……… Dhaani cries. Kanak runs crying.

Dhaani comes home and recalls Kanak’s words. Badi Amma and Dulaari console Dhaani, and say its all fate that happened, we can’t blame anyone. Dhaani says no Badi Amma, its all happening because of me. Badi Amma asks her to think good and good will happen.

Kanak asks Dasharath to believe her, Dhaani was sitting under the bell, I don’t know when Viplav and another widow came there, I was busy in cutting the rope. Dasharath asks her to drink this liquid. She asks whats this. He says this is poison. She gets shocked. He holds her head and says you can’t be forgiven, you have to drink this poison, Viplav is in this state because of you. He feeds her the poison. Sushma comes and stops Dasharath. Kanak coughs. Dasharath says Kanak is the sinner, Viplav was dying there, Kanak has sent Dhaani for that puja. Sushma asks what are you saying. He says I m going to see Viplav, let Kanak die.

He goes to Viplav. Viplav gets conscious and asks about Dhaani. Dasharath says she is fine. Viplav asks where is she, does she know about this incident. Dasharath says she is very sad, so she did not come. Viplav asks about ring ceremony. Dasharath says we can do it anytime, once you get well. Viplav says we can’t delay it for long. Dasharath agrees and says we will keep ring ceremony tomorrow, call ashram Shalini, tell them Viplav got conscious. Shalini goes.

Dasharath tells Viplav that you are my life, I can’t let anything happen to you. Dasharath comes to Kanak, and sends Sushma to Viplav’s room. He asks Kanak to thank her fate as she got saved from him, if she does mistake and harms Viplav, then he will burn her to ashes. He leaves.

Dulaari tells Dhaani about Dasharath’s message. She calls Dhaani lucky that she got Viplav. Dhaani says yes, indeed, but he is unlucky that he got me, whatever is happening with him is because of me. Badi Amma and Dulaari worry and think to talk to Dasharath about Dhaani’s fears.

Viplav asks Kanak not to get angry on Dhaani, and not blame Dhaani for this incident. Kanak asks why will I do anything. Dulaari and Badi Amma come with widows. Viplav says he is fine and asks for Dhaani. He says he got saved by Dhaani’s love, where is Dhaani. Dhaani sits alone and recalls Viplav.

Viplav comes to meet her, and asks why is she wearing white saree, he knows there will be some reason. He show the engagement ring. He does the rituals. Kanak fumes at home. Viplav holds her hand to make her wear ring, and she takes her hand away. The ring falls. He picks it and asks her. She says I don’t want to marry you. He gets shocked.

She says I don’t want to marry anyone, I wanted to tell you. He smiles and holds her, asking is she joking, its bad time to joke. She says I m not joking. He looks at her…. And says I m getting scared now, don’t joke Dhaani, stop it. She says I m saying truth, I was ready before, but I realized I was doing a mistake, I request you to leave. He says it means you did not come for ring ceremony intentionally. You can tell me if anyone told you something. She says no one told me anything, just leave. He says I won’t leave and holds her hand.

He says till you tell me the reason, I won’t go. She drags him out and shuts the door. She cries. He says I won’t go Dhaani, how can you do this with me, atleast tell me whats the reason. He sees Suwarna and asks her whats the reason for Dhaani doing this. Suwarna says fate has come in between. He says I won’t go without getting an answer. Dhaani comes out and says I m doing right, I will not say anything, don’t knock the door now.

Pandit tells Viplav about Dhaani’s widow yog, he will die if he marries her. Viplav says it means this is the reason for her refusal. Suwarna reads Viplav’s letter for Dhaani, that he is giving his life. Dhaani runs to stop him from committing suicide.

Written Update By H Hasan


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