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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Tripurari telling Dhaani that he will tell the truth to her. He shows her a big tree, and says it is Dasharath and his family…very happy and blossomed. He picks a dry tree branch from the ground and says it is him, unhappy and cut off from his tree. He says truth is that Dasharath is his father and he is his illegitimate son. Dhaani is shocked. Tripurari continues that he never got the right and Dasharath never gave him son’s right.

Dhaani asks why you are punishing us. Tripurari says if I am not happy then I won’t let anyone else be happy specially Viplav. Dhaani says you have lied many times and may be lying even now. Tripurari says he doesn’t want to call himself illegitimate, but he is illegitimate and was born to Dasharath. Dhaani tells this to Viplav. Viplav is shattered. Dhaani says I can understand what you are feeling now, and says I don’t trust him, but my mind is not agreeing to him. She says I have seen anger, and truth in his eyes for Dasharath. She says I don’t know what is right and what is wrong, but I thought I should inform you. Viplav says you did right. He says I want to be alone for sometime.

Dhaani and Viplav think about Tripurari’s words and recalls the recent happenings. Viplav says he have to find out. A bank agent comes to Tripurari’s house and asks him to fill the form to open the account. He asks him to come in the morning and open the account. The man comes out and gives the form to Viplav. Viplav is about to read the papers, but Tripurari comes and snatches papers from his hand. He asks since when you have started this work and asks what he wants to know? Viplav says truth. He asks if Dasharath is your father. Tripurari says yes, and then changes his words. He says Dasharath is more than his father to him as he has brought him up. Viplav asks him not to change words and says you told dhaani that you are illegitimate son of him. Tripurari says why he will lie to him, and says Dhaani misunderstood my words. I told that I owe a lot to Dasharath and he is like my father. He asks him to go and ask Dhaani.

Dasharath thinks Kanak and Tripurari are playing game and he will have to end it soon. Dhaani is walking on the road and thinks about Dasharath. Viplav calls her. Dhaani says she wants to meet him. Viplav tells her that Tripurari refused to said that. Dhaani says he is lying and says he said that he is illegitimate son of Dasharath. Viplav asks her not to take this word. She asks him to meet him on the bridge. Dasharath meets Dhaani and says he wants Kanak to know the normal life. He asks her to keep Kanak in the Ashram. Dhaani asks how can she stay in the Ashram and what I will tell her. What about Viplav? Dasharath says we both will try, and asks her to do something for Kanak. He folds his hand and looks on evilly.

Kanak wears jewellery and praises her beauty while looking in the mirror. She thinks all the colors were taken away from her, because of Tripurari. She says very soon I will snatch your colors from you and will make your life colorless. Sushma and Dasharath knocks on the door. Kanak opens the door and comes out in white saree. Dasharath asks her to do widow paat in the Ashram for 7 days and asks her to go and stay there. He holds his hand and asks her to take out bangle from her hand. Kanak asks why I shall go to that cheap Ashram. Dasharath says for your husband and my son Shambu….You have to follow the rituals. Kanak silently tells him that he can die even then. She says I will go to Ashram for your son’s peace. She says my day will come…..Dhaani meets Viplav on the bridge and looks at him.

Viplav asks Dasharath if he knows that Kanak is going to Ashram for 7 days. Kanak says Dasharath wants her to follow the customs. Dasharath says it is custom. Viplav says you will not go anywhere. Kanak says even Dhaani knows about it, and hugs him asking to take care of himself.

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