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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Viplav getting ready to go to Banaras. Tania asks did you keep the case file and documents which I gave you. Viplav says he will read on the flight. Tania asks how, as he kept the laptop in his bag? He says technology and shows the phone. Tania tells she will miss him. Viplav tells he will fight the case and come back to her fast. Tania smiles. Dhaani sees the Janmasthami celebrations and prays to God. Ab Toh Aaja Song plays………….. Viplav is seen checking at the airport and is being informed that his flight has been missed. He is shocked and asks the officer that they should have informed him before. They promise to accommodate him in next flight. Dhaani thinks lawyer hasn’t come till now and thinks to call him. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani about his looks. Dhaani tells she will identify him.

Dhaani calls Viplav and tells that she is waiting around exterior the court. Viplav tells he skipped the flight and will just take A further flight. He states I will reach there punctually. Dhaani gets tensed and asks How are you going to skip the flight? Viplav suggests he will access and disconnects the call. The officer tells Viplav that there is no flight ahead of 12 pm. Viplav will get tensed. He sees Dasharath’s pass up phone calls and phone calls him. Dasharath asks will you be in the airport? Viplav lies to him and states he came to drop a friend on the airport. Dasharath understands that he is lying.

Dasharath tells that his grah isn’t ideal and asks him to not go any place. Viplav appears on. He is currently being knowledgeable with the officer that there’s a flight where he can travel. Dhaani is becoming knowledgeable that the case time is preponed. Dhaani gets tensed and suggests their law firm wants time to return. Suwarna meets Tripurari and tells him that their situation hearing is preponed to 10:thirty am instead of twelve pm. A flashback is proven and Dasharath asks the choose (DM)to meet him at 12 am. He tells he includes a scenario to attend. Dasharath insists so he agrees. Tripurari thinks their case will finish. Dhaani falls on DM’s toes and asks him to present a while as their lawyer may very well be coming. DM goes with out hearing her plea. The peon tells DM may be very demanding and may do his shuddikaran as you touched him being a widow. Raj Lakshmi scolds her. Badi Amma tells we obtained time to Feel and lawyer to return. Tripurari tells a widow will fall short Dasharath these days, these days is his examination.

Viplav requires a car and asks him to generate quickly, but it is stopped thanks to site visitors. Dhaani phone calls Viplav, but his phone is switched off. Dulaari suggests he ought to have knowledgeable us that he is not coming. Viplav is observed going for walks to the court. DM do the shuddikaran puja and are available for the Listening to. He asks to start the case. Lala’s lawyer reveals some papers. Badi Amma introduces herself as Indrani and requests for sometime. Dhaani states make sure you wait, our law firm is on way. Viplav arrives and introduces himself because the lawyer. Dhaani is shocked to determine him. He is likewise stunned to determine Dhaani and Ashram females.

Lala’s lawyer tells that Ashram ladies have been occupied the Ashram even though they received the notice to vacate it. Viplav tells that Ashram ladies have been paying rent and asks Dhaani to show the slips. Dhaani tells it is with you. Viplav tells just now I am coming here from delhi.

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