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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Viplav laughing. Dhaani asks how did you come back? Viplav says this is called tit for tat, and if you can become ghost, can’t I become skeleton. Dulaari asks what he is saying? Viplav says she has acted like chudail and tried to scared me. He tells Lala might send goons next time. He says Dhaani is very innocent and mischievious too. Dulaari apologizes to him on Dhaani’s behalf. Dulaari asks him to go from this Ashram. Viplav says do you want me to leave really? Am I so bad? Dulaari says actually you have no relation with this Ashram. You have a family and that’s why you can’t stay here. She says you are also young man and that’s why people will do talking. She folds her hand asking him to go. Viplav says may be you are right, but I don’t care about the people. He says I will leave from here. He asks them to give thump impression on the papers and then he will leave. Dhaani asks Dulaari to put the thump impression. Others sign on the papers or put the thump impression on the papers. Dhaani says now go from here. Viplav says let me write first. He says it is written that no one can throw Viplav Tripathi out from here, until we pay him 1 Lakhs rupees. Everyone is shocked. Dulaari says why you didn’t tell us before asking us to sign. Viplav says you would not have agreed if I had told you. Viplav says it is very easy to fool you and asks them not to sign or put thump impression. He tells them good night.

Dasharath is doing aarti at the temple and thinks about Pandit’s words. He thinks Viplav has left home and people are bad mouthing about him, thinks to do something before things worsens. Dhaani comes to Viplav’s room and cleans his room. Viplav gets up and says he likes to see his room messed up. Dhaani says I like cleaning. Viplav gets up. Dhaani brings breakfast and tea for him, which surprises him. He asks if this is her plan? Dhaani says she knows how to behave with the guests. He sees boiled potatoes and asks do you eat this. She brings chilli and pudina. Viplav asks why you don’t use masalas/spices which I brought. Dhaani says they are pure veg. Viplav eats the chilli and feels spicy. Tripurari calls him and asks to meet. He comes out. Tripurari says I found out about the person who had clicked your photo. He gives the address. Viplav looks on and throws the address note. Tripurari says it is not right to do anything. Viplav says I have to settle score with Phool chand. Tripurari says Dasharath will not leave him if he gets to know that he gave him information. Viplav says I will throw this phool chand in Ganga. Tripurari asks him to settle scores with phool chand cleverly. He thinks what will do him now.

Dasharath thinks to have on Pukraj as his time is Erroneous, and asks Sushma to convey raw milk for Shuddhi Karn. Kanak delivers tea for him. Dasharath will take Uncooked milk from Sushma’s hand and shows her necklace indicating he introduced it for her. Sushma is shocked though Kanak is irked. Dasharath asks her to use it currently. Kanak thinks she lost it these days. Dasharath gives her An additional jewellery. Kanak tells Dasharath that she can bear almost everything, but not his anger. She suggests I take that Viplav is being with widows as a result of me. She claims to check out Ashram, apologizes to widows and convey Viplav home. She asks him to consume tea. Dasharath suggests until we bring Viplav residence, your tea and voice might be bitter for me. He goes. Viplav along with his good friends arrive at Pandit Phool Chand’s residence indisguise of the skeleton mask, beat phool chand and afterwards crack vase on his head. Then they Examine his breathe and goes out. They remove the mask and present their deal with.

Viplav asks Dhaani to create one thing for him, not boiled potato but some thing spicy. Kanak comes and suggests she has made Paneer Kofta for him and asks will you eat boiled potato. Dhaani and Viplav appears to be on.

Written Update By Sahir


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