Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th July 2016 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed written update

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dasharath announcing that Tripurari will be his heir and will be called as Tripathi now. Viplav hears Dasharath’s announcement shockingly. Kamini says did you see the drama, and says your right and place are given to Dasharath’s illegitimate child, and says everyone’s face is exposed and says this is a preplanned conspiracy. I told him that Viplav will return and everything will be fine, but Dada ji didn’t listen to me. Viplav says how can he do this with my Dadi. Kamini says no, Viplav…our family’s name will be ruined and smirks. Dasharath hugs Tripurari. Viplav calls Dadaji. Dasharath is surprised to hear him and turns calling Viplav baba. Dhaani sits for the engagement. Dulaari does Parshiya’s aarti and blesses him. Tripurari is shocked to see Viplav. Dasharath asks Viplav to hug him. Viplav asks did I hear right? Durga is in tears. Dasharath asks what did you do? A big betrayal with entire family..I can’t believe this…If this is true, tell me Dada ji. Dasharath is silent. Tripurari asks Viplav to listen to him. Viplav says it is between me and my Dada ji and asks Dasharath to answer. Tripurari holds Durga’s hand and says she has yearn for respect and justice all her life which she got today. Durga asks Tripurari to leave the matter. Tripurari asks her to keep quiet and looks angrily. Viplav feels disgusted and asks Dasharath what is the meaning of heir? He asks if he is your blood? Dasharath is speechless.

Pratibha tells that she brought green saree and green bangles for her bahu and gives to Dhaani. Dhaani touches her feet. Pratibha blesses her. Parshiya smiles. Mujhe tumse pyaar hain plays………Dhaani looks at him. She thinks about Viplav and his smiles flashes infront of her. Pratibha explains about Sakarpura and says I have given my promise that I am giving my son and asks Dulaari to promise that she is given her daughter. Dulaari says, yes, I am giving my Dhaani to you.

Viplav returns home. Sushma gets happy seeing him and hugs him. Kanak also comes and gets happy. She asks where did you go and was missing. Viplav says it was good that I was missing else how would big secret unveiled. Sushma asks what secret. Just then Dasharath walks in with Durga wearing garlands. Viplav asks Sushma and Kanak, did you know about Dada ji and Durga’s illegitimate relation, and says Tripurari is their son. Sushma lowers her head. Viplav is shocked.

Pratibha says I will do the rituals and puts coconut, beetle leaves etc in Dhaani’s lap. She asks neighbors to do the rituals. Pratibha says I have become saas and will make everyone have sweets now. Vidha says it is fun and asks him to make Dhaani wear bangles. Parshiya forwards his hand to take her hand. Dhaani gives her hand. Parshiya makes her wear bangles. Dhaani reminisces Viplav making her wear bangles and a fb is shown. Parshiya asks Dhaani, are you happy? Vidha comes and says very happy…Parshiya smiles

Viplav asks Sushma to tell. Kanak says everyone of us know that Tripurari is his illegitimate child, but we didn’t know that he is so eager to give name to their relation that he married Durga. Viplav says so everyone knew it, except me. He says a person trusts on his family and gets betrayed. He asks Sushma why she bear all this. Sushma cries and says these things should be behind the curtain to maintain respect. Viplav says it is a fake respect and we are living fake life. He cries being shattered and asks Dasharath what else is hidden behind the curtain, tell me….I couldn’t bear anymore. He says I never thought that this can happen in my house. I have immense respect for you and you….Durga asks him not to blame him and says he didn’t do any mistake. I would have keep quiet if he didn’t give me any right. Viplav asks why was in a hurry to declare heir. Dasharath says you had gone naa. Viplav says I haven’t dead. Kamini says Dada ji wants to say that he will make everything alright. Tripurari asks what do you mean? Viplav says let everyone do whatever they want. He turns to Sushma and says he is breaking all relations here, and will go.

Durga tells Viplav if he wants then she will go. Viplav says I don’t want to talk to you anything, and tells Sushma that he is going to Dhaani. Kamini and Tripurari are shocked. Viplav says that is the only true relation in my life. Viplav says Dhaani told me but I didn’t trust her. I did a mistake. Kamini says what do you think that when you go to her, she will come running to your embrace. She says Dhaani has move on. Viplav says you used to say that I shall go back to Dhaani. Kamini says I used to say, but not even after knowing the truth. She shows Dhaani, Parshiya and Vidha pic and says they are looking like happy and short family. Viplav says they seem to be on an outing and says she doesn’t know Dhaani. He tells Dadi that he is going. Durga tries to stop him, but in vain. Kamini thinks I wanted him to reach after Dhaani’s wedding, but it backfired. She wishes Viplav don’t reach there on time and stop the marriage.

Pandit ji asks Parshiya and Dhaani to exchange rings. Dhaani and Parshiya exchange rings. Viplav comes there and is shocked.

Written Update by H Hasan

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