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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Dulaari consoling Badi Amma and tells that this Ravi Bajpayee may be someone else, who didn’t consider on your own and thrown you out of his life. Dhaani comes and tells that she talked on the lawyer and he asked her to send some vital items. Badi Amma claims we shall make a list and demonstrates it to Vidhi. She coughs, Dulaari offers her h2o. Dhaani asks her to just take relaxation and claims she will send out the papers. Badi Amma asks her to consider Suwarna. Didi arrives and tells that she observed Raj Lakshmi and Suwarna going somewhere. Badi Amma receives concerned.

Kanak delivers jalebis for Dasharath and asks him to flavor it. He tastes and praises the jalebis produced by her. Kanak receives joyful. She tells I am upset along with you about some thing, and asks why He’s hiding some factor from her. Dasharath tells I didn’t conceal anything from you until now. Kanak asks about shopping for the ashram from lala. Dasharath asks who explained to you concerning this. Dasharath tells I don’t desire to hassle you, Which’s why didn’t let you know. Kanak claims I believed There exists a cause of it. You enjoys Vedaan also, and procured that land to develop healthcare facility for him. Dasharath gets an thought and tells he want to make medical center on that land. Kanak informs you are actually wonderful. Dasharath lets you know are great to provide me a giant thought.

Dhaani collects the many expenses and displays it to Badi Amma. Badi Amma asks her to speak to lawyer at the time. She tells she received’t connect with him as he requested to mail these papers. Badi Amma checks and states handle is extremely tiny. She asks him to talk to lawyer the moment. Dhaani agrees.

Raj tells Viplav that Banaras is looking him again, as well as the excuse is Tania now. Viplav receives Dhaani’s call and she apologizes to him. He asks did you mail the files? Dhaani asks concerning the address. Viplav tells that this is his e-mail id, and asks her to visit cyber café to mail the documents. Dhaani suggests all right. Suwarna claims we shall obtain cyber café. Viplav thinks she’s Bizarre. They discover cyber café and goes inside of. Dhaani asks cyber café owner to mail the documents. He tells it will cost 40 Rs for each hour. Raj Lakshmi argues. They sit on Pc and marvel how to proceed. Viplav waits for e mail. Dhaani asks the man to help them mail the doc. The person writes electronic mail id in english, and asks them to jot down their electronic mail id.

Suwarna claims their tackle is barely Ashram. The man phone calls them illiterate. Raj Lakshmi scolds him. The man apologizes to them and asks to depart. They go away. Raj Lakshmi tells we shall head over to Ashram and Assume what to do. Suwarna claims precisely the same. Although they ended up heading, a fast fast auto splashes dirty h2o on them. Raj lakshmi scolds the vehicle driver. Dhaani picks the paper from mud. Dasharath is sitting in the car and sees Dhaani in the car’s front mirror. Raj Lakshmi scolds the driving force. They begin to see the paper immersed in dirty water and tells their very last hope is broken. Dhaani will get tensed. Raj Lakshmi throws filthy paper on the bottom. Dasharath asks to open up vehicle doorway. He receives down and asks his driver to pick the dirty paper. The driving force picks the paper. Dasharath sees, and eyes the cyber café.

Raj tells Viplav which they shall visit Delhi. Viplav states He’s expecting Vidhi’s electronic mail. Viplav claims This is often his very first circumstance and essential. Dhaani cries. Raj Lakshmi scolds her and tells law firm is fooling us. Viplav phone calls PCO and asks to give get in touch with to Vidhi ji. The person tells this is PCO. Viplav disconnects the decision. Raj Lakshmi presents the file to Dhaani and goes with Suwarna. Raj asks Viplav to come. Viplav suggests what I will review as I don’t possess the range nor the documents. Ishq Ka Rang Safed performs………..

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