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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Viplav and Dhaani’s romantic talk. Dhaani asks Viplav to have chocolates to lower his stomach pain. Viplav says my mood changes after eating it. Dhaani also eats chocolate. Na Seekha Maine Jeena song plays………..Viplav kisses on her forehead, cheeks and they lie down on the bed together. They consummate their marriage and love.Raja is seen in his room and is angry. His mum comes and asks why is he sitting in dark? Raja says he can’t see Dhaani happy. His mum asks him to elope with Shalu and says she can’t let Suman win. Raja says I will do much more, but don’t want to take a wrong step in a hurry. Shalu looks for her dupatta in the laundry clothes, and says she is getting late to meet a friend. Kanak asks about her friend. Just then she sees sindoor on Viplav’s dirty clothes and says it is that widow’s sindoor. Shalu says Viplav is colored completely in her color. Dhaani gets shy and looks at herself after their consummation. She recalls their romantic moments. Just then she gets Viplav’s call. He asks did you decide on our honeymoon destination and asks her to decide fast in 10 mins, and says he will call again. Dhaani says okay.

Dhaani wonders whom to ask for help? She thinks she shall ask Shalu? She tells her that Viplav wants to take her to foreign location for their honeymoon and asks where they shall go. Shalu burns the brochures angrily after tearing it. Dhaani takes out the burnt brochures from the bin and asks Shalu why she have done this. Shalu blames and accuses her for trying to make her feel jealous, and says she understands her plan. She blames her for separating Viplav from her and their mum. She blames her for breaking her marriage. Dhaani says you are still thinking him right and is upset about it. She tells her that she can’t tell how much Raja have hurt her and is about to tell her about Raja’s doings, but Shalu asks her to go and push her out of room. She comes to her room and thinks she would not have asked Shalu about the locations. Viplav is waiting for her in the room and asks Dhaani to give the brochures. Dhaani says I will bring it and says she has kept it somewhere and have forgotten. Viplav asks if anything happened?Dhaani says no. He asks her to take his promise and say? Dhaani refuses to take his promise and takes herself promise. She tells nothing have happened? Viplav hugs her and asks about Shalu’s behavior. Dhaani says Shalu is behaving well with her. She recalls Dulaari’s teachings and says I will win everyone’s heart one day. Later Dhaani is going to kitchen to make tea for Viplav, but Kanak scolds her and asks Ram deen to make tea for Viplav. She threatens to break her feet if she steps inside the kitchen.

Viplav brings chocolate for Shalu and asks her to sit and says we will eat together. Shalu refuses to eat. Kanak says our life have become miserable because of you both. Viplav asks Shalu what happened to her? Shalu says your wife have sent you here as I have burnt her brochures. Viplav says Dhaani didn’t tell me anything when I asked her about brochures. Shalu says I will never forget anything and will not accept these chocolates. Dhaani says previously Maa used to behave badly with Dhaani and now Shalu have also started. He says you both are not hurting her, but me. He asks Kanak to give some respect to Dhaani, so that Shalu also does the same. He keeps chocolates for Shalu. Dhaani hears him as she brings tea tray, and gets teary eyes.

Dulaari and Badi Amma come to see Dhaani at Dasharath’s house. Dhaani brings tea for them. Shalu and Kanak looks on. Kanak tells them that they have taken good care of them at the Ashram, and asks them to drink tea. Dhaani looks at the tea before serving and gets shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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