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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rachna and Raj Lakshmi scolding Dhaani for coming dwelling empty handed with no receiving cash from Mahant Dasharath. Raj Lakshmi states why did you really feel negative about Kanak’s terms. Rachna suggests everyone knows about widows. Dhaani cries badly. Rachna suggests she would are becoming Mahant’s Dasi. Badi Amma slaps her and suggests they wish to stick with regard. She asks her to have out and sit in bazaar. She asks her to apologize to Dhaani and offers her a good lecture. Tania’s dad comes and greets Viplav. Viplav suggests he is on the lookout ahead to work with him. Badi Amma asks Dhaani never to feel poor about Rachna and Raj Lakshmi’s words. They come to Vidhi for help. Tania’s father surprises Viplav and tells about his brother and sister. Vidhi calls Tania’s father and asks him to just take up Ashram scenario. Tania’s father says he is chaotic and asks her to give scenario to his intern Viplav Tripathi. Mr. Ravi Bajpayee says He’ll talk with Viplav. Vidhi informs Badi Amma that she talked to quite influential law firm Ravi Bajpayee and he will connect with her back in five mins.

Ravi Bajpayee talks to Viplav with regard to the circumstance. Tania will get thrilled. Viplav refuses to just take up the case and tells that he has produced up his head to drop by The united states. Vidhi phone calls Ravi Bajpayee and asks him to try and do a little something as she will’t see widows agony. Ravi Bajpayee states he will do anything. Vidhi gives Ravi and Viplav’s number to Dhaani. Dhaani asks with regards to the expenses to be paid out to your legal professionals. Vidhi says We’ll look at it afterwards, first Allow the law firm be finalised.

Tania asks Viplav why you don’t would like to return to Banaras. Viplav states he don’t desire to. Tania receives enthusiastic about Assembly his family. Viplav claims that’s why you wish to go Banaras. Tania states she was see the lifestyle and investigate Banaras. She offers him promise. Viplav agrees. Dhaani and Badi Amma comes back again property. Dhaani tells that Vidhi talked to a giant law firm and he will give our case to a lawyer. Raj Lakshmi asks did they get The cash. Rachna and Raj Lakshmi badmouth about Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi states we shall escape from listed here. Dhaani informs Dulaari that Badi Amma acquired upset hearing Ravi Bajpayee’s title. Viplav tells Tania that he can’t remain in her dwelling. Tania suggests could it be not upto your taste. She orders him to not go anywhere. Viplav says do you think I’ll dance on your tune. Tania suggests We’re going to go to Disco nowadays. Dhaani calls Vidhi and asks about the attorney. Vidhi tells that Ravi’s assistant Viplav agreed to consider up the situation.

Viplav and Tania are within the Disco. Tania claims she is going to celebrate his birthday such as this generally. Dhaani phone calls Viplav. Viplav picks up the decision and tells her to get in touch with him tomorrow, as He’s exterior. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………..Viplav dances with Tania while in the disco. Dhaani thinks very last hope is this attorney to save Ashram, and asks God not to break her hope.

Dhaani phone calls Viplav. He asks her to mail Ashram’s arrangement copy and court detect. Dhaani asks can it be post? Viplav says electronic mail which we do by using Web. Dhaani asks exactly what is it. Viplav is astonished and don’t understand how to make clear to her about email.

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