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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th October 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Viplav arranging the stuff in his stop in the mela. The host of the dance competition announces that the competition will start in some time. He spots the same little girl and calls her gudiya. The girl’s father scolds her and warns her that he will leave her in mela. Dasharath calls Viplav and hugs him. Viplav invites him to his shop. Dulaari asks Raj Lakshmi to wash clothes and removes her thoughts from her heart, and says if anything wrong happens then Viplav will not come and save you. Badi Amma comes and gives ghungroos to Raj Lakshmi saying still 2 hours are left. Dulaari is stunned. Badi Amma says I have thought about Viplav’s words and says he is right. She says time has come to win from our fear. She says this society has snatched our happiness and right to live, and which we shall get it back. She says if we stopped Raj Lakshmi today then she will wash her clothes all her life. She asks Raj Lakshmi to go and live her life which she couldn’t do till now.

Raj Lakshmi gets emotional and cries hugging her. Badi Amma asks Dhaani and Suwarna to go with her. Dhaani says she can’t go until Dulaari permits her and says she will pray for Raj Lakshmi. Kanak also comes to his shop. Viplav tells her that half of the stuff was sold yesterday. Dasharath asks can he buy something from his shop. Viplav says okay. Dasharath buys the stuff and gives him money. Viplav returns the extra money. They hear announcement for dance performances.

Raj Lakshmi and Suwarna leave in a hurry. Tripurari looks at them. Raj Lakshmi asks Suwarna if she remembers the dance step. Suwarna says yes. Raj Lakshmi says we will win the competition. He gets down the bike and sends someone on his bike to injure Raj Lakshmi and Suwarna. Raj Lakshmi and Suwarna get injured when the biker hits them. Tripurari thinks they can’t dance now. Raj Lakshmi cries seeing her injured feet. Tripurari thinks Viplav have to stay in Ashram for few more days.

Suwarna brings Raj Lakshmi to Ashram. Dulaari asks what happened? Suwarna tells biker hit them. Raj Lakshmi says who will dance now. Viplav waits for them to come for the dance performance.

Announcement is made for 1st dance team performance. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani to go and perform. Dhaani says you are hurt and still cares for dance. Raj Lakshmi tells Dhaani to fulfill her dream and says even Badi Amma is convinced now. She says it is for everyone’s betterment and it is a chance for us to prove ourselves. Raj Lakshmi says Viplav helps her and think about our happiness. She asks her to agree for everyone’s happiness.

Viplav apologizes to the organizer and says they are not coming. The organizer asks him to bring them. Viplav apologizes. The host announces that Apsara dance team will be performing now. Tripurari is shocked and surprised. Viplav returns to see the performance. Everyone see dance performance by a girl behind the curtain. Viplav happily enjoys the dance and then looks at Raj Lakshmi. He asks who is dancing then………Raj Lakshmi says Dhaani. Viplav is surprised. Dhaani portrays women God’s avatar in the dance performance with other Ashram ladies.

Viplav says she is a wonderful dancer. Even Dasharath looks on. After the performance, Dhaani’s face is revealed. Tripurari gets worried thinking they might win. The hosts tells that everyone gave good performances, but the winning team is apsara dance team. Viplav and all the Ashram ladies are happy. Even Dasharath feigns a smile. Dhaani couldn’t believe her ears and smiles. The host asks them to come on stage. Dhaani comes on stage. Dasharath is surprised to see her. The host asks magistrate to give prize to the winner. Everyone claps for them.

Tripurari tells she is a widow in Durga Maa’s avatar. He hides. Everyone say that she is a widow. The people throw chappals on Dhaani. Tripurari smirks seeing people throwing chappals on Dhaani. Dhaani feels bad and tries to protect herself. Viplav runs to her and asks everyone to stop it. Tripurari acts and tries to calm the people. Dasharath gets up and asks everyone to stop it. He asks Viplav to come home. Viplav takes the mic and says have you all enjoyed. He says Dussera, people do idolize Devi, but attack weaker women. He asks if Banaras celebrate Dussera like this. Someone says we will not agree with your sayings, and asks him not to play with their dharam.

Viplav gets angry and asks if their dharam teaches them to hit woman with their chappals. He asks if Durga was not a woman, and if Dhaani is not a woman. He tells a woman gives birth to us, and supports us at every moment of life, shows us right way in different avatars. He asks if her woman’s right is snatched from her as she is a widow. Dhaani looks on cryingly.

Viplav folds his hand and asks why they are hurting woman with their old thinking. Kanak asks Dasharath, how can he see his grand son bearing chappals and insult. Raj Lakshmi tells that only Viplav respects woman and is the only man in the city of Banaras.

Written Update By H Hasan


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