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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with viplav asking Dhaani which she refuses for a kiss always. Dhaani says she is doing this for Shalu. Viplav asks her to stay alone in night as he wants to talk to her all night. He says do you think that I will do that. He says he likes old Dhaani. Dhaani gets shy and asks him to sit down. She keeps head on his shoulder and asks about Shalu’s to be husband. Viplav says I heard that he is good, but haven’t meet him yet. Dhaani says I will bring water for you. Just then Viplav receives Raja’s call. Dhaani finds the voice familiar. Raja says my mum came to your house. Viplav says you didn’t come till now. Dhaani gets tensed and the glass from her hand. She tells Viplav that she is not feeling good. Viplav asks her not to worry. Dhaani wakes up in the morning. Viplav tells her that she slept in the night and he was looking at her. He says he heard her saying that she didn’t do any sin. He says you are sacred and haven’t done anything wrong.

Viplav comes home and sees everyone sitting. Kanak asks where did you go early morning? Viplav says he went to ghat for a new beginning of his life, and saw the sunrise etc. Kanak gets happy. Sushma tells that Shalu’s marriage date is finalised after 2 months. Viplav thinks it is late. He sends all the ladies inside on some pretext. He talks to the pandit and asks him to take out early mahurat for the marriage as his sister is eager to marry soon. Pandit ji takes out mahurat after 20 days. Viplav informs everyone happily about the new mahurat, and says she is going to come after 20 days. Kanak asks who is going to come? Viplav says Shalu’s doli. He dances with Shalu.

Suwarna meets Dulaari and greets her. Dulaari asks Suwarna about her meeting with Dhaani. Before Suwarna could say anything, Tripurari says Dhaani took care of Suwarna well and I am taking her to hospital. Once they leaves, Suwarna asks Tripurari why he lied? Tripurari says Dhaani have lied to her mum and it must be a big thing. He thinks to find out if Dhaani was with Viplav yesterday.

Viplav and Dhaani talk to each other on phone. Dhaani counts the numbers. Viplav writes 1-20. He says my sister will go to her sasural and Dhaani will come to her sasural. Dhaani gets emotional and cries. Viplav says you girls naa, look out for a chance to cry. He says he has decided to have food with her atleast once, and will bring something special for her. He says bye and disconnects the call.

Tripurari comes to talk to Kanak about Dhaani. Kanak says that chapter is now closed and asks him to get down from the stair as she doesn’t want any dog to step inside her house. Tripurari is angry. Dasharath comes out and gives him money. He says you have helped us to kick Dhaani out and asks him to leave as they don’t need him anymore. Tripurari is angry and leaves. Kanak and Dasharath smiles.

Viplav sees Dhaani’s pic and says it is matter of 20 days now. Raja’s mum knocks on the door and comes inside. She asks if Raja called him. Viplav says yes. Raja’s mum says Raja want to do some business in banaras. The pic falls down near her. She picks the photo, but couldn’t see as the servant calls her. Viplav takes back the pic and says 20 days. In the night, Viplav comes to Ashram and meets Dhaani. Dhaani says she is very much hungry. Viplav says he had eaten food with his family and forgot about his plan. He asks her to check in kitchen if there is any food left. Dhaani gets angry and says she is not hungry. Viplav shows the food parcel and says how can he forget. They sit down to have food. They make each other have food. Ishq Ka Rang safed plays……………….Viplav tells Dhaani that Raja’s pic came on his phone.

Raja’s mum and Kanak comes to temple. Raja’s mum tells her that she will attend Raja’s call and goes. Kanak sees Dhaani and tells her that since her relation with Viplav broke off, Shalu got a good alliance for a rich family and tells about Raja Avasthi name.

Written Update By H Hasan


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