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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

Viplav informs family about his decision bout going to Boston.

Here Dhani is feeling restless. She realises that she misunderstood VT n his love. She is crying but not aware od her tears. RL time being looks like turned positive. She tells Dhani that u also love VT n ask her if doesn’t love him why she is crying. At night VT is packing his bag when Dadi comes there n asks him how can he go like this. His love is true n he should try to win it. he says Dhni will always reamin in my heart.

In dream Dhani sees VT standing at door she smiles seeing him n when she moves towards him he goes back. She gets up from sleep calling Vakil babu mat jaoo (lawyer don’t go)

N she comes out of house n is bit confused with whats happening with her. Then starts running towards Aayodhya. After reaching there Raj informs her VT left for Boston. Then she runs towards Airport there security stops her from entering. she returns back to ghat. N then while sitting there she sees VT’s reflection in water. There our hero is standing in sulky mood

She starts smiling after seeing him n asks him u didn’t go. He says u must be happy na thinking that raksas (devil) went away

Then she starts crying(silently tears starts flowing) n he asks why u r crying.

Dhaani says i dont have any fear of society becoz your with me…yes I love you(Haa hum tumse pyaar karte hai)…viplav hugs dhaani..They play each other with red color(This scene has symbolic reference where viplav throws color on dhaani it led to hatred between ViDha…Now this colors will only increase Love Between ViDha)..Raj looks at them.
DT’s house
viplav tells daadi that dhaani said yes for marriage.Kanak says she will never become bahu in this house…

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