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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th December 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Dulaari scolding Dhaani for sending Raj Lakshmi in the evening to have dinner with Viplav. Dhaani asks Badi Amma why she got angry? Badi Amma says sometimes we do something which we don’t want to and whatever happens is according to destiny. She asks her not to worry or feel bad. Raj Lakshmi likes the food and asks Viplav, why the musician is not playing the music. Viplav asks them to play music. Raj Lakshmi asks him to eat. Viplav says he will eat and says he want to say something. Kanak thinks what happened to Viplav as he roams with widows. Badi Amma asks Dhaani why she has not slept? Dhaani says Raj Lakshmi didn’t come till now. Badi Amma says Viplav is with her and asks her not to worry about Raj Lakshmi.

Viplav comes to drop Raj Lakshmi to Ashram. Raj Lakshmi tells that the food was good. Dhaani asks if this is the time to roam with a girl? Viplav says they have fun and have food, and calls her fattu. He says I am getting sleep, and prays for her that she gets what she wants. Dhaani asks Raj Lakshmi about the food. Raj Lakshmi says food was good and says Viplav made very good arrangement. She says music was playing in the background. She says he never made me feel that I was uninvited. and even dance with me holding my hand. He says he is liking me and says she will gone mad for him. Dhaani asks her not to think much and sleep. She gets jealous. Later in the morning she comes to temple and asks God to show her the way and tells that when she don’t have any feelings for Viplav then why does she is getting affected. Just then kanak comes and scolds Dhaani. She asks where is Raj Lakshmi, and says she will beat her with chappals. Dhaani says I sent her as Viplav called me.

Kanak says you think you are beautiful and my son is bowled over by your simplicity. She says my son is a young blood and asks her to give what her son wants. Dhaani is shocked. Kanak asks why you are looking shocked and says this is your daily work. She asks her to give Viplav what he wants then his Ishq will get out from his mind. She says I will pay you a price for this. Dhaani is shocked and runs back home. Dulaari asks her why did she come so fast. Dhaani goes to room, closes the door and looks herself in mirror. She says my beauty is attracting Viplav towards me, if I end this beauty then may be he gets distracted from me and would see at other girls. Dulaari and Badi comes and ask what she is searching. dhaani says I am searching scissor. Badi Amma asks why do you need it? Dhaani says she wants to cut her hairs and don’t want to look beautiful. Dulaari asks have you gone mad? Dhaani says I hate my face and beauty. Dulaari and Badi Amma try to take scissor from her hands.

Kanak tells shalini that she has insulted Dhaani and told her to give what Viplav wants. She says Viplav don’t love her. Sushma comes and asks why she is insulting his son’s love and says she feels bad that a mum can’t understand his love. Kanak says I know what is right for my son. She says I won’t let that Dhaani trap my son.

Viplav comes to Ashram and asks Badi Amma why they ask him to come. Badi Amma tells that Dhaani has locked herself. He breaks open the door and sees her cutting hairs. He asks have you gone mad? Dhaani asks why you are interfering? Viplav says you are looking beautiful even now. Dhaani says you just love my beauty. Viplav says do you think that I love your outer beauty? I love your heart and inner beauty. He says beauty will end one day and what will remain is you and me. He says you have insulted my love and doesn’t know that you think like this about you. I love some other Dhaani, and not this Dhaani. He says I will go from here and will never come back. He asks her to look in his eyes and says he has love for her in his eyes. He says he talked to Raj Lakshmi that day…..a flashback is shown, Viplav tells Raj Lakshmi that he loves Dhaani and can’t love anyone. Raj Lakshmi says that’s why you are not eating food. Raj Lakshmi says I love you and will help you getting your love. Viplav says even Raj Lakshmi understood my love. HE says did I love you at first sight, no. We were friends since a long time. Now it is all done, I will never return here. Ishq Ishq plays………….

Viplav tells that he has decided to go to Boston. Dhaani runs on the road and comes to Dasharath’s house. Raj informs her that Viplav went. Dhaani is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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