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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd October 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

Dhaani taking permission from Dulaari to see Mela. Dulaari refuses, but Badi Amma asks her to let her see mela. Viplav says he will take care of her. Announcement is made for the dance competition which will give prize money. Two girls take part in the dance competitions. The host of the dance competition says that he needs 5th team. Tripurari signs Suwarna and she goes silently. Viplav tells Dhaani that he came to mela for the first time. Dhaani looks at the bangles and smiles. Viplav asks for white color bangles. The seller says that he didn’t have. Dhaani says I was just looking at it and don’t want. Viplav asks her to choose and says I will buy it for you. It will look good on your hands and says you are really beautiful…….He says look at these bangles, they are really beautiful and asks her to buy it. Dhaani says she has sacrificed all her wishes when she became widow.

Viplav says you might have a wish. Dhaani says I don’t have any. Viplav says you might have wished to throw me out of Ashram…..etc. He says we shall have gol gappa. Dhaani asks if it has onion and garlic. Viplav says gol gappa doesn’t contain onion and garlic. Dhaani asks about the rate of gol gappa. Viplav says he eats all gol gappa. Dhaani says she can eat much. They enjoy gol gappa.

Tripurari looks at them while they were eating gol gappa. Mere Ishq Ka Rang Hai Safed plays……………………….Viplav asks her to accept her defeat and leave the competition. Dhaani says she won’t. Tripurari says this is your destiny Viplav, and you will spend rest of your life taking care of widows in Ashram. Viplav asks Dhaani to stop eating, and accepts that he has lost. Dhaani thinks she won’t let him lose being his friend.

Viplav asks what she is thinking? Dhaani says I was thinking avbout your family. She says I was thinking about your thoughts to make us independent. He says you are welcome. He asks her to say I am mad……Dhaani says it is you………a small girl come to Viplav and holds his hand. Dhaani tells may be she missed her parents in the mela. He asks will you eat anything. Girl signs him to buy icecream. Viplav buys chocolate icecream. Dhaani asks her to tell about her parents and wipe her face. The girl hugs her happily. Viplav buys balloons for her. He says we shall inform in police. Just then a man comes and takes girl from there angrily. Viplav thinks he didn’t say even thank you.

Sita Maayi tells Viplav that they sold many things and shows money. Viplav says we will buy raw materials with this money. Dulaari says we shall go now. Announcement is made for the dance competition team details. He tells 5th team members name are raj lakshmi, suwarna and dhaani. Everyone get shocked hearing their names. Tripurari smiles. Suwarna asks Raj Lakshmi, if you have given our names. Raj Lakshmi says no. The host informs that the prize money is 1 lakh rupees. Dulaari asks who gave their names for the competition. Viplav says how can you participate. Badi Amma says we can’t participate. Viplav asks did you hear about the prize. He says paisa……..Dulaari says someone just don’t care and always jokes. Viplav says I didn’t give their names and asks her to let them dance. Viplav says you can throw me out of Ashram by paying 1 lakh rupees. Dulaari and Badi Amma scold him. She says we are widows and this thing doesn’t suit them. Viplav says he will go and get their names deleted.

Tripurari provides things residence and tells Kanak that Viplav is promoting such things in mela as well as teaching dance to them. Kanak is stunned and miracles what’s going to occur if Dasharath concerns understand about it. Tripurari asks her to think about Banaras individuals. Kanak says you need to have stopped him. Tripurari suggests I’m just servant. Kanak asks him to select the things and depart. Tripurari smiles.

Viplav comes to the dance Levels of competition host and asks to remove their names with the Level of competition. The host tells that he can’t take away their names because the sponsors have invested The cash. He asks him to inspire the ladies to take part in Competitors. Dhaani hears them. Viplav seems on.

Viplav tells Ashram females that it is impossible to have the names faraway from the list of dance participant. Dulaari claims we will not continue to be here for a min. Kanak tells Dasharath that Viplav is offering widows stuff in mela as well as educating him dance. Dasharath is shocked.

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