Ishq Ka Rang Safed written update

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidha asking Dhaani if her Papa will come to her school. Dhaani looks sadly. Dulaari says tomorrow is first day for you at school and asks if she kept her new bag, books, pencil etc and takes her inside. Dhaani thinks Vidha is happy and recalls Viplav saying that his son is missing. Viplav looks at Atharva’s superman and says I will come and get you freed. Dhaani thinks about Viplav and prays for Atharva’s safety. Viplav asks God to punish him and not his son. Vidha gets ready and wears uniform and shoes. She shows it to her neighbors. Dulaari tells Dhaani that it is a start of her dream. Dhaani says Vidha is very happy to go to school. Vidha says it is my first day. Dulaari says when you was young, you used to share your happiness with everyone like her. Vidha goes inside to get something. Dhaani asks if Vidha is like her or Viplav. Dulaari says you know better, and I can’t lie and if I tell the truth then you will feel bad. Vidha comes out. Dhaani asks why did you go inside? Vidha says she prayed for Atharva. Dhaani says Atharva will be found soon. Vidha asks did you call Papa? We will wait for him. Dhaani looks on surprised and says if we go late then you have to sit on last bench.

Vidha says she will wait for Papa and asks Dhaani to call Papa. Dhaani asks her to come. Vidha asks her to call her Papa. Parshiya comes and lifts her. He says your Papa is on the way and will reach school directly. Dhaani asks Parshiya why did you lie? Parshiya says there was no solution than this. Vidha asks Dhaani to come fast and says her papa will come. Dulaari asks Parshiya what will happen when her Papa doesn’t come. Parshiya says I am here naa, I will become her Papa. Dulaari is stunned. Parshiya says I mean we will handle her.

Dhaani comes to school with Vidha and makes her sit. Vidha asks did you call my Papa? Dhaani says do you remember what I have taught you. She asks her to answer to Principal’s questions. Vidha asks how I will identify my Papa. Dhaani asks her to listen to her first. Vidha says how we will identify him, if he returns back, we shall go and check on the gate. Dhaani asks her to sit as their turn might come.

Dhaani says I called him, I told you. Peon calls Vidha’s name. Dhaani says your papa will not come. Vidha says all kids came with their Papa also. Dhaani tells Vidha not to trouble her and says Principal will get angry and will not give you admission. She asks Vidha to come. Vidha says no, I will go with Papa. Dhaani says your Papa. Viplav comes and says came…Vidha runs to Viplav and asks if you are my Papa. Viplav says no, I am your Rakshas uncle. Vidha asks where is my Papa then…Viplav says he sent me as he is busy, and he has apologized to you and your mum. Vidha asks what else he told you. Viplav says now we shall go, and takes out chain from his pocket, and makes Vidha wears it. He says it is sent by your Papa, and he asked you to wear it till he comes. Dhaani asks them to stop and gives Prasad to Vidha and Viplav. She says she has prayed for Atharva, and he will be found soon. Ishq Ka Rang plays………..They go inside Principal’s cabin. Principal asks her name and gives her chocolate. She asks her to go with teacher and see the school. Viplav tells Principal that he is Vidha’s dad. Principal says father’s name is not written in the form. Viplav says sorry, I forgot and is about to write his name.

Dhaani stops him and tells Principal that they are not together now. Principal asks them not to make Vidha feel bad about their separation and argument. Dhaani and Viplav looks on. Principal asks them to pay fees on time. Viplav says don’t worry about the fees and takes out cheque book. Dhaani says it is not needed. Dhaani says I will pay fees on first week of month. Viplav gives 5 lakhs cheque as a donation. Principal takes it and says all the best for their child. Viplav is talking on phone. Dhaani comes out and says you did wrong. She snatches his phone and asks why did you give donation. Viplav says you have stopped me from writing my name and also you didn’t tell Vidha about me. He says can’t I deserve this much happiness. I am her dad and I have right on her. Dhaani says you don’t have any right on her, and says you want me to feel low. She asks him not to snatch her daughter from her. Viplav asks if you are insecure. Dhaani asks who called you here? Viplav says my daughter called me here. Dhaani asks him to answer. Viplav says I was asking for answers sometime back.

Vidha comes and informs Dhaani that she liked her school. Viplav asks did you see canteen? Vidha says yes. Kamini comes there and asks him if he don’t care about Atharva. Viplav says I do, but this is also necessary. Parshiya comes there and informs Viplav that he saw that man wearing maroon color kurta. Kamini gets tensed.

Inspector calls Viplav and says he has traced kidnapper’s call and says he will let him know. Kamini calls Tripurari and informs him that Police can reach there at any time and asks him to leave from there immediately and keep Atharva at safe place. She turns and sees someone standing and is shocked.

Written Update by H Hasan

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