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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini singing bhajan…Om Jai Jagdish….Hare..Dasharath, Sushma and others join her. Dasharath praises her voice. Kanak says they have liked it. Dadi Bua asks Kamini to distribute prasad to everyone. She tells that nurse is inauspicious. She asks Dhaani to go to her room and not to cross their way like a black reflection. Sushma tries to speak. Dadi Bua says once Viplav gets well, she has to leave. Viplav says she will not go anywhere. He says when Kamini can do aarti being guest, then why she can’t stay here. Kamini says Viplav is saying right, and says Prasad should be given to everyone as God don’t differentiate between his bhakts. Dasharath says lets go and have food. Viplav tells Dhaani that he will tell everything to Dadi Bua. Dhaani asks him to wait for one more day until Shaalu’s pagphera rasam happens.

Shalu and Pankaj come home. Dadi Bua and Viplav make Pankaj have sweets. Sushma says Shalu is looking happy. Kanak gives the gifts. Kamini asks Shalu to take gift. Shalu refuses to take it. Kamini says she is giving this gift with love and says this is GPS connected watches. Shalu says it must be costly. Kamini says money don’t matters. Dhaani comes and brings sand box. Dadi Bua says it is sand. Dhaani says yes and asks them to keep their foot on the sand. They oblige. Dhaani asks them to walk together in life. Pankaj says it is a beautiful gift. Dadi Bua says when did you bring it? Dhaani says no, and says it is from Viplav’s side. He asked me to make it. Dadi Bua praises Kamini and Viplav’s choice. Pankaj says now we will leave. Shalu hugs Viplav. Viplav shouts. Shalu says sorry. Viplav says I am joking and hugs her. Dadi Bua tells one bidaai is remaining and asks Nurse to come. Dhaani and Viplav gets shocked. Dadi Bua puts tilak on Dhaani’s forehead, and thanks her for taking care of her son Viplav. She says I am very much happy and keeps money in her hand asking her to go. Viplav signs Dasharath to say something. Dadi Bua asks what happened? Why are you standing still? Do you need any more money. Dadi Bua asks Dasharath to make Dhaani understand.

Viplav asks Dadi bua to listen to him. Dadi Bua says if this chic will tell me? She asks him not to interfere and asks Dhaani to go from there. Dasharath says you can’t throw her out like this, her husband is not here. Dadi Bua says is this a house or ashram. Sushma asks what are you telling? Dadi Bua says only she will rule on the house and says if Dhaani don’t leave within a minute then she will not eat hungry. Viplav says Dhaani will not go anywhere. Dadi Bua says if Dhaani don’t go, then your mum have to leave. She asks Kanak to throw her out. Kanak holds her hands and asks her to leave. Dasharath stops Kanak, and falls down on Dadi Bua’s feet saying his respect will be ruined. Dadi Bua reminds Dasharath of her contribution and favors towards making him mahant. She asks Dasharath to stand up and gives him 24 hours time. She says either her husband should come and take her or she should leave.

Dasharath says how can she go in a day. Dadi Bua says my words are lines on the stones. Viplav tells Dasharath that if his wife is thrown out of house, then he will lose his respect and also his grand son. Dhaani looks at her hand. Viplav comes and throws thing in the room. He says I can’t bear anymore and will tell everything to Dadi Bua. He says I don’t know why we are helpless. Dhaani says I don’t have any complaints with you. Viplav says I do have. He says your husband will come and take you. Dasharath comes there. Viplav shows Dhaani’s hand and says it is because of your lie. Dasharath says I came to apologize to my choti bahu. He says I have done this mistake and should be punished. He asks Dhaani and Viplav to beat and punish them. Viplav says why you can’t tell her the truth. Dasharath says I will tell her truth and asks Viplav to give him one hour of time. Viplav says if you couldn’t tell then…Dasharath says then I will accept whatever you do. Viplav nods. Dasharath looks at their expressions.

Kamini tells Dadi Bua that Viplav respects her a lot, and that’s why taken good care of her when they went out. Viplav applies ointment on Dhaani’s hand. Viplav says thunderstorm will come. Dasharath says they have to stop the thunderstorm from coming else….

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