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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd September 2015 Written Update

The Episode begins with Dasharath inquiring All people to finish the matter and asks Viplav to check out his space. Kanak rues to not Allow black place will come on her sasur’s name. Dhaani relates to Ashram and sees Dulaari looking forward to her. Dulaari asks exactly where had been you? Dhaani claims I went to temple. Dulaari sees her saree soaked and asks. Dhaani tells it is actually due to rain. Viplav involves Dasharath and states he wants to speak to you. Viplav asks who sent this Image. Dasharath states it doesn’t issue and claims 50 % of your banaras might have found the Image. He suggests whole banaras will disrespect him because of him. Viplav claims you ought to have educated me about my engagement. Dasharath says wow, you did this because of engagement. Viplav claims he saved the widow from drowning and did as per his teachings and values. Dasharath suggests he has respect for widows, but…..Viplav says he will not go until eventually he wins the case. He states he has some responsibility toward humanity and says He’ll combat Ashram’s circumstance versus the Lala. He suggests he will get him punished and asks for Dasharath’s blessings. Dasharath blesses him and thinks he has hit on his have leg. Dulaari sees Dhaani’s eyes swollen and asks her? Dhaani lies to her and would make an excuse. Dulaari thinks Dhaani is hiding a little something from him.

Kanak phone calls Tripurari and states she would like to meet up with that widow somewhere. Tripurari claims shall I deliver her property. Kanak states no, and tells Viplav could possibly occur there. She states she’s going to educate her a lesson and clearly show her area. Tripurari says you will be right. Kanak suggests she will insult her. Dhaani thinks about Viplav’s words and is also concerned. Dadi will come and offers tea. She asks For anyone who is offended? Viplav suggests Of course, I’m offended and tells You may have instructed me about my engagement. He thinks to very clear Dhaani’s misunderstanding and problems what is going to come about if any individual send that Picture to Ashram. Dhaani questions God and asks why he has accomplished this. Viplav says I will go and meet up with her. Dadi tries to quit him. Viplav says he can’t be at peace and says He’ll meet up with her. Shambu delivers tea for Kanak and asks her to drink. Kanak suggests she couldn’t slumber all evening and was tensed. Suwarna involves Dhaani and states she bought get the job done at temple. She asks her to come back. Dhaani says she’s unwell, and asks her to go along with Raj Lakshmi. Suwarna states Raj Lakshmi don’t perform and states we could have some cash if you do the do the job. Dhaani agrees. Suwarna asks Dhaani to watch for her at a particular place and goes. Suwarna signs Tripurari.

Viplav involves the Ashram. Dulaari asks him to sit. Nani asks about his engagement. Dulaari apologizes and claims they couldn’t occur for engagement. Viplav asks about Dhaani. Dulaari claims she went with Suwarna. Dhaani sees Kanak coming towards her and recollects Kanak insulting her in advance of. She attempts to go, but Kanak stops her and claims Viplav’s engagement was damaged as a consequence of you. She says you happen to be acting to generally be in enjoy with my son to trap him. She says I already warned you, and When you have pleasurable to entice men then go and sit on Kotha. She gathers the people and tells that these widows lure harmless Adult males. Even though Dhaani tries to go, Kanak holds her hand and reminds on the yesterday evening incident. She suggests you acted to generally be drown and manufactured my son make you wear red saree. Tripurari and Other people data the video clip though Kanak hurts Dhaani and retains her by her hairs. Dhaani claims it can be your son’s function. Kanak hurts her and insults her for using her son’s title.

Kanak carries on to insult Dhaani and tries to remove Dhaani’s saree infront of men and women to the highway. An individual arrives and retains Kanak’s hand stopping her( can be Viplav). Dhaani appears on cryingly.

Written Update By Sahir


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