Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th July 2016 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed written update

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling that she don’t want any more troubles. She can’t tell anything to Pratibha, she says if Viplav wouldn’t had come on Vidha’s birthday then this wouldn’t have happened. Dulaari says everything will be fine, don’t know who had attacked Parshiya. Tripurari drinks wine at a local bar….and says I have to do complete some incomplete work. His goons ask what is he hiding from them. Tripurari says I will tell, but when the time is right. Dhaani sits at Vidha’s side while she is sleeping. She thinks about Viplav’s words that he got his daughter, family and happiness and he is happy with them. A fb is shown. She recalls asking him that she trusts only Parshiya and not him, and asking him to go. She recalls Parshiya asking her if she wants to clear the misunderstandings or not…Chandariya song plays………..Dhaani cries as she recalls Parshiya taking Viplav’s name, Inspector telling that Viplav will be punished and Parshiya’s mum cursing him. Dhaani thinks her heart is saying that he is innocent and asks where are you Viplav?

Vidha shows sketch of her family with Viplav and Parshiya. Dhaani recalls Viplav’s words that he got his daughter and family and he want to see them happy. A fb is shown. Dhaani says it is good. Pratibha asks a neighbor about Viplav’s room. She picks a stone and throws on the door. Dhaani stops her and asks what you are doing? Pratibha says I will break his door and says he has ruined my son’s life. She sees Vidha standing at the door stopping her from throwing stone. Pratibha asks her to move to side and says you will get hurt. Vidha says I will not move, this is my Rakshas uncle house. Pratibha says he is not a good man, he is bad. Vidha says you don’t know him, he is good, if you throw stone then I will throw those stones back on you. Dhaani is shocked and scolds Vidha politely. She asks her to come with her. Vidha refuses.

Pratibha asks if he is your relative? Vidha says he is my best friend. Pratibha asks then who is baba to you? Dhaani says Viplav plays with Vidha and takes care of her. Pratibha gets angry. Dhaani says who are we to punish him. If he is guilty then law will punish him. Pratibha asks who is he? What is your relation and asks her to tell. Dhaani is about to tell that he is her…..(husband), but Dulaari says he is our neighbor. She asks Pratibha not to worry and says Police will punish the guilty. Pratibha goes angrily. Dhaani looks at Dulaari with teary eyes.

Vidha asks Dhaani why Police is searching for Rakshas uncle? What he has done? Vidha tells Dhaani that she had read a story where in Police caught a wrong man. Dhaani says if he is innocent then nothing will happen and if he is guilty then will be punished. Vidha asks do you think he is wrong? Dhaani asks her to ask Viplav when he comes back.

Kamini follows Tripurari in her car. Tripurari reaches hospital and wears a shawl and goes inside. Kamini also reach there and sees him going inside the hospital. He thinks there are many people, I will kill Parshiya and Viplav will be punished. He thinks I will be Banaras’ heir. Kamini also comes there and hides seeing Dhaani. Kamini sees a man wearing shawl and calls him Tripurari, but he is someone else. She apologizes and goes. Tripurari wears doctor’s coat and is going inside the cabin. Dhaani says doctor. Tripurari gets tensed. Dhaani goes past from him and talks to the original doctor. Doctor says he seems to be fine and will gain consciousness soon.

Tripurari goes inside Parshiya’s ward. Kamini sees him going inside. Tripurari takes off his oxygen mask. Dhaani thanks God. Parshiya’s starts taking heavy breath. Tripurari says I don’t know, but have to kill you. Kamini sees Dhaani going inside and thinks he will be trapped now. She worries for herself. Nurse stops Dhaani and asks her to bring injections to be given in night. Dhaani says I will bring later, and insists to see him first. Tripurari escapes from there. Dhaani picks the fallen puja flower and goes inside the ward. She sees him sinking and makes him wear oxygen mask again. Kamini comes to Tripurari’s hotel and asks why did you go to hospital to kill him. She asks if Parshiya dies then Viplav will be punished. She asks him not to trap him. Tripurari asks her to save Viplav being a lawyer and then stay with him happily. Kamini throws his glass and tells him that Dhaani went inside after he left, and may be she has saved him. Dhaani scolds nurse for being careless and says his mask was removed. She asks Nurse to do her duty else she will complain about her. She looks at Parshiya being worried.

Pratibha asks Rahul why Viplav came to stay in the basti being rich. Rahul says it was an excuse to stay with Dhaani and says he is Dhaani’s first husband. Pratibha is shocked. Inspector tells Dhaani that he has taken Parshiya’s statement.

Written Update by H Hasan

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