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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2 February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Viplav about to fill Dhaani’s maang. Dhaani stops him and says I don’t think that we should marry now. Pankaj asks what you are saying? Dhaani says marriage is union of two family and can’t be done without family’s blessings. She says someone is trying to separate us, and we shall not get scared. Viplav says I am scared to lose you. Dhaani says problems can increase in our life and Kanak might not accept me as her bahu. She asks him to understand. Pankaj says she is right. Dhaani takes agni’s promise and says she will be his always till her last breath. Viplav agrees and says he will wait for the right time. She says it is matter of few days and then we will unite for forever. She hugs him.

Kanak calls Raj and asks where is Viplav? Viplav comes and says he is here. He says he went to marry Dhaani, but she refused to marry him. He says he can’t get a good wife than Dhaani. He says he has taken this decision as someone is trying to separate us and create misunderstanding. He says he is proud of Dhaani for changing his decision.

Dasharath and Sushma sees him in groom’s attire. Viplav says he was going to marry Dhaani, but she refused until everything gets better in our house. He asks do you think that Dhaani is not right for me. Dhaani comes to Ashram. Dulaari asks what is the matter? Dhaani says Bijli tried to instigate Viplav against me, and that’s why he wanted to marry me today itself, but I refused as I want to bring happiness in both the homes. She says Viplav gave shawl to her. Dulaari says I am very proud of you. Sita Maayi asks Dulaari not to worry about Dhaani. Dhaani says I don’t understand why Tripurari is doing this and want us to separate. Dasharath hugs Viplav and says Kanak is very happy today and will make your favorite dish.

Viplav goes to change the dress. Dasharath scolds Kanak and makes her wear shawl sent by Dhaani. He says they are still together and will be together always, because of your stupidity. He goes angrily. Kanak call Tripurari. He says he is happy and that’s why came to temple. Kanak scolds him and says they are still together. She says Viplav was about to marry her, but she refused. She asks him to have silent for sometime. Dhaani is also in the temple and hears Tripurari talking on phone. She looks for him and he comes and stands infront of her. Sushma tells Viplav that she is happy and gives bangles for Dhaani. Viplav says he is happy as she have worn the shawl sent by Dhaani. Viplav says I will make Dhaani wear the bangle and leaves.

Tripurari says I know you are following me? Dhaani says we won’t keep quiet. Tripurari says I will tell you truth today…….Durga comes to Viplav and falls on his feet. He says my son is innocent and says he didn’t do any mistake this time. She says you don’t have proof that he killed Shambu. She says innocent shouldn’t be punished. She says Tripurari was in the house when this incident happened and asks him to leave Tripurari. Viplav apologizes to her. He says I won’t say anything to Tripurari until I get the proofs. Durga goes. Sushma asks Viplav to forget all this and asks him not to let anyone come in between them.

Viplav comes to Ashram…and tells Dulaari that shawl is looking good on them. Dulaari thanks him and says she heard about his decision to marry. Viplav praises Dhaani and says she won’t let me fall. Dhaani comes and thinks what I shall tell him now. He says you all are looking romantic in shawl. He asks Dhaani to wait and says your gift is with me, and asks him to come upstairs.

Kanak brings laddoos and tells Dasharath that she will make him eat with her hands. She makes him eat it. He says I miss your son very much today, and says he would have eaten it with my hands. She asks do you remember the incident when you made me eat poison forcibly, but Shambu saved me and called the doctor. She says what will happen if someone mixes poison in it. Dasharath spits the laddoo shockingly. Kanak sits on his chair and says there is nothing in it. She says I thought to alert you being your bahu.

Dhaani tells Viplav that she wants to talk to him. Viplav says later and asks her to sit, and close eyes. She closes her eyes. Viplav makes her wear the bangles. He says you have become fat as the bangle is not fitting. Dhaani opens the screw. Viplav makes her wear it and says Dadi was right. It is looking good on you.

Dhaani tells Viplav what Tripurari told her and says she thought to inform him. Viplav gets tensed. Later a person comes to Tripurari’s house and tells that he came from Bank/Insurance company. Tripurari signs some papers. The man comes out and gives papers to Viplav saying his work is done. Viplav checks the papers.

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