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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Sita Maayi asking Viplav to give her photos of her husband which she kept safely in her bag. Viplav says he is unaware of photos and says pest control guys must have thrown it. She cries and says she can’t live without those memories. Viplav looks worried. Dasharath talks sweetly with Sushma and makes her sit. Just then Tripurari comes and informs him about Viplav getting the pest control done at the Ashram and taking widows to the restaurant. He tells Viplav is happy with the widows and doing all their work. Dasharath scolds Kanak indirectly and tells Tripurari to tell Viplav that his dadi is unwell. Sushma says it is wrong. Dasharath asks her to act for Viplav. +.0

Dasharath asks Sushma to bring Viplav’s laddoo and asks Tripurari to take those laddos for Viplav. He asks him to inform Viplav that Sushma’s hand got burnt while making laddo. He gets a call and says he needs to go. Viplav looks for the photos in the trash bin and finally gets it. He says sorry uncle ji, you was thrown here mistakenly. Sita Maayi cries again. Badi amma and Dulaari consoles her. Viplav comes to Sita Maayi. Dhaani scolds him and asks to go. He says I came to ask about her husband’s name. She tells Subedar Ranjeet Singh. Viplav says he was great and gives his photo in a frame. Sita Maayi hugs her husband’s photo and cries. Viplav says can I call you Dadi. He says I call my Dadi, a princess. She used to tell bed time stories to me. He apologizes to her for hurting her unintentionally.

Tripurari comes to Viplav and tells I brought your Dadi’s love for you. He gives laddos and says Dadi is having fever. Viplav calls Dadi and asks what is the matter? Dadi says my hand got burnt. Viplav says Tripurari said that you are having fever. Dadi says Tripurari might have forgetton and says it was decided before. Viplav realizes that she is lying and tells he will come when the work is done. He asks Tripurari to find about the person who took his pic with Dhaani.

Dasharath meets the Pandits and asks why they are questioning him about his money. Other Pandit tells your son is staying in the Ashram with widows, and says we will take Mahant position from you. Dasharath says I will resign from the Mahant position, but before that I need time to find out about the person who is providing fake rumors about me. He says that man will can’t be protected from my anger. Temple’s pandit looks on tensed.

Within the night Viplav wakes up hearing one thing Peculiar. He sees a shifting anklet and thinks how can it be transferring? He receives scared viewing a ghost like woman holding a candle. He asks her to stop and operates absent. It is really Suwarna and Dhaani’s plan to make him run. Suwarna hugs Dhaani, declaring Rakshas have long gone, and now we acquired the place. Dhaani sees skeleton and shouts. Suwarna asks her to sleep. They see skeleton and shouts. They try to operate and finds skeleton approaching them. They get downstairs though screaming for support. Each of the widows Collect and throws matters on him. Viplav switches around the lights and takes out the skeleton outfit from his overall body, laughs.

Dhaani asks how did you come back? Viplav says if you can become ghost, can’t I become skeleton? He laughs and says your daughter is very mischievious. Dulaari apologizes for her behalf.

Written Update By Sahir


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