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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanak coming to Viplav’s room and looks for Kamini. She asks him, can I come if you have 2 mins. Viplav asks her to come. Kanak keeps juice for him. Viplav asks if you have work with me and says he has to do his work. Kanak asks him to take interest in house matters. Viplav says you are here to take care of house, and Kamini is also with you. Kanak says you are not understanding me, things have changed. Viplav says I am not interested in home affairs now, Once I was interested in home when Dhaani used to stay here as my wife, don’t have any hope with me. Nandini sees Parsiya going somewhere and asks where is he going? Parsiya says he is going to drop them to station. He says I will come and inform you. Dhaani insists.

Parshiya says they love each other and want to marry but their families are against it. Dhaani says they are under age. Parshiya says he will get job. Dhaani says will you give job? She says they don’t know responsibilities after marriage, and asks them to wait for 1 year till Geeta turns 18. Parshiya says Geeta’s parents will not let them marry. Dhaani says I will talk to Geeta’s parents and convince them. Geeta agrees with Dhaani and tells Sumeet that we will marry after some years. Parshiya tells Dhaani that she did wrong. Dhaani says whatever you were doing was wrong. Parshiya says if everything was alright, then you would not have been here and I would be working in my mill if I had not closed. He asks why Vidha’s dad never came to take her? Dhaani asks about work and goes.

Kamini wakes up and sees Viplav folding his matress as he sleeps on floor separately from Kamini. Kamini asks until when you will sleep on floor. She asks where are you going? Viplav says he is going for meeting regarding a case. Viplav packs his stuff. Kamini says she will pack her stuff also. Viplav asks her to book her ticket and gives atm card.

Tripurari is shown….Pandit calls him mahant and says your puja time is started. Kamini calls him and says Viplav got ready to go to Mumbai. Tripurari says it is good, and says something have changed in these 5 years. Kamini says yes, and says she got a golden chance and she will throw Dhaani’s memories out of Viplav’s heart and mind. She says when we return, everything will change and Viplav will be mine only. She disconnects the call. Tripurari says okay.

Dhaani does the decorations. Wedding planner asks if you made mala and says she don’t want temple mala. Dhaani nods. The wedding planner makes Dhaani fall from stairs and says she wants an answer. Dhaani says yes. Vidha scolds the woman for making her mum fall intentionally. Parshiya says she is saying right. Dhaani says Vidha is forgetting her manners and says I will send you home. She says anger is on her nose…Viplav and realizes what she has just said.

Viplav comes in his car….Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………….Dhaani feels his presence…and looks on. Parshiya asks Dhaani, if you are fine. Dhaani says she is feeling strange. Someone asks him to bring garland. Parshiya says I will bring it. Vidha comes out and sees balloons flying in sky…she recalls Dhaani saying balloons will fly in sky, flowers will fall on her from sky and her little heart will say Papa….you have come. Viplav also senses strange…Parshiya sees Dhaani tensed and asks what happened? Dhaani says she is feeling strange. Vidha comes there and says Papa has come…Dhaani says he can’t be Papa…Vidha says you said naa that Papa will come, and says he is here. Dhaani is shocked. She asks Vidha to listen to her. Just then she gets call from someone that Dulaari is unwell. Arrogant wedding planner comes and scolds Dhaani again. Dhaani says she wants to go home for some emergency. Wedding planner asks them to do work else refuse to give money. Parshiya asks Dhaani to go.

Viplav enters inside the party hall. Dhaani is going out and senses his presence. Viplav also feels something. He is about to look there, but just then Dhaani bends down to pick her fallen phone. Kamini comes in her car and calls someone. Dhaani goes past from there, and they don’t see each other. Parshiya asks the worker to hurry up. Vidha asks why that lady was scolding my mum? Parshiya says rich people do like that. Vidha asks when her mum will become rich. Parshiya shows the mala and says your mumma made it. Vidha says I need it for my papa. Parshiya says I will make it for your papa and gives garland to Simone. Viplav and Kamini enters together. Mrs. Kaushik welcomes them with a garland. Viplav likes the mala and decorations. Simone says she has made the mala. Vidha says it is made by my mum. Viplav says tell your mum that it is good. He asks if she is your daughter. Parshiya says yes and takes her from there. Viplav looks at Vidha…and smiles.

Dasharath asks Tripathi to name his ancestral property on Viplav’s name. Tripurari says you trust that lover and spoilt grand son. Dasharath asks him to be in limits Tripurari calls him old man and asks him to do as he says, and says Kamini doesn’t know about this. Kanak and Dasharath looks on shocked.

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