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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming to Asthana’s house and hears Asthana taking Dasharath’s name and says live long Dasharath Tripathi. She thinks why they are taking Dada ji’s name and peeps inside through the window. Phool Chand asks Asthana to keep the jewellery bags safely and says it was difficult to bring it here. Asthana asks him to talk slowly, and says he will give a verdict against Dasharath, which will make his family shaken shockingly. Phool Chand says it was really difficult to bring it. Dhaani thinks they have trapped Dada ji. Asthana says Dasharath is kept behind bars, and says he thought to digest everything and thought us fools. Phool Chand says Viplav is very clever and might doubt on us. He gets a video message, and shows to Asthana saying it is black work of Dasharath.

In the video, Dasharath is seen keeping the jewellery bags in his almari. Asthana asks who sent this video? Phool Chand asks him to see the video and don’t ask him. Phool Chand says Dasharath is a cheap man and takes all charity money. He asks him to make him wear gold bracelet. Asthana obliges. He sees window open and asks who has open it. Phool Chand goes to close it and see flower pot fallen. He sees Dhaani running away and tells Asthana. Dhaani turns and looks at them shockingly.

Viplav comes home. Kanak asks if Dasharath got bail. Viplav says no, and says Asthana is on leave. Sushma asks what will happen now? Viplav asks her not to worry and says it seems he wants to trap Dasharath. Dhaani runs while Phool Chand and Asthana follow her. Dhaani continues to run and hides somewhere. Asthana and Phool Chand worries. Asthana says I don’t know why did she come there? Phool Chand says she must have heard everything, and thinks what to do. Asthana says we have just one way…and asks Phool Chand to come. Kamini gives water to Viplav. Viplav asks where is Dhaani? Kanak says she is acting mad today. Dhaani comes running….and says jewellery and money is…..Viplav asks from where you are coming?

Dhaani says money and jewellery are at Asthana’s house. Viplav asks how did you know? Dhaani says I have seen with my own eyes…Viplav asks have you gone mad? Why did you go there. Kamini asks why did you go, did you get mad? Dadi Bua says why did you go? Kanak says don’t know what she does behind Viplav’s back. Dhaani asks Viplav to come with her. Dadi Bua asks Dhaani to tell everything. Dhaani asks Viplav to come with her and says Asthana might hide the bags. She says Asthana and Phool Chand have trapped Dada ji together and says we will bring Dada ji home. Just then they see Phool Chand and few men bringing Dasharath home while playing dhol. Dadi Bua smiles seeing Dasharath wearing garland and returning home.

Dhaani is shocked and wonders what is happening. Phool Chand congratulates Tripathi family. Sushma and Kanak takes Dasharath’s blessings. Viplav asks how did you get out of lock up? Dasharath says I will tell everything and takes Dadi Bua’s blessings. Dadi Bua asks how did he come out? Dasharath says I haven’t lose until now. Kanak asks about the bags. Dasharath says bags were never stolen, actually there was a misunderstanding while counting. He says when Phool Chand calculated again, he realized his mistake and took back the case against me. Dhaani sees gold bracelet in Dasharath’s hand similar to Phool Chand’s bracelet and gets doubtful. Dhaani and Viplav are in room. Viplav asks what you want to tell me? He says Dada ji just now came, and I didn’t talk to him. Dhaani says Dada ji had stolen those bags. Viplav is shocked and asks if his ears are hearing wrong, or if said wrong.

Dhaani says you will not believe me, but I was saying right. She says Phool Chand was there at Asthana’s house. She tells about hearing the conversation…she says they were happy to trap Dada ji. She hugs him and says I don’t know why did Phool Chand take back the case. She says if Dada ji and Phool Chand are together? She asks him to believe her. Viplav says you mean Dada ji is a thief. He says what do you want to mean that my Dada ji is a partner of cheap people like Asthana and Phool Chand. He takes out his anger on the vase and breaks it. He says I believe you…but just realize what you are saying? He says Dada ji taught me about dharam and karam and that man is wrong. He says whatever you are saying is all wrong and says he don’t want to hear anything. He goes. Dhaani says Viplav.

Phool Chand says who sent Dhaani here? Kamini is angrily sitting here, cooking up new conspiracy in her mind. Asthana says I had to take back the complaint because of Dhaani. Phool Chand says I have video of Dasharath’s wrong doings. Kamini asks what is that video? Phool Chand says Dasharath came late to the party and says he had stolen two bags from the charity stuff. I made someone take his video. Kamini asks who shot the video as you both were in the party. Just then someone comes and folds his hands. The man smirks.

Dhaani thinks she can’t hide the truth, asks God to help her and make Viplav believe on her words. Viplav comes to room. Viplav comes to room and says two things I want to tell you. First, don’t tell whatever you told me as I don’t want anyone to raise a issue and do drama. I can’t bear anymore. Second, think what is right and what is wrong. I know you can’t lie, but it must be a misunderstanding. He says Dada ji can’t be wrong. Dhaani says I am not wrong. Viplav hurts his hand and injured his hand. Dhaani asks him to give his hand and applies ointment. She tells about getting a phone call from a stranger woman, and tells that she went to Asthana’s house on her insistence.

Phool Chand says this is Banaras tiger…Tripurari (face changed). Tripurari says when I returned to Banaras, I thought to meet Dasharath and went to his house. He says then I recorded the video. Kamini says I couldn’t identify you. Tripurari says Pandit Dasharath Tripathi is my illegitimate dad. Viplav says how can you believe on stranger woman, and says may be Phool Chand and Asthana lied infront of you….He says nobody will believe you, and ask for proofs. He says Asthana and Phool Chand might have fooled and conspired against her. He asks her not to tell else their relation might be at stake.

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