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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidha crossing the road, and is about to get hit by a speedy car, but a taxi driver saves her and asks why you were crossing the road. Vidha says she is going to Bandra? Taxi driver asks about her papa and mamma. Vidha says she is going to home where marriage happened recently in Pali hill. She asks him to drop her there and says she knows the address. Taxi driver agreees and and makes her sit in car. Driver drops her to Mrs. Kaushik’s house. Driver says she was going alone, so I made her sit in my car and took her here. Deepak asks where is your mum. Vidha says she wants to meet coat wale uncle…and says she will give him sweets as promised. Deepak says he is in hotel and pays the taxi driver.

Dhaani searches for Vidha and gets worried. Deepak thanks the driver for bringing her safely. Driver says everyone is safe here. Deepak asks did you inform at home before coming? Vidha says no. Deepak says I will call and inform her. He calls her. Parshiya tells Dhaani that he has searched her everyone, but couldn’t find her. He says he will file police complaint. Dhaani says he took my daughter as he threatened me. Dulaari says we shall search her first.

Viplav thinks about Dhaani’s words and their conversation. Deepak brings Vidha there. Viplav asks Vidha and Deepak. Deepak says she came to Richa’s house. Vidha says I brought sweets for you as promised. Viplav says you came here for sweets. He is happy. Vidha makes him have sweets. Viplav asks did you inform mamma? Vidha says no, and says her mamma would not have allowed her. Viplav asks Deepak, if he informed her mum. Deepak says she didn’t pick my call. Viplav scolds Vidha for coming there without informing Dhaani. Viplav talks to her nicely and asks her not to come out without informing her mum. He asks Deepak to call Dhaani. Dhaani comes home and sees Deepak’s 3 missed calls. Just then she gets Viplav’s call and says she is fine and with me. I thought you are worried and that’s why call to inform you. Dhaani says you took my daughter from here. Viplav says she came by herself. Dhaani doesn’t believe him and says she is my daughter only. Viplav says she is my daughter too. Dhaani says she thinks of you as her uncle and asks him not to show right on Vidha. She asks him to stay away from Vidha. Viplav asks her to stop her drama and says I called to inform you that Vidha is safe and in her house with her father. Dhaani says that is not her house. Viplav angrily says I am her father and disconnects the call.

Dulaari comes and asks Dhaani..Dhaani says Vidha is with Viplav. Dulaari says he can’t take Vidha from here with informing you. She says he don’t have any right on her. Dulaari says he has a right on her. Dhaani says where were he? She says only I know that how I gave her birth and brought her up. She says she is not old Dhaani to give away everything and says she will bring Vidha from there.

A boy is seen watching TV. Viplav comes. He calls him Papa. Viplav asks when did you come? My boy..Atharva says today. Viplav says I want you to meet someone and introduces Vidha with Atharva. Viplav says she is laddo champion and makes me lose in the competition and tells Vidha that Atharva makes him lose in video game competition. Atharva says he hate laddoo. Vidha says laddoo is her and Viplav’s favorite. Viplav gets a call. Atharva gets angry on Vidha and asks her to get down from his papa’s lap. Viplav cuts the call and asks Atharva to apologize to Vidha. Atharva apologizes. Viplav goes to bring mango juice. Atharva asks her, why do you call my papa as rakshas uncle. Vidha says he likes that name. Atharva pushes her. Vidha says her mamma asked her not to talk to naughty kids. Atharva asks where is your papa? Vidha says he is not here. Atharva says you call papa to my papa until your papa comes. Vidha asks him to call Rakshas uncle to her papa. Viplav brings juice and makes them have it.

Kamini gives tickets to kanak and asks her to go. She says I can’t book tickets again. Kanak says I will not go without my son. Kamini says if you get worried like this then you will get old. Just then they see Viplav talking to Vidha and Atharva, and wonders who is the little girl. Kamini gets irked thinking Dhaani’s daughter has come. Viplav plays with kids. Dasharath prays for Viplav’s happiness and says he wants to see him happy even in Banaras. Viplav thinks what did you ask? Dasharath asks him never to lose hope and take care of himself. Dhaani comes there with Parshiya….Dasharath and Viplav looks on…Dhaani thinks about Dasharath’s cheap words. He calls her choti bahu.Dhaani says please forgive me, but I am not your choti bahu…all relations are changed. I came to take my daughter from here. Viplav asks Dasharath to tell her that Vidha is playing and when she is done then I will drop her there. Dhaani asks why are you playing games. Viplav asks if I am playing games with you and troubling you. Did you tell Parshiya about me and our relation. He says Dhaani and I….just then Vidha comes there with Atharva and Kamini. Dhaani hugs Vidha. Sushma and Kanak looks on. Vidha introduces Atharva to Dhaani….Dhaani thinks about Kamini’s words that she has a son with Viplav.

Dhaani says everything is joke for you, and asks what do you think that life will go on according to your wish. She says Vidha is my life and asks him not to interfere. Viplav asks her to tell about her life truth and says you never life naa. He says you are not married naa. Dhaani says it is truth that you have a wife and son…Viplav asks her to tell what to remember and what not to remember, and says I can’t forget you.

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