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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th November 2015 Written Update

Suwarna walking on the road to go to temple, and her aarti thaali falls down. She picks the thaali and is about to go, but a drunkard man holds her hand and asks her to marry him. Viplav is standing there and comes near them. Suwarna runs from there. Viplav slaps the man and tells Raj that the same flower garland is made by Ashram ladies. Raj says that woman is a married woman, and asks why he wants to find out about the woman. Suwarna reaches temple and hugs Tripurari. Tripurari asks why did you take time? Suwarna tells she met a drunkard man and he was misbehaving with me. She says I was scared. Tripurari asks her not to worry. Suwarna says you have decorated the temple well and asks about the pandit who will get them married. Tripurari says he is Pandit and groom both, and says you will become mine today. Suwarna hugs him. He stabs on her stomach mercilessly. Suwarna is shocked. He calls her towards him. Suwarna forwards her hand. Some mantras is being played. Suwarna falls down. Tripurari says I have fulfilled your dream and fills her maang with her own blood. Suwarna writhles in pain. Tripurari asks if she is happy and says I have fulfilled your dream and filled your maang. He says I will be with you till you die, and have fulfilled the wish. Suwarna slaps him and faints/die.

Viplav tells Raj to leave and says he will come in some time. Raj says okay, and leaves. Tripurari drags unconscious Suwarna towards the isolated area. He sees Viplav coming there and hides Suwarna’s body. Viplav tries to see who is behind the tree and gets down. Dhaani wakes up and feels strange. She looks for Suwarna and searches in the Ashram. She wonders where did she go? She comes to Raj Lakshmi and tells her that Suwarna is not in the Ashram. Raj Lakshmi gets up and is shocked. Dhaani says I searched her in the Ashram, and don’t know where did she go? Tripurari digs the land and throws Suwarna inside. He buries her there. He then covers her with sand. He puts something ( may be something related to Viplav and smirks). Dhaani wakes up everyone and tells that they will file Police complaint. Raj Lakshmi gets Suwarna’s letter. Raj Lakshmi reads her letter that she is going to start a new life with a good human being. They are shocked.

Viplav is sitting there ( It might be park) and thinks about Dasharath’s words that Dhaani agreed to marry Tripurari. Viplav sees Tripurari and asks in which was you? He asks with regards to the sand on the clothes. Tripurari says he fell down. Viplav suggests Are you interested in to marry Dhaani? Tripurari claims Dasharath has resolved. Viplav asks did you inquire Dhaani if she wishes to marry you. Tripurari claims she could be liking me. Viplav claims I’ll depart. Tripurari says I know what is bothering you and says it will be fun to trouble you all.

Badi Amma claims Suwarna has gone mad. It is sweet that she’s commencing a new life, but why did she elope from listed here. We wouldn’t have refused her. Dhaani says it truly is our slip-up, she might have considered that we will not realize her emotions, feelings and adore. Tripurari cleans the knife on the blood together with his own kurta. Viplav comes and calls him. Tripurari retains the knife and will come out. Viplav states He’s restless and asks if you requested Dhaani that she hopes to marry you. Tripurari thinks I don’t understand that Dhaani is pleased or not, but I know that you’re quite disappointed. He agrees to talk to Dhaani. Viplav sees blood stains on his kurta and asks about this. Tripurari claims it is actually lamp’s blood and says he has sacrificed lamp. Viplav suggests I’d seen you near Shiv temple. Tripurari claims I had been during the ghat temple. He asks did you believe that I have murdered a person? Viplav seems on.

A woman is going from the place where Suwarna is buried. Suddenly Suwarna’s hand comes out from sand and holds woman’s foot. She shouts and falls down.

Written Update By H Hasan


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