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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode commences with Viplav finding shocked recognizing about his engagement with Tania. He involves Kanak. Kanak attempts to divert his thoughts and tells she is chaotic. Viplav asks how can you choose this conclusion with no talking to me. Kanak asks if You aren’t proud of this alliance. Viplav suggests he is not satisfied. Kanak asks exactly what is your issue? Viplav says you individuals have not talked to me prior to repairing my engagement. Kanak says you both equally ended up together in Delhi and you brought her in this article, so we thought you both equally like one another. She asks her to talk to Dasharath and reminds him that he has kept maun vrat for his pleasure. She asks him not to harm his coronary heart and chat wisely. Viplav is shocked and tensed. He goes to Tania and asks her mom and dad to excuse them. Tania asks if he is nervous with regards to their engagement. Viplav asks why you didn’t inform me about our engagement. Tania claims she didn’t know that it’s going to take place quickly. Viplav says so You aren’t interested. Tania nods. Viplav says we have been friends, but need to create a job initial. Tania asks him not to worry and states she’ll postpone the wedding day. She claims that they will not get marry right until they fulfill their desire. She asks him to calm down. Raj comes and asks Viplav to spend a while with him. Tania states Raj is true and asks Viplav to carry on with Raj.

Viplav thanks Tania and states you are wonderful. Kanak hears them and gives angry look. Kanak asks Tania, if every little thing is alright. Tania tells every thing is fine,and says Viplav is tensed about marriage. She asks her not to obtain tensed and claims she also don’t want to hurry up for marriage. Kanak agrees and demonstrates necklace to her. Tania likes it and says it is gorgeous. She states I am able to’t don it today, as I’ve worn Dadi’s necklace. Kanak says okay and asks her to help keep the necklace. Tania asks her to maintain it. She asks Kanak to not power Viplav to marry before long. Kanak agrees. Viplav thinks Tania may have certain mum. Viplav folds his hand and many thanks Kanak.

Suwarna phone calls Raj Lakshmi and Dhaani, and asks them to see the damaged star. Raj Lakshmi claims it is very auspicious issue. Dhaani prays and tells them that she prayed for their pleasure and to get Ashram. Tania tells Viplav that he appears to be like cute Every time he appears like this. She says she talked to Kanak and she agreed to postpone their engagement. Viplav claims you are a darling and hugs her. Kanak appears to be at them and thinks Viplav might have agreed for marriage.

Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani to get ready as They are going to be intending to Tania’s engagement. Dhaani says we must always follow widow rituals and tells people today think them inauspicious. Raj Lakshmi suggests we have to alter the persons’s considering and possess to go there. Dhaani claims we shall not Choose Tania and asks her to not go. Raj Lakshmi states she’ll go. Dhaani claims she is going to temple to open up her rapidly.

Kanak asks Shalini to generate Ram don the ring. His mum will get content looking at diamond ring. Ram would make her dress in then. All people claps. Viplav congratulates them and asks for new music. Even though Ram and Shalini dance, Viplav dances with Tania to the track Na Seekha Maine Jeena………..Kanak thinks engagement will happen as per Dasharath’s would like.

Dhaani concerns temple and gets a prasad. Kanak asks Dasharath, how she’s wanting and asks him to interrupt his maun vrat. Dasharath signs her something. Dhaani will come near the river and sits to break her quickly. She’s about to break the fast, just then she sees a girl in addition to a boy asking her to provide one thing to consume. Dhaani presents her fruits/prasad to them. The girl many thanks her. Kanak would make announcement and tells she is rather satisfied as her daughter is engaged. She suggests she can also be delighted for her son who is acquiring engaged to Delhi based law firm Tania. Anyone claps. Kanak asks Tania to return on stage. Tania blushes and goes on stage. Viplav is in state of shock. Dasharath indications him to go and retains his hand. He takes him to phase. Kanak asks Viplav for making Tania wear the ring. Viplav will make her don the ring without the need of his wish. Tania can make him use the ring. Everyone claps, but Viplav is upset. He tells he will can be found in sometime and goes. Tania usually takes elders’ blessings. Tripurari thinks he can’t be Viplav in his life. He sees Viplav going in jeep and thinks to abide by, but then decides to remain there itself and consume wine. Dhaani will come near the river edge with the puja.

Viplav involves the temple angrily. Dhaani lights the diya and keeps it around the drinking water. Viplav is offended and upset at his compelled engagement. Dhaani will get up and faints on account of fasting. Viplav sees a lady close to the river and rushes to save lots of her. He claims this isn’t the destination to snooze, and remobes hairs from her experience. He is shocked to view Dhaani unconscious. He attempts to wake her up and thinks of Dulaari’s text that Dhaani will be fasting for two times. He lifts her and lie her down to the stairs. He tries to wake her up once again. Pandit seems at them. Viplav will get closer to her to examine her heart defeat and asks her to wake up. He states appear your Rakshas has occur, and thinks how to proceed. Pandit phone calls Dasharath. Kanak congratulates Dasharath and asks him to break his maun vrat. Dasharath says Om Shanti and asks her to provide 1 weighing equipment.

Pandit phone calls Tripurari then and tells him that Viplav is with widow and it has lifted her in his arms. Tripurari asks him to perform some thing. Dasharath weighs Shalini Using the equivalent gold. Tania’s mum tells Tania they can’t weigh her as her father is not really a smuggler, but an attorney. Pandit ji thinks Dasharath experienced closed his temple so now he will see. Viplav tries to wake her up. Kanak tells Tania that there were no rituals similar to this prior to, but Dada ji generally surprises them. Tania smiles. Viplav asks Dhaani to awaken and asks her to know his helplessness. He states not now and looks at her telephone damp. He miracles how you can get in touch with Raj.. He thinks somebody will help save her, but then thinks to accomplish final try and wake her up. He holds her hand and says if just about anything comes about to you personally then your Ashram men and women will blame me. Tripurari messages Kanak. Kanak is shocked to check out Viplav and Dhaani closer pic.

Viplav handles Dhaani with pink chunari kept inside the temple and appears on tensed…………….

Written Update By Sahir


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