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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Kanak asking Dhaani to get up and asks her to tell to whoever she wants to say. She says she has done this for her son and don’t want her son’s life to ruin. She asks her to get up and says I told you many times to leave my son, and go away from his life. I had insulted you infront of everyone and even tried to kill you, but you are shameless to stay in my son’s life. I didn’t want to do all this, but you forced me. She says you don’t leave any other option left for me. I can’t see you with him. Dhaani says I am a fool to think that you will understand my pain, but didn’t know that you can risked our Ashram and its widows. Kanak says I will do anything. Dhaani asks have you thought that viplav would have died because of the temple bell, and by eating that halwa, and because of the fire. Kanak says I know that my son’s life is in danger because of you. She says I hate you very much and can walk in the fire to keep you away from him. She says I don’t care if Viplav gets hurt. Dhaani says this is madness. Kanak says this is a mum’s madness and how will you know? I won’t let you marry Viplav. Dhaani says okay, I will tell him everything as he needs to know it.

Kanak warns her and asks her not to tell him anything. Dhaani says you didn’t want me to stay in Viplav’s life, okay. I will leave him and go away, but I will tell him that I am not responsible for all the incidents which happened with him. She says I will tell him everything and can’t live in the misunderstandings. Kanak warns her and says I will do something that you will never be able to talk to Viplav about it. Just then Viplav comes and asks what is the matter? Kanak says I will tell you and says Dhaani is doubting me. She said I tried to kill her and added poison in the halwa, and said that I made that temple bell fall on you, and even accused me that I lit the fire in the Ashram. Viplav says you are misunderstanding her, Dhaani can’t think of this. Kanak asks Dhaani to say and asks Viplav to ask her. Kanak says Dhaani said a shameless thing and says she accused me of having an affair with Tripurari and cries as victimised. Dhaani thinks about Kanak’s words that she will pass through the fire to separate them. Viplav says you think that my maa and Tripurari…..Dhaani says yes, but…..Kanak says did you hear? She said yes. She calls her shameless etc, and says she is going to be your wife. She don’t have any shame, and said that Tripurari and I are having illegitimate affair.

Kanak says she said that I lit the Ashram on fire along with Tripurari. She cries and gains sympathy. She says I would have broken her face if she said anything against you, and you are bearing her silently being my son. Viplav says I came here to talk to you and decide about the marriage date, and you said a cheap thing about my mum. Don’t you have any shame? Dhaani tries to speak to him. Viplav says I am ashamed to repeat the thing. How can you think of this? Dhaani says no? Viplav says do you think that this is right? Kanak says you are asking her if this is right or not? Don’t you believe your mum and asks her to ask Dhaani only. She says I will tell you. Kanak throws kerosene oil on herself. Viplav shouts Maa. Dhaani looks shocked at her acting.

Shop keepers come and keep the stuff for Viplav’s marriage. Sushma tells Dasharath that Viplav is making arrangements for his marriage. Dasharath nods yes. Dhaani tries speaking again, but Viplav stops her and raises his hand, but stops. He is devastated and says I know that Maa hates you, but how can you think wrong about her. He asks her not to get closer to him and asks Kanak to pack the bags. He says we will leave right now. Kanak asks him to calm down and says I don’t want to stay in this Ashram. I will come just now. Dhaani cries and tries to talk, but Viplav asks her not to talk to him, he is already worried. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………….They look at each other.

Dhaani cries. Viplav looks hurt. Raj Lakshmi comes and sees Dhaani crying and Viplav sad. She goes inside and asks Dhaani what happened? Why Viplav is looking angry? Kanak comes downstairs with her suitcase. Raj Lakshmi looks at her. Kanak tells her that her work is done, so she is going. Raj Lakshmi asks what happened? Kanak asks her to ask Dhaani and says I don’t have time to waste. She says Viplav is waiting for me and asks her to move from her way. Raj Lakshmi stops her and asks her to take back the jhumkas/earrings which she have given her. Kanak asks Dhaani if she got shocked seeing the depth of her fall to separate them. Dhaani says you are his mum, how can you insult yourself by saying that you are having an affair with Tripurari. Kanak laughs and says I can do anything to separate you with him. I don’t want a widow to marry my son, and that’s why I played this game. She says my son won’t be able to bear anyone raising doubt on his mum’s character. She says I have done this for my son and for his bright future. I don’t want inauspicious widow to enter my son’s life. She says my work is done and now I am leaving. You take care of yours and smiles.

Precap will be added later.

Written Update By H Hasan


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