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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode begins with Viplav telling Dhaani that he was looking to assist her. Dhaani exhibits the mirror they usually smile. Viplav asks her to provide h2o to ensure that he can wash his deal with. Dhaani asks him to scrub his deal with and obtain h2o from the nicely. Viplav says I’m your visitor so give me water. Dhaani asks him to go and have it. Dulaari seems to be at them and asks Dhaani to acquire foods. Dhaani claims she’s fasting. Dulaari asks them to consume. Viplav asks Dhaani, if she didn’t get acidity by means of fasting. Dhaani states she has shraddha/perception in direction of God and he sends a person to help us. Viplav states if I gained the situation, then you will provide the credit to God sent gentleman. Dhaani thinks to return his jacket. Raj Lakshmi is observed wearing it and states she will be able to experience his scent. Dhaani says Viplav came to acquire his jacket. Raj Lakshmi suggests I’ll give it to him by myself. They arrive out and find out Viplav not there. Dhaani states It appears he remaining, I couldn’t return him jacket even currently. Raj Lakshmi handover the jacket to Dhaani and asks him to return.

Suwarna apologizes to Tripurari and claims she didn’t crack Television intentionally. Tripurari states I can get you A further TV and asks about Ashram. Suwarna claims we have complete faith on Viplav and Tania, and suggests that he came these days by itself. Tripurari is surprised. Suwarna asks when We are going to marry? Tripurari suggests my household is very compact as of now, and relationship will choose time. Dadi talks to Viplav about his marriage. Viplav says men and women will occur and take in, and enjoy the wedding. Dadi suggests Tania is a very good Female. Viplav laughs and claims there is nothing involving me and Tania, she’s a visitor and may go in a few times. Kanak comes and tells Dasharath has saved maun vrat. Dasharath talks to Tripurari and warns him not to break his rely on. He shares his approach with him. Kanak tells Dadi that Viplav shouldn’t know about his engagement with Tania. She asks Dadi to deal with Dasharath in lieu of speaking to her son. Viplav arrives and sees Dasharath speaking. He suggests you probably did appropriate, by breaking maun vrat. He requires the call and asks Tripurari. Tripurari lies to him and states he want to assist college small children.

Viplav asks Dasharath, why did you hide this from me. Kanak comes and states don’t know how he manages to convey his concept. Viplav asks Tripurari to learn Lala’s whereabouts. Tripurari states all right. Viplav tells Dasharath that he did a error and asks for forgiveness. He sings the song. Dasharath pulls his ears. He thinks I am performing this to your betterment.

Dhaani tells Badi amma that she’s tensed with regard to the circumstance, and hopes Lala receives effectively so they get the case. Badi Amma says this attorney is nice. Dhaani claims she will’t belief him. Badi Amma says he did a blunder before, but he did do the job in Ashram’s favor and asks to present him a chance. Kanak asks Tania not to inform Viplav about her engagement. Tania agrees. Tania’s mom and dad come to go to the engagement. Tania gets content. Tania’s Dad tells that they still left just as Tania referred to as them. Kanak tells Dasharath has retained the quick for Viplav and Tania’s good long run, and states he want the engagement to happen tomorrow. Tania claims this was the shock. Kanak suggests Dasharath wants engagement to happen tomorrow. Tania’s mum asks for one month or one 7 days, afterall Tania is their only daughter. Kanak tells Tania is like their daughter and asks them not to worry. She suggests We’ll do the arrangements. Tania’s mom and dad agree. Shalini’s being inlaws come there. Kanak introduces them. Tania selects non weighty dress.

Afterwards Tania involves the Ashram and tells Badi Amma that tomorrow is her engagement with Viplav. Dhaani congratulates her. Raj Lakshmi states she misplaced him. Dhaani states I’ll convey a little something for you. Tania asks her to sit down and says she needs Zari get the job done to become performed on her clothing. Suwarna states Dhaani appreciates it effectively. Tania asks her to get it done. Dulaari suggests engagement is quite auspicious factor, and I don’t Imagine we should always enable you to Together with the designing.

This friday, Viplav will color Dhaani with his like and exhibits her bangles.

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