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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th November 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

Viplav calling on Ashram’s number and hopes Dhaani picks the call. Suwarna returns to Ashram. Badi Amma asks her about Dhaani. Just then phone rings and hears Viplav asking her not to cut call. She apologizes to her for talking in high tone, and asks her to vent out her anger on him. He says someone is conspiring against me and creating misunderstanding. He asks her to give call to Dhaani for 2 mins. Badi Amma refuses and disconnects the call. Dulaari asks about the caller. Badi Amma says Viplav wants to talk to Dhaani. Dhaani comes and hears her. Dulaari says it is not needed. Badi Amma asks her to think about Viplav’s perspective. She says may be there is some misunderstanding. Dulaari says I am understanding your point and asks her to cut down the rotten wound. Badi Amma calls Viplav and tells him that Dhaani will go out of Ashram at 7 am to deliver the order. She asks him to talk to her and clear the misunderstanding. She disconnects the call without hearing him.

Tripurari brings Suwarna near the river and asks her to do Surya Puja for their baby. Suwarna gets tensed. Tripurari says I will leave and goes. Suwarna walks inside the water and was doing puja. Tripurari comes indisguise of a woman wearing white saree while she is busy praying. He then pushes Suwarna in the river and suffocates her. He then runs away. Suwarna sees someone running from there. Some ladies rescue her.

Dhaani tells that she is going. Badi Amma hopes that all the misunderstandings shall be cleared between Dhaani and Viplav, and they become friends again. Dhaani walks on the road to go, and feels Viplav is around. Just then some goons kidnap her and take in car. Viplav was there, but doesn’t see her.

Dasharath calls Tripurari and asks why he was not picking his call. He tells him something. Viplav says your work will be done. Dasharath says well done. Dulaari asks Badi Amma if Dhaani went with the stuffs. Badi Amma says yes, and she told me. Dulaari gets a call and she is informed that Dhaani didn’t bring the stuff. Dulaari tells the lady that Dhaani went two hours ago. She wonders where did she go. Raj brings Viplav to pub and asks the waitress to take care of him and he leaves. Waitress gives drink to Viplav. Viplav refuses to drink. Just then he gets Badi Amma’s call asking about Dhaani. Viplav tells her that Dhaani didn’t meet him. She gets tensed and drops the phone. Dulaari asks Badi Amma what is going on? Badi Amma says she told Viplav to clear misunderstanding with Dhaani when she goes out. She says Dhaani didn’t meet me but….Dulaari cries and says my daughter’s life is in danger. She says he will do something to my daughter and is Rakshas. She asks her to come with her to Dasharath’s house.

They arrive at Dasharath’s residence. Kanak insults them and asks if they don’t have shame. Dulaari suggests they don’t desire to come there and asks her to enquire with Viplav about Dhaani. Kanak asks if Dhaani is often a princess then Viplav will roam close to her. She misbehaves with them. Dulaari also shouts. Kanak asks them to go else she will get them kicked out. Dasharath comes and asks what you’re doing? Dulaari greets him. Dasharath scolds Kanak and apologizes to Badi Amma and Dulaari. He asks what is the cause of your visit. Badi Amma says Viplav took Dhaani somewhere. Dasharath asks how can they be so confident. Badi Amma says I thought Viplav should really apparent the misunderstandings with Dhaani so that’s why I identified as Viplav and asks him to fulfill Dhaani at seven am, but currently After i requested him, he mentioned that he didn’t meet up with her. She asks him to assist her. Dulaari asks Dasharath to help them obtain Dhaani. Dasharath says if Viplav took her somewhere then I promise that I will convey her. He claims Dhaani will likely be from the Ashram by night and claims it’s my promise. They go away. Dasharath tells Kanak never to blinded in motherly appreciate to make sure that she forgets about his regard. He phone calls her rotten brain. Dasharath thinks to attend Badi Amma’s call asking him to meet Dhaani. Dhaani is viewed in the kidnapper’s captivity.

Dhaani gains consciousness. Tripurari asks if she is fine and tells her that he is brought by Viplav to his farm house. He tells her that Viplav used to visit farmhouse with a girl. Dhaani breaks the photo frame and says she hates Viplav.

Written Update By H Hasan


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