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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini telling Viplav that she can understand his pain. She says there must be a reason and says even we got married and have a home. Viplav says just let the marriage go to hell and you also go. He asks her to leave him alone. Parshiya stops Dhaani and asks why she is very angry? He says I would have make him right, if you haven’t stopped me. He says I have understood what he had done with you. Dhaani says you will not go and asks Parshiya not to even touch him. Parshiya is shocked. Dhaani says I want to say that whatever had happened, I have no relation with Viplav now. She says this is end of the matter. Parshiya says okay, if he leave you alone and don’t trouble you. Dhaani is still sad. He is about to keep his hand on Dhaani and asks if you are fine. Dhaani says yes and asks him to go, says she needs to be alone for sometime. Parshiya says okay. Kamini eyes Dhaani evilly and smirks. She thinks Dhaani is a devi and haven’t married this Parshiya, still having sindoor of Viplav’s name, you are really great. She comes to Dhaani and apologizes to her, saying I did a big mistake. She says I couldn’t tell Viplav about our temple meeting. She says everything was complicated, and thanks her for not telling him anything. She says I wish everything happens like before. Dhaani asks Kamini to go from there. Kamini says I can understand, goes far and smirks victorious. Dhaani cries badly.

Vidha comes to Party and calls Baba. Parshiya says you are looking good and asks who brought you here. Dulaari says I brought her. She asks where is Dhaani and why is he looking tensed? Parshiya asks Vidha to wait for 2 mins and goes to talk to Dulaari. Dhaani is still crying thinking about Viplav. Viplav is also crying and is heart broken. Judaai song plays…..Viplav sits down shattered and cries miserably. Dhaani recalls Kamini saying she has a son with Viplav, named Atharva. Viplav recalls Dhaani saying she don’t love him now. He recalls Dhaani telling that Parshiya is her husband..

Vidha comes there and asks why are you crying? Did you lost your mask and asks him to take her mask. She tells that she has his coat. Viplav says if our love and promise was a lie. Vidha says I will ask mamma to pray for you. Viplav hugs her and smiles. Vidha also hugs him. Parshiya comes there.

Parshiya asks what are you doing here? Vidha says Rakshas uncle is crying, I want to sit with him for some time. Parshiya says your mumma is searching for you. Viplav is sad. Waiter asks if you are fine? Viplav stands up and says I am fine. Waiter says shall I get taxi for you. Viplav is devastated. Kamini comes to himand asks Viplav to stop drinking. Viplav asks her to go and asks why do you interfere between us, when you have nothing to do with me. He asks her to just get lost. Kamini says everyone is seeing us, and asks him to control. Viplav asks her to just go. Kamini asks waiter not to let her husband drink more and goes. Viplav asks for the drink. Waiter refuses and says your wife instructed us not to give you drink. Viplav hurts his hand as he breaks the glass. Waiter asks someone to bring first aid box. Viplav says he feels good in pain.

Dhaani comes home and recalls her meeting with Viplav and his painful words. She thinks have I done right by telling Viplav that I got married. She thinks I have separated Viplav and Vidha and cries. Parshiya comes there and asks her to talk to Vidha. Dhaani says she can’t go to her now. Parshiya brings masala tea and asks her to drink. He asks her to tackle the problem and be strong. He asks her to take care of Vidha, Dulaari, him and herself. He asks her to think about Vidha’s education, and says you are lucky to come here from banaras. Everyone gets a chance and you will also get. Dhaani smiles and says this can’t happen. She thanks him for supporting her in her lie. Parshiya says I am your friend and have to support you. He says I can understand that you will never hurt anyone. Dhaani says when I met Viplav for the first time, he filled colors in my colorless life. She says her life with Viplav was like a fairy tale. She says she couldn’t forget the words which Viplav told. Parshiya consoles her. Dhaani says I will be alright in sometime and cries.

Viplav is driving his car and recalls Dhaani’s words that she loves Parshiya and is married to him now. Viplav says I was waiting for you since 5 years and have yearned to hear your voice. You would have told me atleast that you are alive, I would be at peace thinking you are living your life. Just then Viplav’s car meets with an accident.

Deepak informs Parshiya that Viplav met with an accident. Parshiya is shocked and comes to Dhaani. Dhaani asks why you are shocked. He informs her about Viplav’s accident. Dhaani is shocked.

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