Ishq Ka Rang Safed written update

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini coming to Basti and sees Viplav walking out and is lost. Pakiya calls Dhaani and telling her that Doctor said that no medicine or treatment can save Parshiya now, and asks her to pray for him. Dhaani cries hearing that. Viplav and Kamini are in the car. Kamini says you are wounded and blood is coming out. She asks who had beaten you? She blames Dhaani and says since she came back in your life, your life is messed up. She says you have done so much for me, stayed in chawl for her and what you got in return is insult and she has sent you to jail in fake case. She says don’t know what would have happen if I didn’t get bail. She says Dhaani doesn’t care if you live, die or get hanged. She hates you, and says still there is time, try and understand. She says I can see your inner pain as I love you a lot, and can’t see you in this condition. She says we will go back to Banaras and please forget that Dhaani. Viplav asks Driver to stop the car and says he wants to be alone for sometime. Kamini asks what do you mean? Viplav asks her not to follow him, and don’t try to search him. He says if you love me then take care of my son and family. He asks her to take care and goes. Kamini tries to stop him and gets worried.

Dhaani, Pakiya, Dulaari and others pray for Parshiya. Dhaani asks God to protect Parshiya, if something happens to him then she won’t be able to forgive herself. Kamini comes back to hotel. Dasharath asks where is he? You went to take him. Kamini says he didn’t come back, he stepped down on the way. I tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen to me. Sushma says he might have went to Basti. Kamini says no, and says I picked him from there only. She says he asked me to go back and take care of Atharva. Dasharath asks what do you mean? When he will come back? Kamini says I think he will stay in Mumbai. She holds her hand and says I don’t know what is my mistake. She says I am grinded in all these things. Sushma asks Dasharath to call him. Kanak calls him and says he is not picking my call. Kamini says I will not leave that Dhaani and will ruin her. She says I will teach her a lesson, she will understand on whose husband she has eyed. Sushma asks her to concentrate on Viplav rather than Dhaani.

Dhaani is sitting in the hospital and recalls Parshiya and Viplav’s fight. Doctor telling that he is serious, Parshiya taking Viplav’s name and Viplav pleading that he is innocent. Kamini comes there, and asks Dhaani where is Viplav? Dhaani asks what do you mean? How do I know? Kamini says he is missing since night because of you and you don’t know. She says you can’t decide between them, and says you are enjoying to keep one in hospital and other on street. She says both of them love you a lot. Dhaani asks her to stop it and says you are his wife naa, take him to banaras. I have handed over divorce papers to Banaras and says what else I could do. Kamini asks her to marry Parshiya if she wants to do something, then all ways will end for him and he will return back to her. Dhaani says I can take my decisions and asks her not to worry. She says right now, I am worried for Parshiya and is going to him. Kamini sees Parshiya’s mum Pratibha coming and asking nurse about his ward. Pratibha asks are you Dhaani? She says no. Pratibha says Parshiya likes Dhaani and will be going to marry her. She says I heard about him and came running here. Kamini tells that Dhaani is there. Pratibha goes after thanking her. Kamini smirks.

Dhaani is sitting at Parshiya’s bed side and cries thinking about his excitement for Vidha’s birthday party. Pratibha comes inside and cries looking at him. Dhaani touches her feet. She asks him to wake up and cries.

Viplav is walking on the road….and recalls Parshiya’s questions. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…….He recalls Dhaani telling that she trusts only Parshiya, Dhaani asking him to leave from there and never come back. Viplav continues to walk and is lost……

Pratibha cries seeing Parshiya’s condition and prays for his speedy recovery. Dhaani gets teary eyes too. Pratibha sees Dhaani praying silently. Dasharath thinks where is Viplav? Kamini comes back to hotel and says Viplav is not in the hospital, and Dhaani is with Parshiya who is in coma. Sushma says we shall inform Police that he is missing. Kanak worries that Parshiya’s friend might harm Viplav. Kamini goes to talk to Police.

Dhaani gives tea to Pratibha and asks her not to worry, says he will be fine. Pakiya comes and tells Dhaani that party people are troubling. Dhaani says I will come and goes with Pakiya. The money lenders ask Dhaani to return money and says Parshiya has taken money from us. Dhaani says don’t you have any shame? He is struggling with life, what do you think that he will die. She says I will clear your debt and gives her gold bangles. They money lenders leave. Pratibha hears everything and says you are not only beautiful, but also strong. She says it is destiny that he found her, and says she will get them married. Dhaani is shocked.

Sushma asks Dasharath to do something. Dasharath says when Police couldn’t find him, what else I could do. Kamini tells that she will go to dirty basti and bring Viplav back.

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