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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th December 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Viplav asking Dhaani and Piya to go home and says he will bring something for them to eat. Dhaani says but….He asks Dhaani not to argue and go. He takes out posters from everywhere and thinks Dhaani will get worried. Piya comes back and sees poster. She says all men are same and calls him a betrayal and says she will show the poster to everyone. Viplav tells about the names of the famous lovers, and tells their names also. Piya says they are all dead, but you are alive. Viplav says they couldn’t get married. He tells that their family were against their marriage, but they got married and eloped. And now they are searching them. Piya believes on him and says you loves Dhaani and that’s why taking this big risk for her. Viplav reminiscences Dhaani……Ishq Ka Rang plays……….Viplav says yes, I do love her very much. She taught me how to live life and praises her. Piya smiles hearing his love for Dhaani.

Piya says wow, I have started believing on love seeing you both. I always thought how can a man truly loves a woman. She wishes no one can come between them, and appreciates his love. Viplav looks on. The goon tells Tripurari that someone saw Viplav and Dhaani together. They think they will search them once the road is cleared.

Dhaani asks Viplav, why he was worried in the market. Viplav says no and says he got tensed as it was darkening. Dhaani asks are you fine? Viplav says I want to tell you something since many days…..He says I…..Just then electricity goes off. Dhaani lights the candle….Viplav holds the candle..Ishq Ka Rang plays……..

Viplav says Dhaani……I am hungry. Dhaani says I will bring food now. Piya’s grand mum appreciates Viplav’s love for Dhaani and says Piya’s perception is changed. She is very much impressed to see a man truly loving his wife. Sarla Kaki comes, and asks Dhaani why you wear white saree. She says I didn’t see when you came here because of the spots. She says it is like widow’s saree. Piya says it is her saree and she worn during her college competition etc. Sarla kaki goes. Viplav tells Dhaani that he told Piya everything about their love and she don’t need to tell anything. Piya’s grand mum comes and informs Viplav that the road is cleared now. Viplav thinks now we have to go, and how I will tell my heart talk to her. Grand mum says our house will be empty after you go. Sarla tells that today is an important day for married couple, and says they shall go to temple. Dhaani gets tensed. Sarla kaki asks her to do shringar and come.

Viplav says he will bring all the stuff from the market. Grand mum says we will wait at the temple. Tripurari asks his men to check all the house. Dasharath calls tripurari ad thinks why his phone is not connecting. Viplav thinks to propose Dhaani and thinks she will not refuse suhaag’s stuff. Viplav tells Dhaani to call him from Piya’s phone. Dhaani asks if this is necessary. Viplav says we are acting since many days, and lets do one more day. HE says if you don’t want me to go, then I will make some excuse. Dhaani says no. Viplav says okay, looks at her and goes. Viplav feels a strange fear.

Tripurari asks a shop keeper about them and asks if he knows about their whereabouts. Shop Keeper sats no. Just then Tripurari sees Viplav coming to the same shop and hides. Viplav asks the shop keeper to give suhagan’s stuff to him. Tripurari calls the shop keeper and asks him to make Viplav drink the special tea which he sent. Shop keeper insists Viplav to drink it. Viplav drinks it. Tripurari calls Dasharath and tells him that Viplav is buying married woman’s stuff. Dasharath says if he is married to her. Tripurari says don’t know and says he will get back to him. Viplav buys the stuff and is about to go.

Viplav tells Dhaani that he will tell about his feelings to her. Just then Tripurari comes and kidnaps Dhaani. Viplav says I love you and turns to see her missing. He comes out and hears Dhaani shouting his name. Viplav looks on.

Written Update By H Hasan


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