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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kanak telling Viplav that she is feeling immense pain. Viplav says Doctor said you will be alright and asks her to rest. Kanak says she wants to go back to Ashram, as she has to fulfill the oath which she had taken for Shambu’s soul peace. Viplav says until you gets well, you can’t go from here. He says he will go Ashram and see if everything is fine. Kanak asks Viplav not to tell Dhaani anything and asks him not to get angry on her. She says Dhaani forgot me as she panicked seeing fire. Viplav asks Dasharath not to let Kanak leave from home. Dasharath says okay and instigate Viplav against Dhaani, but then says don’t tell her anything.

Dulaari tells I don’t understand how the fire broke out in the Ashram, we all were here. Badi Amma says it all happened because of lac. Dulaari says we brought it to make bangles and earn money. Badi Amma says I didn’t understand how did Kanak come inside the Ashram when she went to temple. Dulaari worries about Ashram. Viplav comes with his friends and says that he will paint the Ashram again. Dhaani goes inside seeing him as she is angry on him.

Viplav asks them to come to his house and stay. Sita Maayi refuses to go anywhere leaving the Ashram. Viplav says just look at Ashram’s condition, it will take 3-4 days to repair it. He asks Pankaj and Raj to do the arrangements for their stay in Ashram. Dhaani is in her room and thinks about Viplav’s words that he don’t want anything except her. Viplav comes to her and sees photo in her hand. He says everything is burnt, except our photo. He says I will get Ashram painted again. Dhaani refuses to take his help and says I want to stand on my own feet and will repair/paint the Ashram. Viplav says you are my fiance and says I do have the right to help you. Dhaani says I don’t want your help. She says she really don’t know how Kanak came back to Ashram. Viplav says he can’t ignore what he saw with his own eyes. He says nobody will get into trouble knowingly, and put himself/herself in fire. Suwarna comes and seeing them together, is about to leave. Dhaani stops her. Suwarna says Tripurari told him about the fire accident in Ashram, and says she don’t want them to get hurt in any way.

Kanak asks Raj Lakshmi how many lamps she will light and says nothing can happen until we get electricity back. Viplav asks why did you come here? Kanak asks him not to worry and says nobody can change her happenings written in her destiny. She says Dhaani will take care of her and asks him to repair Ashram fast. Suwarna says she will leave. Viplav asks her to have food. Suwarna refuses and says Durga is at home. Everyone sit for having dinner. Viplav tells Dhaani that ladies will not work today and men will serve food. Viplav along with his friends serve food. Badi Amma says don’t know how fire broke out inside. Dulaari curses the person who lit the fire to the Ashram. Kanak coughs. Everyone looks on. Dhaani says how did Tripurari come inside Ashram. Viplav says he have saved maa. Kanak says it is not right to doubt on him. She asks him to go as Dasharath might be waiting for him. Dhaani looks on.

Badi Amma asks her to have food. Viplav comes back to Ashram again and says I came to cheer you up. Dhaani says she likes when he gives her attention and gets upset when he gets angry on her. Viplav says whenever I get angry, I will kiss you. Viplav asks him to close his eyes. Viplav asks why? Will you kiss me? Dhaani insists him to close eyes. She kisses on her hand kept on his mouth. It was Viplav’s imagination. Viplav looks at her photo and thinks he have to cheer her up as she is angry, and also have to convince her to get Ashram painted. Dhaani wakes up in the morning and sees Kanak going somewhere holding the aarti plate. Dhaani follows Kanak. She sees Kanak meeting Tripurari and laughing talking to him. She recalls recent happenings, Tripurari’s confession, kanak giving CD to her asking her to keep it safe, and then Kanak saying she is going to temple. She concludes that her doubt was right and kanak and Tripurari are together in the conspiracy.

Dhaani and kanak are seen in the temple. Dhaani tells her that she is feeling as if the temple bell will fall on her, just then it fells down. Dhaani says it might have slipped and fell down, and nobody would have cut the rope. Kanak gets tensed. Later Dhaani tells Kanak that she made something for her. Kanak asks what? Dhaani says gajar ka halwa, which you also cooked for me on my birthday. Kanak looks on.

Written Update By H Hasan


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