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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhaani and Viplav coming to the tea stall to talk to Parshiya. Parshiya is surprised and asks you both are here. Viplav asks Dhaani to go and says I will talk to Parshiya. Dhaani smiles and goes. Parshiya asks Viplav to sit. Viplav says I want to talk about Kamini. Parshiya says she is very dangerous. Viplav says you are saying right and that’s why I came to take your help and also of your friends, and if needed basti people also. Parshiya says I can do anything for you and Dhaani. Viplav thanks him and says there are so many crimes, which I am doubtful that Kamini has done. He says there is one way to send her to jail, we have to make her confess all her crimes with her mouth. Parshiya asks him to share his plan.

Viplav calls Kamini and asks where are you? Kamini says I am in the hotel and waiting for you. Viplav says I am sorry, I have done wrong with you and have hurt you, but now we will make a new start. Kamini says really. Viplav says you are a beautiful person having a big heart. Kamini gets flattered and asks about Dhaani. Viplav asks her to forget Dhaani and says I doesn’t understand what I had seen in her, and says now you and me, nobody can come in between us now, just give me one last chance. Kamini is very much happy and asks seriously. Viplav says we will have dinner at hotel restaurant together, and asks her to pack their bags also, as we will leave very far from here. He says we will meet at 8 pm in the restaurant. Kamini says sure.

In the restaurant, Kamini drinks. Viplav looks on. Atharva asks can I go to garden and play. Viplav permits him to go. He asks waiter to bring drink for Kamini. Kamini says it will be too much. Viplav says I am with you, don’t worry. Kamini says she is feeling very much happy and says I really don’t believe this and asks him to pinch her. Viplav pinches on her hand. Kamini is happy. Viplav says I never cared about you and was running after her who never cared about me. He says I don’t want to take that woman name name, and apologizes to her. Kamini asks how did this happen? Viplav says don’t take name of her…shameless woman. Kamini is confused. Viplav says not you, but her. She don’t care even about Vidha, and says she has ended all the relations with me by marrying Parshiya. He asks will you help me in forgetting her? Kamini says ofcourse Viplav, I will be with you all your life and says this is what I wanted. Viplav asks what? Kamini says Dhaani will not come back in our life. She asks do you really want this? Viplav says I know that you will not believe me, and says I have understood lately in life…If you want to leave me and move on then you can go.

Kamini says why I will leave? I am very happy to get you. I am happy thinking you are back with me and Atharva for forever. She asks him to forgive Dhaani and says cheers. She drinks again. Just then she sees Dhaani and Parshiya sitting on the nearest table and laughing. She says oh God, they came here also, just a show off, see at their value. Viplav asks you are talking about whom? Kamini says Dhaani and Parshiya. Viplav says nobody is there. Kamini says Dhaani and Parshiya are sitting there. Viplav says there is nobody there and says are drunk. Kamini says I can see clearly. Dhaani looks at Viplav and smiles. Viplav says we were running after her and she had become our obsession. Kamini says I am not obsessed with her and says she was here only. She then sees them missing. Viplav also gets up and says may be you are imagining them, lets sit. He calls waiter and asks him to repeat a glass of wine. Kamini says no, I am fine.

Viplav says you are stressed and needs to relax. He says you came with me for the first time and shall enjoy. He says Dhaani is not part of my life and we shall not discuss her. He says I have noticed for the first time that you have a beautiful eyes. Kamini gets flattered and happy. Sun Saathiya……Piya Bas Teri Maa plays……….Viplav asks her to come for a dance. They dance. Kamini sees Dhaani and Parshiya dancing there also, and gets jealous. She asks Viplav to turn and see that Dhaani and Parshiya are dancing behind there.

Viplav says I want to forget her, but you are not forgetting her. Kamini says you are mad. Viplav says you can’t drink anymore, you had enough. Kamini says I am fine and asks can’t you see that they are dancing. She turns and sees them missing. Viplav asks what? He says waiter is there. Kamini says no, they were there? She thinks am I really drunk and asks Viplav to get water. Viplav asks waiter to give water. Waiter gives water. Kamini is about to drink it and sees dead lizard in it, throws the glass shockingly. She scolds the waiter. Waiter says there is no dead lizard in it. Viplav asks her to calm down. Kamini asks him to see, and couldn’t see the lizard. She gets tensed. Viplav asks why you are doubting so much, who can put dead lizard in water. Kamini recalls putting dead lizard in the water. A fb is shown. She gets up to catch Dhaani and Parshiya, but a man in disguise of a joker stops her and says welcome to our restaurant. Kamini recalls sending Tripurari to Basti indisguise of a joker, to blast crackers. She worries what is happening with me and faints. Viplav holds her and thinks this is just a start, see what I will do.

Kamini sees threatening message on the dressing table mirror and gets shocked. Viplav tells Dhaani that their plan is working and Kamini is getting mad. Dhaani is happy. Viplav says I am waiting for the day when you, Vidha and I will be together. Dhaani looks on hopeful.

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