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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th November 2015 Written Update

Dhaani is sitting sadly. Dulaari comes and asks her to have food. Dhaani refuses and says she is fasting today. Dulaari says I know that you are not fasting today. Dhaani says she don’t want to marry again, and tells about her fear. Dulaari says it is not necessary that same thing will happen again. Badi Amma says there is nothing wrong in remarriage but it should not be forced. Dulaari praises Tripurari and says he is very sanskari and says he is far better than egoistic Viplav. Viplav comes to Ashram. Dulaari stops him and warns not to step inside her Ashram. Viplav asks them to listen to him once. Badi Amma let him come inside. She says I don’t want any drama to happen infront of people. Viplav says I have thought enough of the happenings and says all the conspiracy is done by Lala. He says Lala called me and gave me Ashram papers. This is his trick, he wants you all to doubt on me. Dulaari asks how to believe you? She insults him and says it is enough of the drama. Dhaani says everything is finished now. Badi Amma asks Viplav to go as no one wants to listen to him. Viplav looks at Dhaani and leaves.

Dulaari tells Dhaani that Viplav came here for her, and asks her to say yes for marriage. Dhaani says I have accepted this life as my destiny, then why marriage. Dulaari says everyone doesn’t get a second chance and asks her to agree. Dhaani goes to her room. Dulaari tells Badi Amma that she is getting scared of Viplav and says she wants to save her daughter, that’s why has accepted Dasharath’s proposal. She says she will get Dhaani married to Tripurari, even if Dhaani doesn’t agree. Kaisi Hai Yeh Udaasi Chaayi plays…………..Dhaani is sad……Raj Lakshmi comes to her and asks if she has seen Suwarna. Dhaani says no. Raj Lakshmi says may be she went to temple? Raj Lakshmi and Dhaani go insearch of her and searches her in different places. Viplav comes, holds Dhaani and keeps his hand on her mouth. Dhaani looks angrily. Viplav says nobody is ready to believe me and asks her to listen to him once. He says I had stayed with you all for may days, and you know me well. She tries to go. Viplav says I am not yet done with my talk.

Viplav says what I will do with the Ashram? What I will get? He says everything is done by Lala, and says he is worried about her. Dhaani pushes him after biting his hand. She tries to go, but hears his screams. She ties cloth on his hand. Viplav says why did you tie cloth as you care for me. He says this is done by Lala and not me, he asks her to accept it. Dhaani refuses and goes. Viplav says I will agree you.

Tripurari tells Suwarna that they shall not meet. Suwarna says she wants to clear the doubt and tells him that she is pregnant with his child. She says Dasharath agreed for widows marriage and says they can’t delay now. Tripurari is happy and says it is a big news. He says but I am worried about you and baby, if people come to know that you are pregnant then I will die with shame. Suwarna says we will marry before people could know. Tripurari says we will not let people know this and says we will get the baby aborted. He acts and says he will kill himself. He says you are my love and can do everything. He says we have to sacrifice this baby, and then we will marry. I will give you as much kids as you wants after marriage, but not this baby, as you will lose me if you carries this baby. He says I will kill myself. Suwarna says I love you very much and agrees to do as he says. She asks him not to hurt himself and says she can’t bear it. She hugs him.

Suwarna and Tripurari arrive at the clinic indisguise of a married couple. Suwarna asks Tripurari if there is not almost every other way, and claims she don’t want to lose her child. Tripurari convinces her and asks her to return. Viplav relates to the healthcare facility. Health practitioner tells Suwarna that she has got to do the checkup. Tripurari thinks the way to dump her? Doctor arrives back again just after checking Suwarna. She says your spouse is in excess of 3 months Expecting and when you abort the child then It will likely be dangerous for your personal spouse also. She asks him to terminate the abortion plan. Viplav concerns the cabin, though the peon says that his doctor is in other cabin. He goes. Tripurari agrees and claims he can’t risked his wife. They get out of the cabin. Tripurari tells Suwarna that she seems to be superior in sindoor and saree. He asks her to carry out bathtub from the river and go on doing it. Viplav comes out after getting his hand bandaged. He looks at Suwarna from again and proceeds to her. Tripurari comes to Viplav and stops him from viewing Suwarna. Suwarna gets warn and leaves. Viplav tells him that he went to meet Dhaani and she bit his hand. At the time Viplav goes out. Nurse asks him to fill the form. Tripurari writes Viplav’s identify as newborn father, and states this is my present to you Viplav. He suggests now that you are Suwarna’s little one father and laughs.

Dhaani gets kidnapped by goons. Later Tripurari asks Suwarna to do Surya Namaskar. While she is busy praying. He pushes her in the river and then tries to kill her by continuously dipping her in water.

Written Update By H Hasan


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