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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini telling Dhaani that what she would do? She says when you left, everything had changed and everyone used to mourn in the house. She says Viplav was broken completely, and family members asked me to marry Viplav and take care of him, trust me I didn’t want to marry him as I knew he loves you. She says you didn’t tell that you are alive. She says Ashram was burnt and Viplav’s dream, happiness love and everything were all burnt. She asks why didn’t you come back. Dhaani gets teary eyes and cries. Kamini stops her and says I won’t let you go anywhere. She says Viplav will get happy knowing that you are alive, and says only you have the right on him. She says I have taken care of him, but you have the real right. She asks Dhaani to come and says I will make you meet him today. Just then she gets a call and asks did you talk to Papa? She says she will come soon and disconnects the call. She lies to Dhaani that she has a son with Viplav, Atharva..Dhaani is shocked. Kamini smirks. She asks her not to take any tension and says I will go very far from you and Viplav. She says I can understand what you have gone through all these years. She says Viplav is yours, I will make you both meet soon.. She smirks and goes.

Dhaani is sitill standing in the temple and cries thinking about Kamini’s words. Judaai plays……………She thinks Viplav saying he want a daughter. She recalls Dulaari’s words that Vidha needs father’s love too. Chadariya plays…………….Dhaani cries miserably sitting inside the temple. Vidha comes back to Dhaani and asks her to come to Rakshas uncle. Parshiya comes to meet Dhaani and rehearse the lines to propose her. He knocks on the door. Dulaari asks him to come inside and gives water. She asks how are you? Parshiya says fine and says he brought gifts for them. He says even I want to fulfill the duty. Dulaari says it is not needed. Parshiya tells about the festival and says that’s why he brought gifts. He asks about Dhaani and Vidha. Dulaari says they went to temple. Parshiya asks her to keep the things. Dulaari goes to make tea.

Dulaari serves him tea and asks him to marry soon. Parshiya coughs. Dulaari says your wife will tell you to save money by pulling your ears. Dhaani and Vidha return home. Vidha tells Parshiya that mamma brought her back, when they went to meet Rakshas uncle. Parshiya says I brought gifts for you and shows the dress. Vidha likes it. Dhaani is teary eyes. Parshiya shows the saree and says it is Maharastra special saree. He gives saree to Dhaani. Dhaani thinks white color is left, then colors also vanished from her life. Vidha asks when we will go? Dhaani scolds her. Parshiya takes Vidha with him to make her have icecream. Dulaari asks Dhaani, did you meet Viplav? What did he say? Dhaani says I want to go far from here. She says I met Kamini and she informed me that she married Viplav and they have a son also. Dulaari says I told you that this girl is not right, but you told that Kamini is good. She says I have understood her well, but you didn’t understand. She says she might be lying even now. Dhaani says why God has punished her and for what? She steps on the glass piece and hurts her feet. Dulaari scolds her.

Tripurari is wearing driver’s clothes and asks Kamini to tell about her meeting with Dhaani. Kamini says honestly have vanished from this world, she feels pity on Dhaani and says she will never let a son go away from his father, never and smirks.

Deepak and Richa come to Dhaani’s house. Dhaani asks how are you? Deepak asks how are you? Dhaani says fine. Richa says we came to invite you for reception. Deepak says everyone has accepted me. Richa apologizes to her for the trouble because of Simone and asks her to attend reception. Dhaani looks on. Deepak says we have to go and invite other people also. Dhaani thinks Viplav and Kamini will be called also. Dulaari asks will you go? Dhaani says yes, I need to know about Viplav’s truth for my daughter.

Dhaani gets ready in a black saree. Vidha compliments her. Dhaani recalls Viplav complimenting on her beauty. Parshiya comes and says you are looking awesome like a heroine, and will give competition to the bride. Vidha asks Parshiya, what he is wearing. Parshiya says suit. Vidha asks how am I looking? Parshiya says good. Dhaani looks on.

Viplav and Kamini comes to the reception venue. Mrs. Kaushik thanks Viplav to coming. Dhaani also comes and looks at him, gets emotional.

Dhaani and Viplav dance on the song Janam Janam while wearing masks on their eyes. Viplav identifies her by touching her hand and removes her mask to see her face. He gets emotional seeing her.

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