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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Viplav checking the laddoo and says there is something wrong in it. Dhaani says today I managed to ruin his plan, but don’t know what he will do. Viplav says there is nobody in his family who can speak his truth. Dhaani says there is one person…She says Raja’s Bauji who was a good man and took only truth’s side. Viplav asks where is he? Dhaani says I don’t know. A drunkard man comes to Viplav’s house and insists to meet Sakku. Ram deen tells that there is no Sakku here and asks him to go. Raja comes and asks what happened? He sees Bua ji and asks Ram deen to go. He asks Bua ji what is he doing here? And asks him to come. Viplav hears him. Dhaani comes out. Viplav says he saw Raja taking some man from here who called some Sakku. Dhaani says he was Raja’s Bau ji and he used to call Sakku to his wife. She says we have to find him as this is our last chance. They leave in the car. Raja brings his dad to wine shop. Dhaani and Viplav follow them. Raja asks someone to take him inside and gets him drink. He asks Bau ji not to come again there. Dhaani and Viplav see them from far. Viplav asks Dhaani to wait for him and goes inside Bar. He gets inside and sees Raja’s dad saying Raja didn’t let him meet Sakku. Just then he collides with someone and sees Raja’s dad not in his place. Just then Raja’s dad asks him if he has any problem.

Dasharath tells that he is very happy that Viplav is very responsible and capable. Raja thinks what this old man will say?
Dasharath says I will handover my everything to my son and will go in God’s way. He sasy Navratri is the best day for this. Raja thinks this will not happen. Viplav thinks Raja’s game will end.

Raja comes infront of Dasharath’s car. Dasharath asks what is this misbehavior. Raja shows him chain and says you are crossing the limits now. He says you have grown old and have bad memory. He makes him recall their first meeting. A fb is shown, Raja is caught by goons who asks for their money. Dasharath gives them money and asks the goons to leave. He asks Raja to marry Shalu. He says I know you are related to Dhaani’s past and asks him to separate Viplav and Dhaani. Raja says okay, what I will get if I marry Shalu? Dasharath says you will get share in my property and wealth. Raja asks but why you are asking me to marry Shalu. Dasharath says daughters are paraya dhan, and says he don’t care what happens with her in the sasural, as he cares for Viplav only. Fb ends. Raja reminds Dasharath and blackmails to tell everything to everyone. He says only I can run your business, as Viplav is not like you. Dasharath laughs and says you can’t harm me, and calls him useless fellow as he couldn’t separate Viplav and Dhaani. He says that widow Dhaani is still doing tandav in my home. He says my only heir is Viplav. Dasharath asks him not to blackmail him again. He goes. Raja says I will see how Viplav becomes the heir and sit on that place. Viplav determines to expose Raja with the help of his dad and share his plan with Dhaani. Raja says tomorrow morning, your respect will be ruined and then you will know who is Raja Avasthi.

In the temple, Dasharath asks Viplav to pick the kalash. Viplav picks it. Raja smirks. Everyone gets wine smell. They get angry and is about to beat Viplav. Dhaani protects Viplav.

Written Update by H Hasan

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