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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhaani wearing a blue color saree and looking fabulous. Kamini comes and says you can’t wear this saree. Dhaani says it is Viplav’s choice. Kamini says then you can’t wear this. Dhaani is shocked and asks why? Kamini says Viplav will feel you want to say him sorry, and asks her to surprise Viplav about her education. She asks her to wear black saree which she brought for him. Dhaani says but. Kamini asks her to wear it if she wants to win Viplav’s heart, and thinks you have to win many hearts today.

Raj and Viplav come to the night school. Bhaskar sir shows the paper and says Dhaani tried to write your name. He says Dhaani said she wants to write your name first, and wants to learn letter writing also. He says Dhaani is very handworking. Viplav smiles and imagines Dhaani writing his name sitting on the class bench. Viplav holds the paper in which she tried to write his name. He imagines Dhaani in the paper. Dhaani says I want to surprise you as I love you very much. He imagines to hug her. Raj asks him to call Dhaani now itself. Viplav says she was learning to write my name and I…..he hugs him happily.

Dhaani comes out wearing black saree with revealing back. Kamini says wah. She asks Dhaani why did you cover saree everywhere and moves pallu to show her back. Dhaani says old saree was good. Kamini says your identity will sharpen with this. She says Viplav will get more attracted towards you. She teaches her to say I love you, and says I love you Viplav, smirks. Dhaani asks her to teach her to say sorry. Kamini teaches her please forgive me. Dhaani tries to say it.

Viplav tells Raj that Dhaani was trying to write his name and I was thinking something else. Someone throw trash on him. Raj smiles. Viplav says it is stinking, how I will go to party. Raj asks him to change clothes first and then say sorry.

Kamini brings Dhaani in the hall. Dhaani is very much uncomfortable. Kanak taunts Dhaani and asks if she is going to dance there. Dasharath says jiji..I am happy that you are coming with us. He says lets go. Dhaani says I will come with Viplav. Kamini says Viplav will come there. Dadi Bua asks why you are wasting everyone’s time.

Dasharath asks driver to take everyone to Asthana’s house and says he will come in sometime. Dadi Bua asks what happened? Dasharath says he has to go and bless Pandit Mukesh’s grand son. Kanak says but. Dasharath asks her to do as he says. Kanak, Sati, Kamini and Dhaani reach Asthana’s house. Asthana greets them. He says his party is sparkling because of her. Viplav reaches home and thinks everyone went to party. He thinks to jump inside through the window. Asthana says this party is for Dhaani’s honor, and asks everyone to contribute for the temple. Some Pandit says there are many temples in the city, then why this temple. Asthana says you said right, but this will not be an ordinary temple, and will be a trust who will take care of widow’s education and betterment. Dasharath opens the lock and comes inside secretly. Viplav hears someone coming and thief has entered home. Dasharath thinks anyone can see me if I switches on the lights and let the light off. Viplav thinks to catch him red handed. Dasharath comes to room and eyes the charity treasure box.

Dhaani is uncomfortable in the party. Asthana eyes her. Kamini comes to Asthana and asks him not to make Dhaani feel alone and asks him to ask Dhaani to drink. She stops the waiter and adds his wine in juice glass. She gives glass to Asthana and signs him to make Dhaani drink it. Dasharath keeps the gold ornaments and money in the locker. Viplav hears the noise and coms to room, but sees nobody. He thinks it might be my doubt. Asthana gives the drink to Dhaani. Dhaani refuses to take. Asthana says Viplav might tell that nobody took care of his wife. Dhaani thinks Asthana might tell about me.

Viplav comes. Dhaani gets happy, and says if I would have known that you will dressed up like this, then I would have come long back. He tries to kiss her. Dhaani asks what you are doing? She breaks the glass. It turns out to be Dhaani’s imagination and Viplav is still at home. Kamini asks Dhaani to go to washroom and clean the stain. She opens the cloth knot intentionally. Dhaani looks back tensedly. Kamini sends Asthana and says she has sign you to come. Asthana nods and goes. Dhaani sees the knot opens and thinks to call Kamini. She tries to tie it. Asthana comes to washroom and tries to tie the knots. Dhaani is shocked and asks what are you doing? Asthana says I know about your type. Dhaani asks him to stay far. Dhaani cries and shouts for help. Asthana says you was asking help that day, and asks him to say yes for once, says everything will be yours……

Asthana tells Viplav that Dhaani is a prostitute and works in red light area. Everyone is shocked. Dhaani is shocked too.

Written Update by H Hasan

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