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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 13th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dulaari sitting sadly and thinking about Anshuman’s words that he has only one wife and her name is Dulaari. Dhaani comes and asks Dulaari to come out and see the party arrangements. She says Parshiya loves Vidha very much. Dulaari says yes. Dhaani asks are you thinking about baba? Dulaari gets up angrily and asks have you gone mad? She says he is dead for me and asks not to take his name. Dhaani says all guest have come and asks her to come. Dulaari asks if Viplav came? Dhaani says he came, but I sent him back as I don’t want my daughter’s party to get ruined. She asks Dulaari to get ready and leaves. Dulaari gets Anshuman’s call and he asks her to meet him for 10 mins. Dulaari comes and meets Anshuman. Anshuman says he wants to attend Vidha’s birthday. He says I can understand your pain, but I am a father also. Dulaari asks what you will do? Will you play dhol? Anshuman asks her to ask kids what they want? Dulaari says I don’t need to ask anyone and says she is taking decisions since 25 years. Anshuman says I want to do that which I couldn’t do for you. Dulaari says I can manage, and says I waited for happiness all these years. She asks him to go home and live happily. She asks him not to call her again. Anshuman looks on sad.

Everyone comes to the birthday party. Parshiya asks if she liked big birthday cake. Vidha says wow. Dhaani asks her to cut the cake. Vidha asks where is Rakshas uncle and refuses to cut cake until he comes. Dhaani asks her not to be stubborn. Viplav comes there wearing clown dress. He asks Vidha to cut the cake and acts to cry. Even kids act to cry. Vidha smiles. She blows on the candles and cuts the cake. Everyone sing happy birthday. Viplav makes her have cake bite. He tells Dhaani that he can’t live without them and is ready to make fun of himself as a joker. Dhaani is shocked. Viplav as joker plays with the kids. Dhaani looks on. Parshiya’s friend come to the party and says we have brought crackers. They say we are happy as you are going to propose Dhaani. Parshiya says it is a children’s party, and says crackers are not needed. His friends get sad. Parshiya says we will burn crackers at night. Joker says you shouldn’t burn crackers in children party. Parshiya asks him to go and says he don’t need his lecture.

Parshiya looks at Dhaani…and recalls the happy moments. He thinks of Dhaani’s words that she trusts Parshiya only in basti. He tells her that he wants to talk to her. Dhaani asks if anything is urgent. Parshiya says no. He says I have done good arrangement now. Dhaani looks for Viplav and gets tray from someone. Parshiya’s friend asks him to tell Dhaani. Parshiya comes to her and says you are looking very beautiful today. Dhaani is surprised and says mad.
Other joker come to the party and calls someone, saying he has reached there. He enters party. Parshiya tells his friends that he couldn’t let anything to Dhaani and is afraid of her reaction. His friend asks him to confess love today. Parshiya says okay and asks them not to laugh on him . The goon indisguise of a joker takes out crackers from the bag and tells a kid that it will be a real fun. He lights the cracker and go. Vidha comes there seeing the crackers. She shouts when the crackers bursts. Dhaani and Parshiya asks if she is hurt. Parshiya says her hand is burnt and goes to bring ointment. Dulaari says nothing will happen.

Vidha gets hurt because of the crackers. Parshiya asks who has fire the crackers. Someone says joker uncle. Parshiya asks where is the joker? Joker comes. Vidha sees the friendship band on his hand and says joker uncle. Dhaani is shocked and recalls Viplav saying he is ready to become joker for his family. She asks him to remove the joker mask. Parshiya also asks him to remove the mask. Joker is about to remove his mask.

Dhaani brings injured Parshiya to hospital. Parshiya’s friend tells Dhaani that Viplav might be responsible for Parshiya’s condition. Doctor tells Dhaani that Parshiya is critical because of head injury. Dhaani gives statement to police about Viplav and Parshiya’s fight and Viplav’s threat to Parshiya that he will kill him. Inspector asks do you really think that your husband tried to kill Parshiya. Dhaani looks on tensed.

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