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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Dasharath coming to Viplav and says I told you already that you are my everything. Whatever I own is yours. Kanak comes there. Dasharath tells I feel that you don’t respect me and lies to me. He asks why? Viplav apologizes to him. Dasharath says I am sad that you went to that Ashram even when I stopped. Viplav apologizes and falls on his feet. Dasharath asks him to promise that he will not go to the Ashram nor will go to that lane. Viplav is about to promise, just then Tania comes and says Dada ji, he is not listening to me. I told him to take me for Banaras tour, but he is busy in his work. She says Atithi Devo Bhavo.

Dasharath asks him to just take Tania for website viewing and they will discuss later. Raj tells Viplav that Pankaj advised everything to Dasharath when he gave Bholenath’s promise. Viplav states it is actually okay, he says Dada ji won’t fully grasp him. Tania comes and usually takes a selfie. Kanak concerns Dasharath and asks if she is searching stunning. Dasharath says you are looking excellent. Kanak asks When you’ve got considered Tania. Dasharath thinks about Pankaj’s text. Kanak tells I don’t like her. Dasharath goes without the need of speaking with her. Tania relates to Viplav and says she should chat something essential. She claims I have to discuss Dhaani.

Dulaari asks Dhaani, did she talk to law firm? Dhaani claims new lawyer is inquiring 20000 Rs. Dulaari states from exactly where we will get The cash. Tania tells Viplav to think about every one of the widows and claims they are disowned by their family members. She asks him to acquire up the situation all over again. She states you may gain self regard and respect In cases like this. She suggests we will get their blessings and will be a good commence.

Dasharath relates to Tripurari and tells I don’t know why you lies to me much. He states yesterday night time Viplav was with Dhaani therefore you explained he wasn’t close to the Ashram. Tripurari claims Viplav baba was not near the Ashram And that i stored eye on that door. Dasharath tells I would’ve retained a Pet if I wanted to keep eye on Ashram. He says this is my oversight that I have confidence in you. I did a oversight. He says you don’t have any attributes of Durga in you. He says you are only my dirtyness. Dulaari asks Dhaani to speak to Viplav all over again in regards to the situation. Dhaani refuses and claims he advised currently that he won’t struggle our circumstance. Dulaari insists. Dhaani suggests he is not going to aid us and would make us idiot. Viplav will come and suggests I’ll fight your case. Dhaani is stunned. Tania smiles. Viplav suggests I’ll work hard in your Ashram. Dulaari asks you? Viplav suggests I informed that I is not going to battle your scenario, but…..Now I’ve made a decision to fight your scenario. Raj Lakshmi asks yet again. Viplav suggests I have a ailment, everyone must claim that they’ve got no objection with me. Dasharath states you are not a son of that mum which is Grime of my physique. I dislike you. Kanak hears him. Tripurari goes angrily. Dasharath phone calls him ineffective.

Dulaari tells that all of it transpired as a consequence of that file. Viplav suggests I understand, Which file produced me a huge Rakshas. Tania tells them that Viplav didn’t have that file, and they’re going to attempt to have the copy file. Dulaari thanks them. Viplav says they are expecting Dhaani’s approval. Dhaani claims if not a soul has objection then I also have no objection. Ashram is much more imperative that you me than my hatredness to you. I don’t have any choice And that i say Sure being helpless.

Durga scolds Tripurari and says I am his Filth. He claims Dasharath will die and he will likely be to blame for his death. Durga says whichever we are these days is due to him. Tripurari claims he introduced us with his funds. Durga asks Anything you are going to do. Tripurari says I is not going to do nearly anything to ruin your respect. He says Dasharath asks to accept me and you also infront of society else I know how to snatch the legal rights.

Dulaari asks Viplav to sit. He asks about her relation with Dhaani. Dulaari claims Dhaani is her daughter. Raj Lakshmi apologizes to him. Viplav states past is past and asks for drinking water. Raj Lakshmi presents him h2o. Tania says Now we have taken tomorrow date for scenario. Dhaani says we don’t have papers. Viplav claims they will receive the replicate papers. Dhaani says from where we will get it. Viplav suggests from halwai shop. Tania claims We’ll take duplicate papers from respective depts. Dhaani states I comprehended. Viplav many thanks her and states We’ve to depart now. Now we have to obtain the papers also. Dulaari asks Raj Lakshmi and Dhaani to go together with them. Viplav agrees to consider them. Dulaari thanks him. He asks Dhaani to come back quickly.

Viplav gives chocolate to Dhaani. Dhaani gets happy and tells Dulaari used to give her chocolates. Viplav says atleast you have taken something from me and have not objected.

Written Update By Sahir


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