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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th October 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

People in the temple tell that Dhaani should be beaten. A man raises his hand on Dhaani, but Viplav holds his hand and asks if wants to raise his hand on weak woman. Dasharath looks on. Viplav asks him to beat him. He apologizes to Dasharath and says I want to tell something to your bhagt. He says I came to know you people were fighting with each other for diamonds. He says you people were naked about your character, and asks if she looks for a thief. He asks if she will steal mud idol. Tulsi comes to the temple and keeps the idol inside the temple. She keeps the idol and says I will do some desi treatment to go away with it. Viplav says he has ran away with the real idols. Pandit ji says keys are tied to her pallu. Viplav takes the keys and asks her. Dhaani says she doesn’t know anything about the keys. Pandit ji says she might have stolen the keys, and is helping the criminals. Viplav says when the temple is open, why she will walk with the keys.

Dasharath supports Viplav and says his grand son can’t lie. He asks the Police to catch the thief. Viplav says if she was guilty, she would not have stopped here and heard you all, she would have eloped from here. Tulsi applies mud on the gold idols to make it look for clay idols. She hides the idols. Dulaari comes there and tells her daughter can’t steal anything. She asks Viplav to do something. The Inspector says she is having duplicate keys of the Ashram and this case has become police case. Viplav says I agree with you, but tell me one thing, anyone can tie keys on her pallu. If I ties keys on your shirt, then if you will know it. He says you have to catch the culprit and enquire with them.

Tulsi searches for the gold jewellery of the God’s idols. She wonders where did she keep the jewellery. Inspector says I will let her go now, but she has to help us in the case. Viplav assures him. Dasharath asks Police to catch the thief and get the idols. Inspector assures that he will do the needful and arrest the guilty. They take the muddy idols. Dasharath asks Viplav to hug him and hugs him. Dasharath asks Viplav to hug him. Viplav hugs him. Tulsi keeps searching for the gold jewellery. Dhaani comes and asks how did mud was applied on your saree. Tulsi starts acting and says she has fallen outside. Dhaani makes her sit. Tulsi apologizes for not been able to help her. Dhaani says everything is fine. Viplav comes and says police is searching for the thief everywhere. Tulsi thinks she has to escape with the idols and jewellery fast. Dhaani goes to make kada for her. Later in the night, Tulsi calls her gang and tells she couldn’t find the jewellery as Dhaani kept it somewhere. She says she will escape with the idol which is worth crores. Dhaani comes and asks what she is searching.

Tulsi takes the idol out of bag and says it is clay idol. Viplav says if it is clay idol then we will know, mud and gold will be separated. He pours water on the idol, making mud washes away from the gold. Viplav says it is superb, mud turned out to be gold. Dhaani slaps her and says it is indeed a gold idol, but you are made of mad mud. She says your truth is out now and we came to know about your reality. All the ladies come out. Dulaari asks what happened and is shocked to see the idol. Viplav says she is exposed. He says Dhaani have trusted you blindly, but now she has slapped you hard. Viplav asks Dhaani to keep the idol at the safest place. He tells Tulsi that you thought that we are fools. He says I heard you talking on phone and was doubtful. He says Raj Lakshmi showed your gold coin and then you cooked up another story. Everyone believed your emotional story, but I didn’t and was doubtful. Dhaani says I saw jewellery in your tokri, and was doubtful. She says you added sleeping tablets in everyone’s food.

A flashback is shown, Viplav tells Dhaani that everybody is sleeping and only we’re awake as we didn’t have any food items. Viplav claims I went to Law enforcement station to enquire about you, however the Photograph was blurred as you might have shaken while I had been taking pic. Dhaani says I used to be holding eye on you. Viplav says he has complained to your Law enforcement and thanks her for chosing Tarni Ashram. Dulaari claims we didn’t find out about her crime. Tulsi apologizes and states I did lots of sins right until know, but your adore and aid have altered me. She asks for a chance to rectify her oversight and folds her palms. She sits on Dhaani’s feet, apologizing to her. She then receives up and keeps gun on Dhaani’s head. Everyone seems to be stunned.

Tulsi ties Anyone and asks to offer idol. She says she’ll leave silently. Just then Law enforcement knocks around the door and asks Viplav if anything is okay. Viplav appears tensed.

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