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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming home and asking Kamini if Viplav came home. Kamini says I am calling him, but he is not answering my calls. Dhaani says I will try and calls him. Viplav picks the call and asks did you wake up. Dhaani says yes. Viplav says I will come home. Kamini gets irked as Viplav haven’t taken her calls and tells Dhaani. Dhaani says he must be busy with his friends. Dhaani looks at the paper in which she has written Viplav’s name and smiles. Viplav comes home and tells that his night was restless as he was searching something. Dhaani asks what you was searching. Viplav thinks I was searching you and thinks she shall tell. He says he is having headache. Dhaani says I will massage your head. Viplav says no and lies down on the bed. Dhani asks him to share what is bothering him. Viplav sleeps.

Dasharath greets everyone and welcomes for the charity function which is kept for widow’s betterment, and says he has chosen Dhaani for this. Everyone smiles. Dasharath asks Dhaani to sit in the weighing balance. Dhaani sits in the weighing balance. Asthana says I will start first and asks his servants to give the stuff. Viplav stops Asthana and asks Dhaani to get up. He holds her hand and asks Dhaani to get up. He apologizes to everyone and says my wife is not suitable for this charity. He says I have married her as I loves her, and not to do something for her betterment. He asks Dasharath to choose someone else. Dasharath says okay, and asks Raj Lakshmi to come. Raj Lakshmi sits on the weighing balance. Asthana keeps money and gold on the other side of weighing scale.

Dulaari asks Dhaani if everything is alright, and tells that Viplav came to Ashram. Dhaani is surprised and says Viplav didn’t tell me that he went to Ashram. Dulaari asks if everything is alright. Dhaani says yes. Dulaari says Viplav loves you a lot, don’t get angry on him. Dulaari asks her about Kamini. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Kamini is her good friend and takes care of her well, and even supported her when she had a fight with him. Dulaari scolds Dhaani for fighting with him. Charity function begins. Everyone keeps charity money and gold stuff in the balance. Dasharath says it is over. Asthana calls everyone for party, and says everyone is invited. He asks Viplav and Dhaani to come as well, and says he wants to honor Dasharath. Dasharath smiles. Dadi Bua says you are saying as if he has done a great thing and asks him to do puja of God. Asthana says he is honoring him because of his good thinking. He asks Dadi Bua to come. Dasharath says he has to do puja in the evening and can’t come.

Asthana says he kept party to honor Viplav’s wife. Viplav says Dhaani can take her own decisions, as I haven’t stopped her from going anywhere. Dhaani thanks him for helping Dasharath. She says people talk about betterment, and says widows should be given education and then only they can stand on their own feet. Asthana says Dhaani have a good thinking and says he is impressed with her. Dasharath tells Asthana that he will come with his family. Asthana says they will name temple on Dhaani’s name. Dhaani says no, and says temple should be named for widows. Dasharath says okay. Asthana says your bahu has good thinking. Viplav comes in his car. Raj says I have enquired everything. He sits in car and goes with him.

Dasharath sings the song. Pandit ji says you got the charity more than you thought. Dasharath is happy and asks if he calculated. He says yes. Dasharath asks Ram deen to lock the stuff in the box and give keys to him. He is happy. Dhaani looks for Viplav and thinks he was angry. Kamini comes and asks what happened? Dhaani says I have done a mistake by hiding truth from him. Kamini asks what happened and asks her to come inside. Dhaani says Viplav came to know about everything. She says he went to Ashram and knows everything now. She says I am doing this for his happiness, but he is unhappy. Kamini makes her drink water. Dasharath sees Dadi Bua standing and says I feel like someone made me drink amrit today. Dadi Bua says that money is of people and asks him not to use it and play with devotees emotions. Dasharath promises that he will use the money for the people’e betterment and will not use it for personal expenses.

During the party, Asthana tells Viplav that his wife Dhaani is a prostitute and often spends night in bahar gali. Everyone is shocked.

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