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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dulaari telling Dhaani that time passes so soon, and leaves the prints in the past, humans want to run off from their past, but eventually have to face it. A fb is shown, Dulaari and Dhaani are in the hospital after the bomb blast in the Ashram. Dulaari asks Doctor to let them go and worries for Raj Lakshmi, Suwarna, Badi Amma etc. Dhaani hears the news on TV that Dasharath’s bahu died in the Ashram blast. Dhaani keeps her hand on her tummy and tells Dulaari that their life is in danger, she says this bomb was to kill us, but we got saved. She says we shall go from here, and they shall not know that we are alive. Dulaari asks where we will go? Dhaani says I have to save my baby from them, I want to give a safest place to my child, we don’t have much time…come..lets go. Fb ends. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Vidha got a safe place here, and if they got to know that we are alive then…Dulaari asks her not to worry and says nothing will happen. Dhaani says we did forget everything, then why past is coming back. She hugs Dulaari and cries.

Dhaani is washing clothes outside her house. Parshiya sees her and hides the red roses. Dhaani thinks about Vidha. Parshiya thinks he will tell his feelings to Dhaani today, and wonders why his heart is beating so fast. Dhaani asks what happened? Parshiya asks tell me if you need water, soap. Shall I wash it. Dhaani says no and asks if he wants to say something. Parshiya says no, and says he is waiting for his friend. Vidha takes the roses in her hand and asks if he brought it for her. She likes it. Parshiya says I brought it specially for you, and will bring more tomorrow. Dhaani asks Parshiya not to give her much liberty. Vidha says I have seen on TV that red rose is given to loved ones. Parshiya says I love you very much. Dhaani recalls Viplav giving her red rose and goes inside.

Viplav comes to his hotel room and asks Kamini what she is trying to do? He says why did you get my stuff from Mrs. Kaushik’s house. Kamini says I have booked the tickets for banaras. Viplav says with whose permission? Kamini says I am your wife..and asks what is the need of staying here. He says he will go only after doing some important work. Kamini asks what is that important work and asks if Dhaani is here. Viplav is surprised and asks what? Kamini says nothing and says I am tired of your behavior. Viplav says I am tired of your behavior, don’t fly on my head like a fly, mind your own bl**dy business, and asks her to do what she wants. Kamini says why don’t you want to stay with me. Viplav says I have booked my room and goes. He says I will attend reception tomorrow and will meet Vidha’s mum, and then return. Kamini thinks what to do now? Dhaani packs her stuff. Dulaari asks what you are doing? Tell me. She says decisions are not taken in a hurry, I can see you pain, and everything. Dhaani says we can’t stay here for anymore, and will leave the city. Dulaari says wherever we will go, Viplav might come there. Dhaani says I can’t stay here anymore. Dulaari asks you forgot everything. This basti people gave us shelter and work. She says think about Vidha, her education and future are here. Where we will go?

Dhaani asks her not to worry, says your daughter isn’t weak, we will get shelter anywhere. Dulaari says we can stay anywhere, but Vidha is just 5 years old, how can she live without her friends and Parshiya. Dhaani says I will make her understand, just support me. Dhaani takes out file from the almari. Dulaari throws it and Viplav and Dhaani’s pic falls on the floor. She asks, are you scared that you will get weak if Viplav comes infront of you. Dhaani says never, and recalls that he did a mistake. He says first Dhaani is finished, and this Dhaani have forgot everything. She says our ways are different and can never meet. She tears the pic and throws on floor.

Vidha comes, picks the torn pic pieces and asks whose pic is this? Dhaani takes it and says she will throw it. Vidha asks did you get my new dress to be worn in the reception. Dhaani says I will buy, but we will not go to reception, but will go somewhere in train. Vidha gets happy, and says but we will meet Rakshas uncle. Dhaani says we will meet later. Vidha says I have promised him that I will make you meet him and says I never break my promise. Dhaani asks her to listen to her. Vidha says you have to come and is stubborn. Dhaani says I will slap you. Vidha gets upset and goes inside.

Viplav is busy in an important meeting. Kamini comes to his room and asks who are they? Viplav says clients. Kamini enters the room and says excuse me. Viplav says we are working here. Kamini says sorry for disturbing and says she needs her husband’s time and asks them to leave. They leave. Viplav asks what is this drama? Kamini apologizes and says sorry if I have crossed my limits. Viplav says yes, you have crossed it, my guests went. Kamini says I don’t want much things, and says she just needs small thing. She tied black cloth on his eyes and hugs him saying she wants to surprise him. Viplav asks what is this joke?

Kamini takes him to her room and asks him to calm down. She asks him to try to understand and says will we live in the past mistake, we shall accept each other as husband and wife. She opens his blind fold and says surprise. Vipav sees the decorations and says what nonsense? Kamini says I have done this for you. Viplav asks her not to repeat this mistake again, says our marriage is just namesake just to show the world, there was nothing between us and will never be in future, just feed in your mind and goes. Kamini feels lost and thinks you did wrong Viplav and have refused me. You don’t know what I can do? I will get you Viplav..and can unite even earth and sky..

Dhaani and Dulaari ask Vidha to open the door. Vidha says she will not open. Dhaani apologizes and knocks on the door. Vidha is crying and refuses to accept her apology. Dhaani asks her to open the door. The suitcase moves as Dhaani and Dulaari push the door, and is about to fall on Vidha. Dhaani gets shocked as they get inside.

Dhaani sees Kamini in the temple. Kamini acts as surprised to see her and says Dhaani…you are alive. She says so much have changed after you left, says she got married to Viplav and have a son also. Dhaani is shocked and teary eyes.

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