Ishq Ka Rang Safed written update

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parshiya coming to the photographer’s shop and asks him to show the engagement pics. He asks him to zoom a certain pic. Photographer asks what is the matter? Parshiya asks him to give print of the zoom version. He looks on shocked. Dhaani sees the pic, in which Kamini is seen hiding behind the guest. He tells Dhaani that he couldn’t understand when he saw the pic. Dhaani says I don’t figure out anything, says Viplav found dead lizard in that filter. Parshiya says now we know who had kept dead lizard in it. Kamini drinks wine and cheers for her idea. A fb is shown, Kamini sees Vidha getting hiccups and Viplav saying that he will bring water for her. Vidha says I will drink. Kamini sees lizard, kills it and puts in the filter. Vidha drinks that water and faints. Fb ends. Kamini says now she will get the news that Vidha is dead and laughs. Parshiya tells Dhaani that Kamini is seen hiding in some pics. Dhaani says Kamini can’t do this, and asks why she has stoop so low, why she is taking revenge from my innocent daughter.

Kamini drinks wine and says Dhaani will die if anything happens to Vidha, and when both of them die then Viplav will come back to me automatically, as I am his family. She praises herself and says you are beautiful and have played the game so beautifully, nobody know that you are behind it. She smiles and says you are too good. She says both mum and daughter were troubling me. When Ashram was burnt, Dhaani didn’t die, but now may be she will die after losing Vidha and then my Viplav will become mine. She acts madly and says all my dreams will be fulfilled which I am seeing since years. Dhaani tells Parshiya that she can’t understand that Kamini can try to harm her daughter. She says Viplav doesn’t know about her truth and asks Parshiya to come. Parshiya asks her to stop and says Kamini will refuse and will say that it is photoshop work. He says Viplav will not believe on us, as Kamini is his son’s mum. He says Police will arrest Kamini, but Viplav will free her being lawyer. He asks her to think and says Viplav will never believe on us. If we have to expose her, then need a concrete proof.

Dhaani determines to expose Kamini and takes Bappa’s promise, see what I will do with you if you are behind this conspiracy. Dhaani comes to Viplav and says I want to talk to you. Viplav says it is good that you came, and says even I want to talk. He says it is not an ordinary thing that lizard is found in the filter. Dhaani says we maintain cleanliness and don’t know how did that come in filter. Viplav asks her to sit and says that crackers blast and also this lizard thing would have taken her life. Dhaani thinks if Kamini was behind that crackers blast. Viplav says you got married now, and asks her to sign on custody papers. He says he has applied for Vidha’s custody in court. Dhaani says have you gone mad? You think I can’t take care of my daughter. She says I will never sign on these papers. She says Parshiya said right, you and kamini are same.

Viplav asks from where she came? He asks if Kamini kept lizard in the filter. Dhaani is shocked and says she came to my marriage and says she has pics. Viplav says she might have come for me. Why she will do this. Dhaani asks him to ask her. Viplav says Kamini asked me to return to you. Dhaani asks him to trust her. Viplav says you never trusted me and tells all the incidents. Dhaani accepts her mistakes and says this time her belief is strong. Viplav asks her not to blame Kamini without proof. He says you know that I can take care of Vidha well than you. Dhaani says your wife is a murderer and I will not handover my daughter to you both. Viplav says you don’t need to do anything as court will make you do. Dhaani is shocked…Judaai song plays………………

Viplav comes to his hotel and sees Dasharath. He asks why did you come here? Dasharath says I tried calling you, but your phone was off. He asks him to give sometime to his dada ji. They sit for a talk. Dasharath says I did a mistake by marrying Durga, and making Tripurari as my heir. Viplav says I was shocked to know about Tripurari’s truth, and asks him to leave the topic. Dasharath says everyone miss you at home and says now I want to do penance. He says I had believed whatever Kamini said to me. Viplav says where I would have gone, and says I was ill and Kamini was getting me treated. Dasharath is surprised and asks him if he remember to write letter to him. He gives the letter. Viplav reads it. Dasharath says I have done many mistakes in past, but I will be careful in future. Viplav says I haven’t written this letter and this is not my handwriting. Dasharath asks then whose handwriting is this…Viplav recalls Dhaani telling that she got his letter..a fb is shown. Dasharath tells Viplav that when this letter came, Kamini said that it is your letter and she knows your handwriting. Viplav recalls Dhaani accusing Kamini for trying to kill Vidha and says Kamini tried to kill Vidha…

Parshiya tells Dhaani that he likes her and loves her a lot. Dhaani stands up, turns her face and says what you are saying? She hugs him. Viplav sees them hugging. He tells Dhaani that he wants to talk to her. Dhaani says I will not give my daughter to you.

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