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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts Kanak requesting Raja and his mum not to go from here. Dasharath also apologizes to Raja. Raja’s mum tells that they were insulted in the house and have bear enough because of Shalu. Kanak tells Dhaani that Damad is a avatar of God and you have insulted our God. She asks Dhaani to bend her head infront of Raja and apologizes with folded hands. Dhaani cries. Kanak says nobody will say anything now and asks Dhaani to come. Dhaani recalls Raja torturing her when she was married to his brother. She is about to fold her hands. Viplav stops Dhaani and says Kanak that dhaani will not apologize to anyone, as she has not done any mistake. Dhaani thinks she can’t let Shalu’s life to be ruined. She folds her hands and apologizes to them for her mistake and asks them not to leave house. Raja says I will not accept the games which you are playing with me. He says I will not bear my mistakes again and says I hope you have understood what I want you to understand. Dasharath asks them to go to their rooms. Viplav is in is room and angry.

Dhaani comes to room and says Viplav. Viplav asks why did you bent down and apologize to Raja. Dhaani asks him to hear her once. Viplav says I didn’t like your behavior, and says I will kill him. He says Raja was acting to be innocent. Dhaani says he is very clever and is always a way ahead of them. Viplav worries that Raja and Shalu are in the room, and thinks if he does any thing wrong. Dhaani says I can’t let him to go as Shalu would have gone with him. Now we can keep eye on him. Raja hears them and thinks about Dhaani’s words. Dhaani tells Viplav that Shalu will not let Raja get closer because of the doubt. Raja gets thinking. Dhaani asks Viplav to come out and cheer up.

Raja and Shalu are sitting in the car already. Viplav and Dhaani sit in car. Shalu says our mood is also off, that’s why we thought to go out. Raja tells Dhaani that our relation is not going smooth since few days and asks her to start afresh. He calls her Suman….and says his bhai named her Suman with so much love. They come to the icecream shop. Raja orders icecreams. He brings vanilla icecream for Dhaani. Dhaani says I felt good seeing you taking care of Shalu. Viplav tells Dhaani if she would like to eat Pan. Dhaani says no. Raja asks why are you forcing her and says Suman Bhabhi/Dhaani don’t eat Pan. Viplav goes angrily. Dhaani follows him.

Dasharath tells Kanak that they will have food after kids come. Just then Viplav, Dhaani, Raja and Shalu come home. Viplav goes straight to his room. Dasharath asks Raja what happened? Raja tells he was trying to make relation with Viplav, but….

Dhaani comes to kitchen. Kanak asks why did you come to kitchen..and says I told you many times not to enter. Dhaani says when I made food for maha bhog, you didn’t have any objection. She says I have equal right as you have in this kitchen. Viplav hears her and takes her to hall. He asks her not to give reply to Kanak if she tells anything. He says when I am not happy, how can I keep you happy. Dhaani goes cryingly. Viplav follows her and locks the door. Kanak tries to hear them. Viplav wipes her tears and says our plan is working. They hug each other.

Dasharath asks Viplav why he did he shout on Dhaani? Viplav says he has realized his mistake and couldn’t bear his mum’s insult. He says he wants to take all responsibility on his shoulder. Dasharath announces that he will give his everything to Viplav. Raja is shocked.

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