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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Tripurari apologizing to Suwarna for what he has done. Suwarna says I am happy as you have realized your mistake. Tripurari says he will bring special juice and mixes a tablets in her glass. He asks her to drink it. Suwarna drinks it oblivious to his intentions and smiles. Tripurari asks if she liked it. Suwarna nods. Tripurari says we will start a new life from today and congratulate her. He takes her to bed and closes the lights. Meanwhile Kanak is sitting in her house and burns Dasharath’s pic. She says you have lived enough Babu ji, and your time has end. She says you will go to your room for the last time and then your dead body will come out from the room. Dhaani comes to Tripathi house in night and is wearing a black shawl. She thinks should I go inside at this time and thinks to clear the misunderstanding of Viplav. Tripurari enters secretly. Dhaani happens to see the reflection and turns back.

Dhaani sees Shalu taking food plate to her room. Shalu says I didn’t have food and was hungry, asks her not to tell anyone. She asks what she is doing and asks if she came to meet Viplav. Shalu says she understands and asks her to meet Viplav before anyone sees her. Tripurari messages Kanak that he has reached Dasharath’s room. Kanak thinks she will switch off the electricity of the house. She sees Sushma going towards Dasharath’s room and stops her. She asks if you are going to Dasharath’s room. Sushma says yes. Kanak feigns sore throat and asks her to boil water for her. Sushma goes and asks her not to worry.

While at the other end, Viplav comes to Ashram and calls Dhaani. Dhaani thinks where did he go at night. Viplav thinks he came to meet her secretly, but don’t know where she left. Dhaani talks to Viplav’s jacket and says she came for him, and he was not there. She asks why do you trouble me so much. Just then electricity goes, Dhaani gets tensed. Viplav calls Dhaani and asks where are you? Dhaani says she is in room. Viplav says I am in room, but can’t see you. Dhaani says the same. Viplav asks her to come and not joke. Dhaani says she is waiting for him in his room. Viplav says I was waiting for you in Ashram. He says what a timing and asks her to be there, says he will come there. Dhaani asks him to wait and says she will come. Dasharath is seen going to his room, and asks Ram Deen to check the electricity fuse, also asks him to bring haldi milk in his room. Kanak smirks and thinks you will not get turmeric milk, but death. Sushma sees Dhaani in Viplav’s room and says you are here at this time. Dhaani gets tensed.

Dulaari sees Viplav and asks what you are doing here? She says you came to meet my daughter secretly and she went to your house to meet you. Sushma takes the call and asks Viplav to come home as Dhaani is waiting for him. Someone enters Dasharath’s room. Tripurari puts blanket on his head and kills him by suffocating. Kanak laughs and says God shall give peace to your soul. She says Dasharath’s rule will end today and Kanak’s rule will start. The man dies. Tripurari leaves and a blanket piece falls on the floor.

Ram Deen comes to Dasharath’s room and shouts asking Sushma to come. Sushma and everyone come inside the room and see Shambu lying unconsciously lying. Sushma and everyone try to wake him up. Shalini asks what happened and calls Dasharath. They say that he is still breathing. Dasharath comes and asks what happened? He asks Shambu to wake up and cries. Kanak comes there and is shocked to see Shambu instead of Dasharath. Kanak asks what happened? Dasharath says when Sushma came here, she saw him fallen here. Kanak asks him to call the doctor. Viplav rushes back home and is shocked too. Tripurari escapes. Viplav asks what happened to him? Dasharath says we didn’t know. Viplav says did you call ambulance? Dasharath says yes, and says it might be coming.

They take Shambu to doctor. Dasharath says what happened to my son. Doctor says it seems to be a heart attack. Dhaani try to give strength to Viplav. Doctor comes and says we couldn’t save Shambu. Everyone is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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