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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dulaari sadly stitching something, when Dhaani comes and offers water. Dulaari says she don’t want it and asks her to go. Dhaani says you are stitching again, if you don’t sew it then saree will tear. She says some wounds heals with time and some have to apply ointment on it. She recalls Viplav saying the same and saying that it we live in past then our present will missed. She asks Dulaari to forgive Anshuman. Dulaari asks can you forgive Viplav. She says it is easy to lecture others, but it is difficult to do the same. She asks can you forgive him. Dhaani says these two things are different. My baba was not wrong like Viplav. Dulaari is surprised and says my baba. Dhaani says I didn’t mean that. Dulaari says you have given him name also, being his name and will support him. It is good. Dhaani says you are thinking me wrong and asks her to talk to Anshuman once. Dulaari asks why? She asks why did you talk to Bachwa ji once, and asks why you aren’t telling him why did you left him. Then why should I talk to him. She says some wounds are good inside, and it will give pain if scratched. She asks her not to put in in pain and says she can’t talk.

Dhaani comes to Viplav’s room and puts his clothes on bed. Viplav asks what did Kaki say? Dhaani says nothing. Viplav says I will not talk about your bau ji now. He says may be….Dhaani says I don’t know what to do. Maayi don’t want to talk to me and will never forgive him. Viplav says she has lived without him for 25 years and we can’t figure out about her pain, but our….he recalls Dhaani asking him not to connect both matters. Dhaani thinks I loved him who thinks about everyone, and have pain seeing others’ in pain. How can I forgive him for the betrayal which he had done to me, how to forget that. Vidha comes there and asks her to tell story. She asks did you come here to invite him. Viplav asks for what? Vidha says my happy birthday. Viplav gets happy and hugs her. He asks what do you want? Vidha says a big doll and chocolates. Dhaani asks her to come. Viplav asks her to go and sleep and says he will bring her gifts tomorrow. Vidha goes with Dhaani. Viplav thinks I won’t live my life in repentance like Anshuman.

Next morning, Viplav gives gifts to Vidha and wishes her happy birthday. Vidha gets happy. Dhaani comes and looks at the gifts. Viplav shows her many gifts, cake, teddy etc. He asks her to enjoy. Dhaani sees Vidha happy and smiles. Viplav also smiles and gets teary eyes. He goes to Dhaani…They look at Vidha playing with teddy. Viplav looks at Dhaani while IKRS music plays………………….

They hear Parshiya calling Vidha and comes out. Parshiya asks Vidha to come and wishes her happy birthday. He asks did you like my gifts. Dhaani smiles and looks at Viplav. Vidha looks at the balloons and says wonderful. Parshiya says I will celebrate your birthday like it happens on TV. Viplav walks off. Dhaani looks at him. Parshiya says I will celebrate your birthday in a TV style, with cartoon, magician and joker. Vidha says juggler also. Parshiya says okay and says I will bring big cake for you as well. Vidha gets happy. Parshiya asks her to play. He calls Pakiya and asks where are you? Dulaari tells Dhaani that Vidha is very happy today. Dhaani says yes. Dulaari says you know Dhaani, today I have seen tears in Viplav’s eyes and was thinking how he could be wrong. Dhaani looks on.

Just then Anshuman comes there holding gifts for Vidha. He says it is for Vidha on her birthday. Dulaari says it is not needed. He says I didn’t make them habitual for costly gifts, and asks him to take it back. Anshuman gets sad. Dhaani folds her hands and turns her face. Anshuman is leaving from there sadly. Viplav stops him and asks to wait. He says I am younger than you in age. You are Dhaani’s father, and I want to ask/tell you something. He says 25 years ago, people said that your wife died and you agreed. He says you are repeating the same mistake. When you met her after 25 years, how can you go when she is asking you to go. He says if you are sure that you are right then face her. He asks her to face her and have trust on his love and win. He says I have seen them yearning for your love. He says you did a mistake and they are angry. He says you can’t accept defeat and go. Anshuman asks if Dulaari will forgive and accept me. He is about to go. Dhaani hears their conversation. She thinks if I am doing wrong by not telling the truth to Viplav, he is doing so much for my family, shall I tell him everything……

Parshiya thinks to confess his love to Dhaani and takes a decision. decorator comes. Parshiya asks him to do the arrangements fast. decorator says everything will be done. Parshiya says he wants party as shown on TV. He asks them to bring red balloons. Decorator asks for money. Parshiya says he will settle money after party ends. He says he is happy to see Vidha smiling. Dhaani comes to him and asks why did you spend so much…it is good though. Parshiya asks her not to worry about expenses and says money is hand’s dirt…I like clean hands. Dhaani smiles and thanks him for doing so much for Vidha. She asks him not to spend much. Parshiya says okay, asks her to go home and rest.

Dhaani comes back home and asks Dulaari what is she doing? She asks her to keep the gifts. Just then Viplav comes there with Anshuman. He asks Dulaari to hear Anshuman once, just for his sake, and then he will never bother her. He asks Anshuman to come. Anshuman comes inside and says you don’t want me to meet you. Okay..I will not come to meet you, but tell me once what wrong did I do which made you leave. I thought you are dead since 25 years and I am still mourning for it. Dulaari turns and says mourning…He says you was so sad that you got married and have a child also. She says man waits for a chance to marry and have child again. Anshuman says I didn’t marry again….Dulaari is shocked.

Anshuman says I have just one wife…Dulaari. Dulaari asks don’t you have any shame. Viplav and Dhaani looks at each other. Dulaari says you have a daughter named Piya, then why you are lying. Anshuman says yes, she is my daughter and I am her father, but I didn’t marry anyone. He says she is my amanat with me. He says do you remember that you used to visit Sita temple. She says I used to visit there after you left. I found her in the temple and thought you have sent that little girl for me. I brought her home and is living with her as your memory. He asks why did you wear widow clothes even after knowing that I am alive…..Dulaari, Dhaani and Viplav are teary eyes hearing his sad story…. He asks why didn’t you return to me and try to meet my family. Anshuman says I was unaware that I have a daughter also. He asks why did you keep me away from my daughter….Dulaari. Dulaari looks on with teary eyes.

Dulaari asks didn’t your mum tell you about me. Anshuman says she showed me your saree and says you was drowned in floods. Dulaari says she kicked me out of the house when I was pregnant with Dhaani. Anshuman says we have lived all these years in misunderstanding and says if you would have come back to me then we wouldn’t have seen this day.

Written Update by H Hasan

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