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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Dasharath telling Pandit that he didn’t understand where did he do mistake in calculating his maths. Pandit says that the girl’s kundli have widow yog and if she marries Viplav then he will die. Dhaani is standing there and hears everything. Dasharath asks how can you say that? And asks for the solution, saying he don’t believe it. Pandit says there is no solution for this and if Viplav marries then he might die. Dhaani gets shocked. Dasharath looks at Dhaani and smiles seeing her heard everything. Viplav is driving the jeep and suddenly loses control. Pandit asks Dasharath to make Viplav understand about the consequences. He says I will make him understand and says he will talk to him. Dasharath says okay and calls Viplav. Viplav tells him that he had a small accident as the car’s brake failed. Pandit takes the phone. Dhaani runs to them and takes the call. Dhaani asks Viplav to come home urgently. Viplav says he was going to market to take some stuff for her. Dasharath and Pandit looks at her. Dasharath asks him to go and says you have made her scared. He asks Dhaani not to worry. Dhaani tells Dasharath that if this kundli talk is right then I can’t marry him for my love and his life. Dasharath says Viplav doesn’t believe on Kundli thing and says he can go to any extent to marry you. Dhaani says even I can go to any extent to protect his life. She says I will not marry him. Dasharath smiles at his successful plan.

Badi Amma and everyone see the clothes which Dulaari brought for Viplav. Dulaari says she wanted to buy many more stuff, but limited herself because of her financial status. Badi Amma praises Viplav and says he is a sensible man, and also respects us a lot. Dhaani looks on scared. Badi Amma asks about Pooja. Dhaani says it was good and goes to her room.

Kanak empties the wardrobe and says she will not buy anything for Dhaani. Dasharath asks her to distribute the clothes amongst the servants and says this marriage can’t happen. Kanak asks about his game plan. Dasharath says it is a game of fear, and says he works less, and also he gets less anger. Kanak says we shall inform Ashram people. Dasharath says no need, and says Dhaani will inform to Ashram people. He asks her to keep her happiness hidden for some time. Kanak laughs. Dasharath sings the song happily.

Viplav calls at Ashram number. Dhaani picks the call and asks if he is fine and reached home. Viplav says you are getting worried as a wife and asks what happened? Dhaani says she want to meet him now itself. Viplav says he can’t stay without her and asks her to marry him fast so that they couldn’t be together. He says we will have small babies who you call you shikayati (complaining) mummy. Dhaani says she will meet him.

Viplav comes to meet Dhaani and keeps hand on her eyes. Dhaani says she have identified him. Viplav gives her locket which she refused to take it in the temple. He says you have agreed for marriage at the earliest and I didn’t get a chance to bring gifts for you. He asks why she is worried. Dhaani says I think we are hurrying up for marriage and says she needs time. Viplav says we will marry at 7 pm instead of 6 pm. Dhaani asks him not to joke and asks him to understand why she is refusing to marry soon. Viplav asks her not to joke and says he can’t leave without her. He gets emotional and hugs her. Dhaani cries hugging him.

Suwarna comes to Tripurari and is sad. Tripurari asks what happened? He asks her to tell. Suwarna says everyone is happy with Dhaani’s happiness and nobody is bothered about my pain. Tripurari asks her not to worry and says he will teach them a lesson once he is out. He says your husband is with you. Dhaani meets Dasharath and greets him. Dasharath asks if you talked to Viplav and asks if he agreed? Dhaani says no and asks him not to worry as she will not let this marriage happen. Dasharath says you can’t do anything if Viplav doesn’t agree. He gives her ideas and says he can’t leave Banaras. He says he will get this marriage happen lavishly and says nobody can stop this marriage, I have become helpless. Dhaani looks at the bus stand board. Viplav and Raj comes to the bus stand to drop Pankaj. He sees Dhaani there with Dulaari, but then thinks it is his imagination. Dhaani sees him and sits in the bus. Viplav wonders what she will take up the bus. Dulaari asks Dhaani why they are going to Mathura when there is so much work for marriage, and asks her to rethink. Dhaani cries and recalls Viplav’s love. She recalls Pandit’s words about her widow yog. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………..

Suddenly the bus stops midway. Viplav gets inside the bus. Conductor asks why did you stop the jeep infront of bus. Viplav looks at Dhaani and Dulaari and asks where they are going? Dulaari says we are going to Mathura for fulfilling her mannat and will be back after 2 days. Driver asks Viplav to hurry up. Viplav says his 48 hours will be wasted and says he will also come with her. Dhaani asks him to get down the bus, but Viplav insists to come and sits on the seat.

Viplav comes to Ashram in a slightly injured state. Dhaani tells him that she doesn’t want to marry him because of the widow yog in her kundli, and asks him to go away far from her. Viplav is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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