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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein 23rd June 2016 Written Update

( Anokhi is under misunderstanding that Tushar is manager n takes him as Kunal and Kunal says mailk n sons younger son I.e Tushar.)

Dadu scolding workers n ask them to set the shop properly, Anokhi walks in n says sir what happened, Dadu says u stop jumping from here n there go do entries,look at luv learn from him he is so quite n leaves, luv drops water, the colour gets in her hand n she thinks it’s blood n starts shouting blood, luv says masi its colour, Anokhi says oh no the cloth is leaving colour,luv go call Dadu, luv says no n leaves.

Anokhi says people here are so fraud, Anokhi calls luv n says lets play. Tushar n Kunal waiting for Parul at restaurant, Kunal says how did u agree to my plans,Tushar says bcoz last night Anokhi met me n she told me same plan n so I agreed, Kunal says oh yes u believe her, see I’m genius,Tushar says ok ok now tell me what to tell Parul,nikita calls Tushar n asks did u invite Kohli,Tushar says yes but he won’t be coming, nikita says ok n do the remaining invitations quickly, Tushar says ok,Kunal says Tushar u concentrate on Parul I will see invitations.

Dadi going market with Kalpana, nikita says don’t take her there’s lot of work here, dadi says ok I will ask Anokhi to help u,nikita says ok. Anokhi gets call from Vrinda, Vrinda asks did they Really call us for Jagran, Anokhi says it’s just Jagran not wedding,Vrinda says see it’s a good sign bye now.

Anokhi sees dadi starring at her, dadi says what happened,Anokhi says just talking to my ma, dadi says come with me to market nikita wants Kalpana to help her here,Anokhi says ok. Dadi n Anokhi shopping, dadi bargaining, Anokhi tricks the salesman lying she wants clothes for big temple, salesman asks what temple,Anokhi says my family is inaugurating new temple n we want all these,salesman says I will give 30% discount buy from me , Anokhi says ok ok n calls dadi, dadi selecting things, Anokhi taking selfie sees Tushar with Parul n thinks oh this manager is behind Jr Maliks fiancé, n says he is such a cheat now u are dead manager n clicks their picture.

Anokhi recording Tushar n Parul, Tushar says Parul I’m sorry, Parul says it’s ok,I’m happy that u told me truth n didn’t cheat me , I will deny for the wedding. Anokhi thinks both are into relation, Tushar says thanku Parul, Parul says all the best I shall leave now n hugs Tushar n leaves.

Anokhi sees Tushar leaving hotel n leaves in n auto, dadi sees her n tries to stop but she leaves, papa calls Anokhi n says beta I went Krishna mandir n u also go there, rickshaw person hears Krishna mandir n takes Anokhi along that route.

Anokhi sees Krishna mandir n says why u got me here, he says u said, Anokhi says ok ok since I’m here let me go, Tushar n Kunal in car, Kunal says are u sure Parul will deny, Tushar says yes she said she will n now I have to clear with Anokhi too,Tushar sees Kalpana n says come sit we will drop u,Kalpana sits in car, Kunal asks where,Kalpana says Krishna mandir, the car breaks down,Kalpana say so will walk to temple,Kunal says Tushar u go temple as well n thank god.

Anokhi says God thanku n now do something so that Tushar sirs wedding stops plz plz, Kalpana hears this, Anokhi turns around n sees Kalpana starring at her n says u here how, Kalpana says why u want to stop tushars wedding. Anokhi says actually that Parul she is not nice girl, she is so mean,Anokhi sees Tushar n says oh mr manager n rushes to him, n asks what are u doing here, Tushar thinks I hope she didn’t get to know I’m Tushar, Anokhi thinks I hope he didn’t come her to ask me abt yeh video I recorded.

Tushar says my car broke down n so I came here, Anokhi says good good take blessings u gonna need it,tushars gets confused.

Precap : Panditji tell Anokhi n Tushar that if u want this goddess idol u need to take a dip in this water n remove 7 silver coins. Anokhi turns around n Tushar jumps in water.

Written Update by Tanaya

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