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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein 15th August 2016 Written Update

Luv asks Anokhi to return his paper rocket, Anokhi sees its the contract paper first page n asks luv where it got it from. Vrinda sees Dadu talking to Dadaji n wonders what is Arora doing here, Jassi gives Vrinda anokhis wedding lehenga, luv tells Anokhi he took this Paper from dadis bag, Anokhi says here’s new paper for u n takes the contract page, Priyanka calls Anokhi to get ready,Anokhi thinking abt how to get remaining contract papers,n hears nikita going to a room.

Vrinda n Priyanka helping Anokhi get ready, Panditji hands Vrinda a card n says this is for identification,Anokhi says ma I will come soon n leaves. Anokhi looking for nikita n her bag n finds it lying on a table in a room, Anokhi tries to get back from a window but doesn’t get it,Anokhi finds gum n thread roll,she attaches it to a stone n applies gum on it n tries getting the stone on the papers,Anokhi manages to aim the paper, n starts pulling it, nikita nearby busy in calls, Anokhi gets the papers but nikita takes it away.

Tushar sees Arora n is surprised, Dadu asks Tushar to take his blessings, Sashi n Gautam see that n decide to hide it from Vrinda to avoid her talks, Jassi asks Arora is Parul here too, arora says no she isn’t she decided to avoid this ceremony. Nikita scolds Anokhi but Anokhi runs away. Nikita keeps the papers in locker. Vrinda n Priyanka waiting for Anokhi, Tushar knocks n walks in n asks is Anokhi here, Vrinda says God knows where is she roaming,Tushar says no worries, Panditji asks Tushar to reach mandal in time, Vrinda gives Tushar a rose n says it will look good on ur sherwani, Tushar says thanku mummy n leaves, Vrinda says he called me mummy how sweet of him.

Jassi upset abt Anokhi n tushars wedding, Anokhi rushing to reach the room n says Anokhi u are a fool, Jassi sees her,Pulkit says what are u upto now, Jassi says u will do not me, look at the jhumber n Anokhi beneath it just pull this rope. Tushar sees Anokhi n Anokhi says sir wait I want to talk to u, Pulkit n Jassi u aware of Tushar leave the rope,Tushar sees jhumber falling on Anokhi n rushes to her n pulls her n saves her,Jassi says God this Tushar always saves her.

Anokhi n Tushar clueless, Anokhi looks into tushars eyes an both share an awkward Moment,Tushar asks are u fine,Anokhi says yes I’m n are u, n I have to tell u something, nikita comes n says u two what are u doing here, Anokhi ur parents are looking for u, come with me lets get ready n Tushar ur sherwani go do it right n dadi is looking for u, Tushar says I will see u later n leaves.

Nikita takes Anokhi along with her n slaps her,nikita says what do u think of urself, over smart girl dare u touch those papers n if u again mess with me I will not leave u so easily, don’t take me lightly so it’s better do as I say get that. Anokhi says yes yes, nikita says go get lost n get to the wedding, Anokhi leaves. Anokhi walking to her room sees Tushar, Kunal says Anokhi come come lets have a selfie,Anokhi walks to them, nikita walks in between n says Tushar u looking so handsome, all ready for ur big day, Tushar says yes ma,nikita says I’m so happy to see u happy n Kunal go see where’s dadi plz n Anokhi is here n she wants to know u won’t change after marriage right, Tushar says no ma never, Priyanka comes n says Anokhi come lets go get ready come n takes her away.

Vrinda sees Anokhi n says where are u roaming I’m so worried for u, Anokhi hugs her n starts crying, Priyanka asks Anu what’s wrong, Vrinda says she is just emotional unlike u, u wanted to just spoil my guatmas life, Anokhi says u people leave I will get ready on my own. Tushar says Kunal u leave Priyanka told she will get Anokhi from here I want to talk to her she looked tensed, Kunal leaves, Tushar says even I’m tensed God knows what will Dadu ask me to do. Anokhi sitting alone says sorry Tushar sir I tried telling u truth but didn’t get a chance I’m sorry.

Precap : Anokhi all ready leaveing to get to mandap,another bride abt to hit her from behind.

Written Update by Tanaya

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