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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 9th June 2016 Written Update

Inspector praises the food n says so here is Shagun n thanku for the food n best wishes bye n leaves. Anokhi says ma I actually, Vrinda says enough no one here takes me into consideration, and Anokhi even u fooled me, Anokhi says ma I did this to calm u down, Vrinda says it must be ur papa who asked u to do so, he has always fooled me, life long due to savings issue he never fulfilled my wishes even my children have to face financial issues all bcoz of u, papa says kids u leave this is her daily act, Vrinda says oh really, what wrong I Did by asking for washing machine, even Priyanka would have been lived a comfortable life but u n Anokhi I will never let her live a life I have an will make sure she marries a rich guy, papa says I work very hard n that is all for u all n Anokhi she will have yo work hard by herself to earn a luxurious life n Vrinda stop spoiling Anokhi.

Anokhi says Sashi give me meant tablets, Anokhi adds them to cold drink bottle, papa n ma fight n the cold drink bottle bursts,ma n papa stop fighting, Anokhi says u gave Priyanka a great welcome, sorry Priyanka n Anokhi leaves.

Dadu snoring, dadi unable to sleep, she sees a packet of child beside dadus table n slowly grabs its n slowly opens the packet n starts munching chips, Dadu wakes up n says it’s 4 am n u are munching chips, dadi says I’m hungry so, dadu says go out n have it let me sleep, dadi says u don’t love me anymore so u asking me to leave, god for this day I ran away with u n walks away. Dadu goes to sleep.

Anokhi on bed, thinking abt Vrindas fights for washing machine, she remembers a childhood incident, when during Diwali ma n papa where fighting n Anokhi sees some guys betting for 50 Rs, Anokhi wins it but I injures herself,ma n papa rush to her, Anokhi says ma here is 50 Rs but stops fighting with papa its Diwali.

Priyanka rushes to Anokhi,n says Anokhi , Gautam comes n says Priyanka how can u lie, Anokhi says tell me what is it, Gautam says she is a liar n now reveals everything, Gautam says see her phone n says look at this, Anokhi sees a video of Priyanka snoring n Gautam Priyanka starts laughing, Priyanka says we are here to cheer u up, Anokhi says oh I though Bhai read deepaks message, Gautam says what who Deepak,Anokhi says see I fooled u too n now go sleep n try n make a little less noise, Gautam n Priyanka leave.

Dadi eating chips, Dadu walks to her n says ok go in n eat chips n what all is this, dadi says don’t worry, I will have my chips here u don’t love me, Dadu says oh cmon now let’s go in, n looks at dadi n says u still look as beautiful as u were n here is a chips have it, Tushar sees them in romantic mood, Dadu n dadi get shy, Dadu says ur dadi is hungry n so she is here, I asked her not yo but she, dadi says Tushar what are u doing here, need something, Tushar says I was here for some water,n dadi plz avoid fired food not good for u, dadi says so like ur Dadu, u two are so similar,n now lets go sleep,Tushar u too go sleep,dadi walks to her room,Tushar says Dadu u forgot ur glass n gives it to him.

Next day,Anokhi hears a song on radio n wakes up dancing to it, she checks the newspaper n admires film stars in it n goes through her astrology prediction n says this is all lie, papa gives her 100 Rs note n says sorry erday but what to do u know ur ma, both while chatting play xo game, papa wins the game, Anokhi says papa mum is not always wrong, u know I’m thinking abt job, papa says why but, Anokhi says I’m tried of seeing u two fight n see this company needs accountant, papa says I have no issues,but remember be loyal to ur work,papa gives her a 10 Rs note n says ur Dadu gave me when I had my first job n this is for ur good luck, now come down soon.

Nikita says at wedding yesterday when they got to know I was Malik n sons owner u shd have seen their faces n u shd have seen a girl their how irritating, Dadu says good some fruits saved in here, dadi says how true,Tushar says dadi, nikita says Tushar why didn’t u come Yesterday , dadi says Kunal was there right , nikita says that’s not the thing this Tushar is so lazy n Kunal drives so bad,Dadu says dare u do something to my car, Kunal says no way Dadu n we have to go meet dealer, nikita says n what abt interview,Kunal says Tushar will look over.

Anokhi getting ready for interview, she says mum when I get job with my salary we will get a salary, Dadu says Tushar I want accountant right today n nikita u too be more focused at work now.

Precap : Anokhi reaches interview venue, watchmen their tells the job has been assigned u missed it, Anokhi says who got it, he points n Anokhi says oh god.

Written Update by Tanaya

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