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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 8th July 2016 Written Update

Sashi says Anokhi happy now, Tushar says I wish I always keep u happy n imagines having quality time with Anokhi,Anokhi contpfused n surprised , Tushar imagining his life with Anokhi n so does Anokhi start imagining having pani our I with Tushar,Tushar n Anokhi both smiling n imaging going on romantic dinners with each other n dancing together, Tushar imagines himself with Anokhi at selfie Chowk,n clicking selfies with her, Anokhi looks at images in her phone n then imagines walking on red carpet with Tushar n media fencing all for them.

Kunal shooks Tushar n says where are u lost, Tushar blushes. Anokhi says felt so nice speaking to Tushar, Vrinda on call to Gautam tell abt Malika n Anokhi, Vrinda gifts Anokhi new dress, Anokhi says ma I’m very nervous,Vrinda says calm down it happens, now go get ready, Sashi gives Vrinda Multani face pack, Vrinda says to papa to go dress a little properly we are going for ur daughters wedding fixation. Nikita says Jassi u looking classy, Jassi says but why Anokhi, dadi says nikita did u see Dadu, nikita says don’t know, Tushar comes n says dadi pane pakoda for u, Jassi says look he will be house maid after marriage right Tushar, dadi says wow Tushar yummy n now go get ready, Kalpana says Tushar don’t worry all will be fine, Tushar says thanku Kalpana.

Vrinda says Anokhi u looking so pretty,Anokhi says ma, papa comes n says 5000 accounts missing, Vrinda says firstly this is rented saree n taxi is waiting, papa says taxi it’s so expensive why did u. Vrinda says then what we will go in auto,Anokhi says again these too started, n says enough of u it now lets go.

Kalpana welcomes mehras home, Vrinda says Anokhi this house is so simple,Anokhi says don’t worry ma I will change it later, Anokhi says papa this is Pulkit Jassi husband, Vrinda says nikita ur house is simple n pretty, nikita says do u want me to stick currency all over the house, n u are early, papa says actually we left early not to get stuck in traffic so,nikita says ok come in.

Papa sees Jassi n walks to her n says last time I saw u were my little Jassi,n look how big u are now, Anokhi introduces dadi to everyone, Tushar n Kunal walk in, Anokhi blushes n signs at the watch He gifted, Tushar blushes.

Papa says hi to Tushar n Kunal,Dadi says come I , Vrinda says nikita I got u something, nikita says Kalpana take it, dadi says its Shagun u take it, nikita drops it n laddu falls in Dadu feet, Tushar n Anokhi start picking it up,Dadu says who dropped these n wasted money, Anokhi says this is Tushar sirs Dadaji,papa says everyone knows him n takes blessings,dadi asks everyone to sit, Dadu says not here lets go there n takes them to living.

Mehras abt to sit, Anokhi says no lets sit out, dadi says what’s wrong here n there let them be seated,nikita says dadi it’s nice in garden so let’s go, everyone sits in garden, dadi says Anokhi is full of joy, firstly I was very taken back but now fine,it starts raining, dadi says oh no,papa Vrinda start getting wet n get uncomfortable,Malika share a wicked smile. Kalpana trying to call dadi, Anokhi says I will get umbrella, Dadu says Kunal will get It sit down, Jassi says look at this Anokhi how standard less, Tushar gets umbrella for Vrinda n papa, Anokhi gets happy.

Precap : dadi says Tushar take Anokhi around the house, Dadu says n yes don’t for to give her what I asked u to.
Jassi says to Vrinda u still stay in rented house n does Chachu still work at that insurance company.

Written Update by Tanaya

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